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You probably have heard this claim: Never skip your breakfast because eating it increases your metabolism for the entire day.

While it’s true that skipping breakfast can slow down your metabolism, but so will skipping any meal. According to the slimming experts at Marie France Bodyline, taking breakfast can indeed increase your metabolism, but you should also pay attention to the other meals that you have throughout the day. Simply eating breakfast will not curb your calorie intake.

Looks like breakfast is not a very big part of our weight loss plan, so what else can we do?

1. Reducing calories intake

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When it comes to weight management and diet, reducing calories intake is the way to go. An average woman requires 1200 to 1500 kCal per day to maintain her weight. By controlling and calculating your calorie intake, you’ll be able to manage weight gain.

Keep track of your calorie intake by planning your meals ahead of time. This ensures that you will not give in to temptations and cravings from the smell of greasy and fatty food. Also, make wiser options: steamed food is better than fried food, food cooked in soup is better than those that are cooked dry, and choose plain water over sugary drinks.

2. Manage hunger


It is tempting to skip meals in order to reduce calories intake. However, this can only lead to hunger and make it easier for you to over-eat, usually late at night when you give in to hunger pangs. Instead of skipping meals, better results will probably be yield from taking small, frequent meals, which is one strategy to curb hunger and manage the problem of over-eating.

Take note, however, that each small meal should still be made up of low-calorie food. It is definitely better to choose an apple over a bag of chips, for instance.

3. Choose food that’s suitable for your body type

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Ever wondered why certain diets work for your friends but didn’t for you? This is because all bodies are different. Consider seeking help from a nutritionist to find out exactly the type of diet plans that can help with your weight loss targets. Marie France Bodyline, for instance, has a panel of in-house nutritionists who help clients customise meal plans according to their needs. Find out more here.

4. Get a slimming consultant’s help

Just like how it is helpful to have a mentor at work if you want to progress up the corporate ladder, or an instructor to improve at whatever skills you’re trying to build, you will probably see better progress if you wish to take weight management more seriously.

Marie France Bodyline is Asia’s leading network of slimming centres. Originally established in Switzerland, the slimming authority has extended its presence to Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand and Macau. Its expert says that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to weight loss, because it is highly dependent on the factors that contribute to each individual’s weight gain, and the problem areas that she suffers from.

At Marie France Bodyline, clients go through a one-on-one consultation with its slimming consultants to identify these factors and problem areas. An appropriate slimming course will then be selected to achieve the client’s unique slimming needs. Thereafter, the slimming progress of the client is monitored closely by the consultants.

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For instance, international celebrity Fann Wong, a client with Marie France Bodyline, had managed to lose 16kg after giving birth to her first child, despite not being able to do exercise (because she went through a C-section) nor cut down on food (she had a 100-day confinement period because she wanted to make sure she’s getting sufficient nutrients for better breast-feeding).

After a thorough consultation, Fann went through a customised programme that combined various treatments, including the PRO-FREEZE and Patented Indiba® BodyCurve System. These high-tech systems are exclusive to Marie France Bodyline, and can help with weight loss more quickly and effectively.

Want more information about how it can help? Check out Marie France Bodyline’s website.

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