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Korean drama Crash Landing on You may have wrapped up with its last episode, but many of us are still not over it.

Aside from the gripping storyline, another thing that has definitely caught the eye of many is Seo Dan’s gorgeous looks, and part of the reason why she always looks so effortlessly elegant is due to her amazing hair that is always on point!

While it is commonly believed that fashion is heavily regulated by the style police in North Korea and that there are only 15 approved hairstyles for women to choose from, the aspiring musician gives us a sneak peek at how the rich in Pyeongyang can afford to dress. In fact, the hair accessories that Seo Dan often sports reminds us of another K-drama femme fatale – Jang Man Wol!

Want to learn how to dress like the powerful and fashionable in North Korea? Read on to see how Seo Dan does it!

Keep your hair in place with statement accessories

Crash Landing On You Seo Dan Hairstyle Hairclip Bling Hair Hair Clips

While North Korea may not allow bright hair colours (hair dyeing is allegedly prohibited), there’s no stopping Seo Dan – and you! – from making a statement with your hair accessories.

She always keeps her dark brown hair down, but when she’s really out to impress or confront someone, she’ll show that she’s the boss with bigger hair clips and pins that come in different shapes.

For example, in episode 4, she matches a studded star hairpin with her bright and loud orange blouse. This lovely hairpin strongly resembles a shooting star – a hint about her wish to get married to Ri Jeong-hyuk, perhaps?

While this might remind you of Jang Man Wol’s outrageous hair accessories, Seo Dan’s ones are a little more ‘mellow’ and are perfect if you want to add some bling to your while staying work-appropriate.

Replicate these looks with the same studded star hairpin (left) and studded leaf hairpin (right) as Seo Dan.

Hide some bling in your hair for a sweet touch

Crash Landing On You Seo Dan Hairstyle Hairclip Bling Hair Pins

If statement pieces are not your thing but you still want to look as sophisticated as Seo Dan, consider thinner bling bobby pins and hair clips instead.

These are not used to keep up her hair, but rather as an accessory that adds a sweet touch to her overall look. You can do the same if you want to look a lot more endearing and innocent than fierce.

Don’t believe us? Rewatch the drama, and you’ll notice that Seo Dan wears these more often when she’s on a romantic date, out to win hearts, or meeting the older folk!

Tip: To create a simple look that is not too overwhelming, part your hair in the 7:3 ratio, and then tuck a studded bobby pin right above your ear. It doesn’t look too obviously glamorous, but still eye-catching enough!

Replicate these looks with the same star bobby pin (left), glitter hair clips (centre), and rhinestone-studded bobby pin (right) as Seo Dan.

Plain metallic hairclips to tuck your hair behind neatly

Crash Landing On You Seo Dan Hairstyle Hairclip Plain Hair Pins

On occasions that studded or statement hair accessories are inappropriate, or when you want to keep your look muted and clean, opt for Seo Dan’s plain metallic hairclips.

In the drama, our North Korean fashionista wears these when she has serious business to attend to – fancy accessories are out of the question, and she needs to make sure that no strong wind blows her hair in her face at the most crucial moments.

If you need to keep unwanted hair out of your face without sticking to a hairstyle that’s too boring, be sure to give this a go.

P.S. Seo Ji-hye, the actress who plays Seo Dan in Crash Landing on You, is also a big fan of this hairstyle!

Replicate these looks with the same thick hairpin (left) and thin hairpin (right) as Seo Dan.

Go vintage without changing your hair

Crash Landing On You Seo Dan Hairstyle Hairclip Pearl Hair Clips

We’re up for vintage looks, but if you’re not keen on getting a hairstyle from the 1960s (would you want a beehive?!), one simple way to look retro AND classy is by using pearls.

Pearls are timeless classics that are well-loved in every era, so much so that Seo Dan has even looked to our favourite Jang Man Wol for the same hairstyle inspiration – that’s right, IU has won the exact same pearl hair clips in Hotel del Luna!

Crash Landing On You Seo Dan Hairstyle Hairclip Jang Man Wol

Replicate this look with the same pearl hair clips as Seo Dan and Jang Man Wol.