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You’ve probably seen way too many pictures of cherry blossoms on your feed the past weekend. (Or complaints of not seeing them despite being in Japan. We know the pain.)

While you might’ve missed out on seeing those breathtaking wonders for yourself, you can always take inspiration from these icons of springtime, incorporating cherry blossoms into your next manicure.

Whether or not you will be frolicking in a picturesque park this April or slogging out to save up for your vacation next spring, you might want to grab some screenshots of the 20 cherry blossom-inspired nail looks we’ve gathered for you!

Pink and White

Cherry Blossoms Nails Pink and White

Credits: @miaminailstudio/Instagram

There’s no better way to wear cherry blossoms on your nails than with their mascot colours, pink and white! Bigger is better with this set: throw in some trendy 3d nail art with gel flowers that protrude out of your nail. Pearls and gemstones also add a nice touch to this two-tone nail look.

Pearl Decals

Cherry Blossoms Nails Pearls

Credits: @aurakanails/Instagram

If you’re a fan of French tips, then you ought to give this look a try! Go with a clear, nude base to highlight your floral tips. Elevate the look with pearl and cherry blossom decals, lining the trimming of your tips so it’ll get all the attention it deserves!

Butterfly Fly Away

Cherry Blossoms Nails Butterfly

Credits: @gelestialnails/Instagram

Where there are flowers, there are butterflies. This look combines our two favourite springtime elements in a feminine and whimsical set. While there are several 3d elements in this look, its soft, nude colours mellow down the otherwise flashy nail design.

Petals in the River

Cherry Blossoms Nails Blue River

Credits: @kanna.nails_/Instagram

Who says cherry blossom-inspired nails have to be pink? Unlike the typical hues of pinks and whites you’ll be bombarded with when you search up “cherry blossom nail inspo”, this is a refreshing take on the springtime mani trend!

The calming shades of blue, paired with transparent 3d gel emulating water droplets and ripples, remind us of a tranquil river in a cherry blossom park.

While we love the idea of fallen cherry blossoms in the river, our favourite part has got to be the adorable animals lying on their backs, flowing down the river!

Springtime in Japan

Cherry Blossoms Nails Japan Architecture

Credits: @beautybynicolehenderson/Instagram

This set of nails embodies the ideal springtime vacay, a trip to Japan during cherry blossom season!

We love how the delicate sakura flowers hang from branch-like streaks, but the real star of the show is the oriental architecture nail art.

Whimsical Neutrals

Cherry Blossoms Nails Whimsical Muted

Credits: @gelestialnails/Instagram

This set combines muted neutrals with whimsical elements for a more elegant and trendy look. Albeit a little unexpected, denim blue and pastel yellow accents nicely complement the nudes, bronzes, and iridescence that largely make up this set.

Not forgetting the realistic nail art of a sakura flower—the touch of spring to a mellowed set fitting for the fall.

Cherry Blossom Cat Eye

Cherry Blossoms Nails Cat Eye

Credits: @beautynailsclip/Instagram

If you’ve been dying to try out the cat-eye nail trend, why not combine it with cherry blossom decals to make your manicure springtime-ready? It’s simple and nothing too flashy, but that’s exactly what we love about it!

Sakura Garden

Cherry Blossoms Nails Pink and Green

Credits: @nailzzbysteph/Instagram

This look reminds us of a cherry blossom park, where sakura trees are lined up in neat rows on grass that look greener in contrast to the soft pinks and whites.

The earthy green tones add a flair of edge to this feminine set—a great alternative for those of you who don’t want an all-pink manicure!

Gold Accents

Cherry Blossoms Nails Gold Accents

Credits: @bbbeautybar__/Instagram

If baby pinks are too girly for you, you might want to consider gold accents like this set for a more elegant look. Reflective streaks of gold against the milky nude base create an opulent appearance.

If you like to keep things classy, this look, topped off with pearls and gems, is something to consider.

Coquette Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms Nails Coquette

Credits: @oaklestudio/Instagram

This combines everything we love: florals, bows and pink! While its delicate floral nail art is enough reason to consider this for your springtime mani, the subtle yet tasteful incorporation of the trendy bow is what takes the cake for us.

Simple and Sweet

Cherry Blossoms Nails Simple

Credits: @bycheznails/Instagram

If clear, nude nails are your go-to manicure, then this look is for you. It does not stray too far from the natural mani you’re used to, but it still found a way to incorporate cherry blossom nail art, fitting for springtime!

Cherry Blossom Blush

Cherry Blossoms Nails Blush

Credits: @aurakanails/Instagram

Everyone’s favourite blush nail trend looks best in pink. Now, add cherry blossom decals, like those transparent 3D flowers, and you’ll get a manicure fitting for spring!

The sweet pinks and whites come together harmoniously, and the clear 3D gel ties the whole look together. Dainty pearls also make a great finishing touch!

Cherry Blossom Tips

Cherry Blossoms Nails Tips

Credits: @kawaiiacrylics/Instagram

Switch up your white French tips with cherry blossoms! By adding a feminine flair to the classic nail look, you can get your fingers springtime-ready without venturing too far out of your comfort zone.

It helps that white is already a signature cherry blossom colour. Let it pop even more with a sheer, glittery pink base!

Pastel Florals

Cherry Blossoms Nails Pastel

Credits: @nailsbyminhanh/Instagram

Add a pop of colour to your cherry blossom-inspired nails by incorporating sweet pastels like this set! Adorn your French tips with dainty petals in soft shades of blue and mint to add a fun touch.

Sakura Shimmers

Cherry Blossoms Nails Shimmer

Credits: @bycheznails/Instagram

Keep it simple with a shimmery pink base, the perfect back drop to these pretty and pink sakura nail art. Gold specks can be added to the centre of the flowers for added dimension. This is a good option for fans of all things shiny!

Lace and Gold

Cherry Blossoms Nails Lace and Gold

Credits: @beautyby_erandy/Instagram

You know what would complete this look? A dainty teacup in your hand!

It’s the perfect manicure for a springtime tea party or a picnic amidst the blooming cherry blossom trees. The lace trimmings add a feminine touch to the floral nail art, and specks of gold finish off the look.

Clear Aura Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms Nails Clear Aura

Credits: @bbbeautybar__/Instagram

Try something different and have your cherry blossom 3d nail art peek out from the corners of your nail instead.

The subtle pink aura gradient against a clear base makes a good backdrop for the unique nail art. If it’s too simple for your liking, you can spice up the look with sparkle decals!

Cherry Blossom Strokes

Cherry Blossoms Nails Decals

Credits: @killernaills/Instagram

We love how the strokes resemble tree branches, adding an oriental twist to this modern pink set. While the sakura decals and sweet pink french tips are stunners on their own, you can decorate your nails with little gemstones to add dimension to the monotone set.

White Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms Nails White French Tips

Credits: @nailzzbysteph/Instagram

If you’re considering renting a kimono and strolling down a quaint neighbourhood in Japan, your outfit won’t be complete without these nails!

It’s as simple as it gets; classic french tips with white sakura flowers that stand out against the jelly nude base. You can’t go wrong with white, and this set proves exactly that.

Springtime Neutrals

Cherry Blossoms Nails White Neutrals

Credits: @mydumbnails/Instagram

While opting for a wearable nude is a good way to keep your manicure simple, you can always add a feminine springtime flair with floral nail art. It’s not too bold or girly, the perfect look for those who like to keep it simple and clean.

Featured image credits: @miaminailstudio/Instagram, @beautyby_erandy/Instagram, @bycheznails/Instagram