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Move over holographic hair trend, the “hidden highlights” look is the hottest style seen on the fashion-forward and the best part is that you may be able to get away with this bold style even if you have a strict dress code at work.



Subtle and super chic, the hidden highlights trend allow you to “hide” your desired bold colours under a more regular hair colour, having the loud hues only peeking out when you pull your hair into a certain parting or style it a specific way.



What is hidden highlights (耳圈染)?

Hailing from Japan, this style features your top half of your hair in a “normal” colour, like dark browns, blondes, or blacks, and the bottom half in any colour(s) you wish, be it a vibrant teal, fiery red, or lighter shades of browns and blondes for a more subtle look. Great on both long and short hair alike, this style even allows you mix and match colours and shades for a truly unique look.



The best thing about this trend is that you can leave your hair down so the top layer masks the brighter colours underneath, making it look more work appropriate. For the weekends or an after-work hangout, all you need to do to reveal your fun ‘do is to pull back your hair!

For it to have a peek-a-boo effect, you can also consider braiding your hair for an interesting style.

Hidden highlights (耳圈染) inspirations

Want to get some hidden highlights inspiration for your next salon visit so you can show it to your stylist? Here are a few of our favourite looks.