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Working overtime to meet deadlines or anxiety that causes sleeplessness can be a prelude to the occurrence of zits – we’re probably familiar with this. But can happy occasions lead to breakouts too?

Yes, it could, according Dr. S K Tan, whom we spoke to in Bangkok, during the official launch of new skincare brand, Kylaz.

Dr Sk Tan Janifer Yeo

Dr. S K Tan with wife Janifer Yeo-Tan, who is also the CEO of The JYSK Group.

Dr. Tan is the co-founder of IDS Clinic, IDS Aesthetics, IDS Skincare, and has more than 40 years of experience in the field of aesthetic dermatology. His latest brainchild is Kylaz, which offers a new approach to acne therapy, and was officially launched in September.

Underlying cause of all acne problems? Hormones

While we often talk about “teenage acne”, comparing it with “adult acne”, Dr. Tan says that the underlying cause are the same: hormones.

“When children reach puberty, their hormones change, and their skin changes along with their body because their oil glands get excessively active… for adults, it’s the same thing. When their hormones are unstable, for instance, women in their pre-menstrual period, they break out.”

“But Ii teenage acne, it can be anywhere, especially on the cheeks and forehead. We noticed that in adults, the regions (tend to be) along the jawline and upper neck.”

And in some cases, the hormonal change that triggers breakouts may not even be a big one.

Skincare Myths Acne

“The hormonal change can be so minute, it doesn’t affect the body – only the skin. So when people are stressed, they get breakouts. It can be emotional stress, or physical stress, which just means a change in the environment,” Dr. Tan explains.

This is why there are patients he had seen who experience breakouts even during happy occasions like travelling or weddings. This is because of the physical stress of running around and changes in the chemicals within the body can trigger off a reaction on the skin.

But if the causes of all types of acne is the same, why do we see products that are specifically designed for teenage acne and others that are for adult acne?

Dr. Tan believes that it’s merely marketing.

“I think the division of products into teenage and adult acne is very artificial.The products probably use the same ingredients but they market it differently. Let’s say for more mature patients, it’s more moisturising, for the younger crowd, something more drying. It’s just tweaks in the formula but the ingredients are probably the same.”

Kylaz launches acne-fighting collection

This is why Kylaz only has three products in the collection during its debut and they’re recommended for everyone – regardless of age – who suffers from acne.

Kylaz Blemish Defence Set Moodshot 2

The three products launched by Kylaz are: Kylaz Spot Off Treatment (SGD18), Kylaz Blemish Healing Emulsion (SGD21), and Kylaz Moisturizing Blemish Defence (SGD20).

We can’t help but notice that there wasn’t conventional “basic” products in the range like a cleanser, and asked Dr. Tan why he launched the brand with these three specific products.

“First, we need something to treat active breakouts. So, when it’s a large area, you use the emulsion. For the solitary zit or the occasional pre-menstrual zit, you have the spot treatment. Finally, you want long-term maintenance, something that lightens the marks and boosts skin’s immunity – and you have the moisturiser. I think these complete everything,” Dr. Tan shares.

The approach that goes beyond healing but also improving skin’s health to prevent recurring acne by Kylaz is made possible with the unique ingredients that aren’t usually found in other acne-fighting products.

Dr. Tan shared that there are effective acne-busting ingredients in the market, but many of them tend to provoke skin, causing dryness and irritation. And this is why these ingredients don’t have the ability to help prevent acne recurrence in the long-run because it is not practical to use them regularly.

Some of the most interesting ingredients used in Kylaz’s products include Colostrum, which protects against infections, rebuilds skin barrier, enhances skin immunity, and stimulates skin rejuvenation, and Lysozyme, which is an enzyme with anti-bacterial properties to control and prevent acne breakout without causing skin dryness or irritation.

And the good news is that adopting good acne-preventing habits since in teenage years may help to prevent the occurrence of acne in adulthood, according to Dr. Tan.

“If you keep on using (the right acne-fighting products), then yes, (you can prevent adult acne),” Dr. Tan says.

He said that the Kylaz moisturiser, for instance, contains ingredients unclog the pores, control sebum production, and boost the skin’s overall immunity. Using a product like this can help prevent the occurrence of acne and if an acne-prone teenager starts using it early, he/she will have a higher chance at maintaining clear skin.

Kylaz is available at the JYX e-store.

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