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So you’ve gotten yourself a new hairdo and undergone a facial for rejuvenated skin to prepare yourself for the upcoming festivities – but what about your nails?

The holidays are the best excuse for you to do glam up your nails: think glitter, sparkles, and all that creative nail art you can show off. If you’re low on inspiration, we’ve compiled some of the best nail inspirations for you to show your nail manicurist. Be it a simple design, cute illustrations, or bold embellishments, there’s definitely something in here for you.

Classic minimalism

1. Red glittery gel

You can’t go wrong with Christmas colours, especially not with red. It is a bold colour that looks elegant with any outfit, and is also great for people who only have time for a quick manicure session. Opt for a block colour if you prefer a more muted look, or ask for a glittery shade to pair with your sparkly accessories.

2. White & gold plaid

Source: Lady Cherry

Don’t plaid patterns just remind you of Christmas gift packaging already? We suggest getting this design in classic white and gold for a look that you can continue to pull off in January.

3. Classic plaid colours

For those who are a little more ‘traditional’ or want their nails to match their tartan skirts, a combination of red and black, topped with a few gold stripes, is exactly the nail design you should rock this season.

4. Nude glitter tips

We can’t miss out on glitter during the festivities, especially not one so pretty! If you’re not keen on full-on glittery nails but still want something dazzling, request for a nude base colour or clear polish embellished by golden glitter polish at just the tips – still equally stunning!

5. Silver glitter edges

Source: Fab Fatale

Prefer an icy look from Frozen rather than rock The Great Gatsby vibes? Silver glittered edges on a pale-coloured base will do the trick.

6. Ombre with white embellishments

Ombre nails never go out of trend, and they look even more exquisite when adorned with glitter and white details to create the feeling of a Winter Wonderland.

7. Classic Christmas tree

Source: @melcisme

Can’t put up a Christmas tree at home? You can still have one on your nails! Complete the yuletide look by having your other nails painted in pine tree-green with the occasional gold.

8. Christmas wreath

Another essential in Christmas home decor that you can have at your fingertips – literally. Instead of painting the whole wreath, we recommend just painting a few leaves and pair them with traditional Christmas colours for a more versatile look. After all, less is more, right?

9. Snowflakes in the night sky

Source: lieve91

Christmas Eve is just as enchanting as Christmas Day, and these nails will create the magic you need. If you’re not a fan of dark blue, a black base is a good alternative.

10. Starry night

Can’t see any stars in the night sky? Get them on your nails instead! Your star-studded nails are sure to bedazzle anyone who sees them.

Cute and chic

11. Santa Claus

Santa Claus may not be real, but he can still be a quirky addition to your nails during the Christmas season.

12. Rudolph

Source: nbnailart

You can’t leave out what is arguably the most famous reindeer in the world. This cute Rudolph design is sure to brighten your day even when Christmas is over.

13. Christmas lights

Adorn your nails with colourful Christmas lights for added festive cheer. You can either have the coloured bulbs painted on for a faster and cheaper manicure session, or paste colourful acrylic gems for a 3D nail art.

14. Fox in the wintery forest

Rather than having separate designs on each finger, why not opt for a nail art that spans across your fingers? You can change the animal in the winter scene according to your preferences, such as reindeers, wolves, and polar bears – the possibilities are endless!

15. Snow globe

Snow globes make for lovely ornamental pieces, and now you can have them at your fingertips – literally!

16. Candy cane stripes

Source: Fashiotopia

Eating candy canes everyday is probably bad for health, but you can still enjoy its pretty patterns without exceeding your sugar intake with this nail design.

17. Ugly Christmas sweaters

Source: judyrox

You either love or hate ugly Christmas sweaters (yes, they are a thing!), but either way you’ll still love this nail inspiration. Bonus points if you have them painted in the exact same design as your own ugly sweater.

18. Pine forest

Source: nailsbyjenna

Another design that you can manipulate to span across a few nails, this looks like a scene straight out of a picture book. You can also add in other elements like a house, people, and animals as desired.

Creative and exquisite

19. Bejewelled pastel colours

This gorgeous combination of pastel hues and intricate placement of gems is so stunning, everyone will definitely ask you where you got this done.

20. Flower-adorned

Flowers definitely aren’t only for spring. Dried flower petals can be used to create Christmas patterns, such as wreaths and trees. If your manicurist doesn’t have dried flowers on hand, confetti and coloured paper strips should help to achieve the same effect.

21. Christmas present

Source: marinelp91

‘Tis the season of giving, and what better way to treat yourself by getting a nail art as creative as this? Instead of just painting the ribbon on your nail, you can request for real string to be glued onto your nail to create a simple ribbon bow.

22. Shattered glass

This nail trend was created by Korean celebrity nail artist Eunkyung Park, and is now a big hit in Korea. If your manicurist wants to know how this is done, little pieces of cellophane are actually applied to the nail. It closely resembles stained glass windows in churches, making it an interesting take on the religious holiday.

23. The Grinch-inspired

Source: BeauTuts

In order to truly stand out from the crowd, you have to think a little differently about Christmas. Beyond the conventional motifs and colours, why not try something inspired by The Grinch?

For the unacquainted, The Grinch is a fictional character created by Dr. Seuss. This mean and bitter character especially hates the Christmas season, hence he tries to destroy Christmas forever. This nail design will definitely speak to you if you’re tired from the Christmas festivities, or if you’re feeling extra adventurous this year.