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We may often talk about controlling food intake and having a fitness regime as the first plans in the weight loss journey. But did you know that the first phase of weight loss should be detox?

What is detox and why is it integral to weight loss?

We asked a nutritionist at Marie France Bodyline, known for its holistic slimming methods, and learnt that our body carries toxins because of food materials that cannot be broken down. Our body finds it hard to digest food thoroughly when we over-eat, or when we consume foods that contain pesticides, preservatives or artificial colouring – all of which unfamiliar to our body. These accumulate within our body as toxins that stay within our lymphatic system, and most of them are stored within the fat cells.

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Detox, thus, refers to the process of getting rid of these toxins from our body, so our body is able to “restart” itself and function better than before.

These toxins affect our bodily functions and slow down our metabolic rate. When our metabolic rate is slow, our body is unable to use up energy as quickly as we consume our food. The excess energy will then store as fats, leading to weight gain.

How can we detox our body?

Our body is already going through detoxification by itself. But the process can be improved if we help it to, by making some lifestyle adjustments. The Nutritionist recommends that we can eat more healthily, by consuming more fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and by choosing natural, fresh foods over processed foods. Exercising regularly also helps increase blood circulation, which can improve our body’s ability to detox better.

What do you do if you want to speed up the process?

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But in the cases of many busy individuals, who have accumulated a lot of toxins over time, but would like to speed up the detox process, detox treatments can be very helpful.

The Dynamic Sculptor is a detoxification programme by Marie France Bodyline that targets at both water-soluble toxins and fat-soluble toxins; the latter is especially tricky to remove and impede your ability to achieve effective weight loss results. This is designed to be the first treatment to do in order to prep your body for better weight loss results in further body treatments.

What is the Dynamic Sculptor treatment like?

We sent our writer Grace for this treatment. A customised programme based on her body and fat measurement, lifestyle and overall health was designed by a nutritionist and consultant.

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The Dynamic Sculptor treatment is completed in five steps:

1. Body Prep Lotion: This is made up of mild AHA that exfoliates skin to prep it, so that products can absorb more easily.

2. Sculpt Ampoule: The Sculpt ampoule is chosen for Grace based on the consultation’s evaluation of my needs. This high-performing serum that counters weak lymphatic flow, and aids elimination of fatty acids.

3. Chi Massage: This massage is designed to improve energy flow in the body to free the blockages in the abdomen and guide healing energy through the entire body. This in turn helps to boost the body’s circulation and encourages detoxification.

4. Sculpt wrap: This wrap has an improvised elastic material that gives better wrapping effect compared with conventional wraps. The thermal effect of the wrap boosts metabolic rate so that the body can thoroughly absorb the active ingredients that are pre-soaked within the wrap till saturation.

5. Pressotherapy: Cuffs are placed at the waist and legs. This helps the body improve its natural detoxification ability and is helpful for relieving water retention too.

Grace says: The treatment felt very thorough and I felt “light” and fresh; I believe this is the immediate positive effect of the detoxification. The massage is also a highlight of the session that I enjoyed.

Try the Dynamic Sculptor for yourself

Be the first 100 Daily Vanity readers to sign up for the Dynamic Sculptor (at just SGD88 for first-timers, instead of SGD320) and receive an additional Redefining Mousse, as well as a SGD100 treatment voucher upon sign up.

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