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Half-up hairstyles are the new darlings of the stylish crowd, and it’s not hard to see why – they look just as polished as a ponytail, but are totally effortless and work on any hair length and texture.

One of the most popular ways to wear this is to add a ribbon bow to the part where the top half of your hair is tied up as a finishing touch. If it sounds difficult to you, fret not – we share four easy ways to make this new hair trend work for you!

1. Pairing a plain ribbon bow with a blouse or suit

For the women who like to don crisp blouses and suits, an easy way to add a feminine touch is by pulling your hair into a relaxed half-up hairdo and finishing with a plain ribbon bow.

We highly recommend using bigger ribbon bows with shorter tails – they make for cute statement pieces that don’t dangle onto your sharp blazers!

Plain Ribbon Bow Recommendations

Recommended products: (from left) Satin ribbon hair tie, satin ribbon scrunchie, ribbon hair clip

2. Printed ribbon scarf with a plain top

You can switch things up with scarf ribbons that come in different patterns, be it houndstooth, floral patterns, or geometric shapes.

Make sure not to overwhelm by pairing printed ribbons with plain tops. If a plain tee and denim jeans sound too boring, you can also consider puffy-sleeved blouses and drop shoulder tops to create a refined look.

Printed Ribbon Scarf Recommendations

Recommended products: (from left) Geometric shapes ribbon scrunchie, printed scarf scrunchie, diamond print bow hair tie

3. Ribbon bows in short hair

If you think that ribbon bows are only suited for those with long hair, you’ll be happy to be proven wrong.

Half-up hairstyles are great for softening the harsh silhouettes commonly created by shorter cuts. You can either use a ribbon with a shorter tail to complement your hair length or opt for a one that extends beyond your hair to create more layers.

Short Ribbon Bow Recommendations

Recommended products: (from left) Short ribbon scrunchie, double-layer chiffon ribbon scrunchie, short ribbon hair tie

4. Make the most out of brand ribbons

Don’t have a ribbon bow on hand and not keen on buying any? Here’s how you can still pull this off without having to spend a single cent: using brand ribbons!

Many fashion and beauty brands use beautiful ribbons to wrap their products or gift boxes, and these actually work great as ribbons to complement your half-up hairdo.

You don’t even have to make sure that the tails are of equal length – just tie them on any way you wish!