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With Barbie being all the rage now, many of us can’t seem to resist the urge to buy any and everything in hues of Barbie pink. We don’t blame you, though.

C-beauty brands like Jill Leen have heard our pleas for more pretty pink products, and have hopped on the bandwagon too.

So, if you’re looking to expand your pink makeup collection, try these adorable cream blushes!

Barbie pink cream blushes by Jill Leen

Credit: 薛薛呀/Xiao Hong Shu

If you’re new to makeup and want to get into that Barbiecore aesthetic, this might just be the product for you. Cream blushes are friendly to makeup users of all skill levels as they’re easy to blend out.

Cream blushes like these ones boast a buildable formula that allows you to customise the intensity of your rosiness to your liking.

Available in seven stunning shades of pinks, purples, and various milk teas, housed in transparent shells adorned with playful leopard prints, you’ll surely be able to find the one to turn the apples of your cheeks into the apple of someone’s eye.

You can apply the product on your cheeks with your fingers or sponge applicator, or you can stipple it on with a brush.

Let’s check out the three Barbie-esque pink shades of the collection: Milk Froth (#101), Fig Panna Cotta (#102), and Pink Panther (#103)!

#101 Milk Froth

Source: 薛薛呀/Xiao Hong Shu

First up, we have the demure and subtle shade ‘Milk Froth’. Reminiscent of a refreshing glass of strawberry milk, this sheer blush will offer your cheeks a highly natural dewy flush.

It also leaves behind a natural radiance without making your skin look wet or oily.

#102 Fig Panna Cotta

Credit: 薛薛呀/Xiao Hong Shu

For a slightly more intense look, opt for #102 Fig Panna Cotta instead. This creamy and dreamy dessert-like colour will lend your face a sweet and youthful beam. You could even get creative and double it up as cream eyeshadow.

#103 Pink Panther

Credit: 薛薛呀/Xiao Hong Shu

To really nail that Barbiecore aesthetic, shade #103 Pink Panther is one to go for. This bright and playful shade of hot pink would surely make your cheeks pop beautifully and bring a flattering pop of colour to your face.

Here’s a quick DV tip: apply it horizontally across the bridge of your nose for that shy, doll-like effect. Doing so gives your overall look a touch of youth, and heightens the appearance of your nose as well!

The Jill Leen cream blushes are available on Shopee for S$13.93 each.