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Back in 2014, pop star Beyonce sported baby bangs and it became an instant sensation. Although the hype died down after a while, it seems that the interesting hair trend is making its rounds again this year.


While some hairdressers argue that baby bangs aren’t necessarily for everyone, especially those with a square or heart-shaped face, we definitely encourage you to try this out for yourself. After all, you’ll never know whether this works for you until you actually try it!

That being said, there are definitely ways that you can rock this hairstyle – some easier than the others, others require some styling effort.

Balayage bobs

Baby Bangs Balayage

Arguably the most gorgeous, yet also the one that takes the most effort to maintain. This look certainly adds dimension to your otherwise flat bangs, and is also a nod to the season’s latest hair trends: balayage and a long bob.

For extra oomph, you could even dye your baby bangs a balayage colour!

Beach waves


If you prefer growing your hair out long but don’t want to look like a nerd with short, straight bangs, Beyonce and Korean idol YuBin show exactly how it’s done: beach waves! The wavy hair exudes a relaxed, Bohemian vacation feel, while your baby bangs add a tinge of playfulness for a truly youthful look.

DV Tip: Amp up the beach vibes by dyeing your hair sandy blonde!

Straight black hair




For those of us who prefer to keep things simple, we can take inspiration from Korean celebrities Seulgi and Sulli, both of whom have stirred up conversations in Korea around their unconventional bangs. You can confidently sport straight black hair – just the way it naturally is for most of us Asians!

Airy see-through baby bangs


If you are deterred by the idea of getting flat and short bangs, you have to see these!

Airy bangs are a staple in Korean beauty looks, and it’s little surprise that the Koreans have stuck to this see-through look even when they trim their bangs short. We definitely love how fresh and light these bangs look!

Chopped, uneven bangs


If you are truly feeling adventurous enough, you can try chopped, uneven baby bangs. Singer Alison Sudol and actress Emma Watson have both been spotted with this unique take on the baby bangs trend, and you can look just as fabulously chic as them too.

Could you attempt cutting your bangs by yourself for this look? Possibly…

Things to take note of before committing to baby bangs

Convinced that baby bangs are your thing? Before you book an appointment at the salon, here are some things you should also consider first:

1. Can you visit the hair salon regularly?

Bangs, especially ones as short as these, will require regular visits to the salon to have them reshaped. They typically need to be cut again in about three to four weeks, or even more frequently if you prefer them to be really short.

While there is nothing really stopping you from going after a longer period of time, the initial shape will disappear the longer you wait. You may eventually just end up growing out your bangs and bidding baby bangs goodbye.

2. Do you have the time to maintain your baby bangs at home?

Just like airy bangs, baby bangs can be difficult to style and maintain. If you are not careful enough, even uneven bangs can look unkempt and resemble a haircut mistake that you never wanted.

3. How short do you want your baby bangs?

Just like cutting our long hair short, getting baby bangs can take a lot of courage, especially if you have never had bangs before. If you are not comfortable with getting them chopped really short, make sure to communicate with your hairdresser and let him or her know what is your limit.

However, also remember that if you don’t cut your bangs short enough, there is a high chance that they will grow out so quickly that you can get a long fringe instead!

All ready to get this season’s most fashionable hair trend? Here are some salons that you can get your fringe trimmed: