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Beauty brands push out new products at such a rapid pace that it can be difficult keeping up with them! Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for. The products that we’re featuring in this shopping guide helps you stay up to date with some of the best buys that are new or are to launch in the next couple of months!

Get ready for a new Australian beauty brand about to hit local stores here, new collections from some of your most well-loved brands, and new individual products expanding on bestselling ranges!

1. Mentholatum Lip Care Premium Rich Moist

july new beauty mentholatum Lip Care Premium Rich Moist

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: chapped lips ain’t cute. This new range by Mentholatum is the first drugstore lip balm that carries multi-ceramides, which will not only coat lips with intense moisture, but will also form a protective barrier against environmental factors that might irritate the lips.

It has a SPF of 23 and PA+++, so there’s some adequate sun protection for your lips as well! The Lip Care Premium Rich Moist range is formulated with 8 moisturising ingredients: olive oil, moringa butter, honey, avocado oil, shea butter, royal jelly extract, argan oil and jojoba seed oil.

From top to bottom:

  • Lip Care Premium Rich Moist Chardonnay Rose (scented): SGD 7.90
  • Lip Care Premium Rich Moist Fragrance Free: SGD 7.90
  • Lip Care Premium Rich Moist Natural Honey (scented): SGD 7.90

Mentholatum Lip Care Premium Rich Moist range is available at all Watsons and Guardian stores islandwide.

2. Klara Cosmetics

july new beauty klara cosmetics

New beauty brand alert! Klara Cosmetics was originally established and designed in Australia, and are renowned for their hyper-pigmented products that will give your makeup look the burst of colour that it needs. And they’re coming to Singapore!

Klara Cosmetics prides itself on maximising a cosmetic product’s capacity for pigment. This means that it contains the full amount of pigmentation a product is able to hold before breaking!

Ranges available

july new beauty klara cosmetics 1

L to R: Klara Kissproof Lips, Kissproof Lips Mini, Diamond Kissproof Lips

For lips

  • Klara Kissproof Lips (20 shades available): SGD 29.90
    Klara Cosmetics’s cult favourite product. Sets in 60 seconds, and is said to last for 24 hours with no colour bleeding.
  • Klara Kissproof Lips Mini (7 shades available): SGD 15.90
    Bite sizes of their cult favourite, the Minis are also vanilla-scented for a more sensorial experience.
  • Diamond Kissproof Lips (4 shades available): SGD 30.90
    Lipsticks with a unique diamond reflecting formula for the most metallic shine. Sets in 60 seconds, and is said to last for 24 hours.
july new beauty klara cosmetics 2

L to R: CC Cream 8 in 1 Mineral Foundation, Pressed Powder, Foundation Stick

For face

  • CC Cream 8 in 1 Mineral Foundation (4 shades available): SGD 37.90
    Suitable for all skin types, this mineral foundation also dries down matte and is supposed to fill in your pores for a more flawless finish.
  • Pressed Powder (3 shades available): SGD 37.90
    This finishing powder also contains light reflecting pigments so give your makeup look a subtle sheen even as it sets.
  • Foundation Stick (3 shades available): SGD 37.90
    A cream foundation stick that can also double as a concealer. The coverage for this can also be adjusted from medium to full.
  • Reset Range (3 types available): SGD 37.90
    This gel-like liquid is designed to mimic microdermabrasion on your skin, resurfacing the topmost skin layer and making way for a more radiant complexion. It is formulated with French honey, bamboo and olive extract. Suitable for face and body.
july new beauty klara cosmetics 4

L to R: Pro Eyeshadow Palette, Rose Gold Kit, Gel Glide On Eyeliner, Line & Define Liquid Eyeliner & Brow Crayon

For eyes

  • Line & Define Liquid Eyeliner & Brow Crayon (2 shades available): SGD 26.90
    This is a double-ended eye tool, consisting of a felt tip precision liner on one end and an angled brow crayon on the other.
  • Gel Glide On Eyeliner (2 shades available): SGD 21.90
    This nifty little pen has everything you need. Besides a retractable gel eyeliner pen on one end, it also has a smudging sponge on the other, and a hidden sharpener in the barrel.
  • Totally Lashed Out Mascara: SGD 30.90
    Voluminizing and lengthening. This highly pigmented blackest black colour is said to be buildable without clumping, flaking or smudges.
  • Pro Eyeshadow Palette (3 combinations available) : SGD 28.90
    Expect soft mattes that are smooth as butter, and shimmer formulas with highly pigmented colour payoff. Suitable for eyeshadow junkies of any skill level.
  • Rose Gold Kits (3 combinations available): SGD 39.90
    Eyeshadow palettes that take their inspiration from the latest rose gold trend rocking every industry.

For cheeks

  • Contour and Blush Palette (4 combinations available): SGD 28.90
    Use these palettes for contouring, blush or even as eyeshadows. Choose between 4 versatile combinations that will help you achieve your desired look, no matter what your mood.

Klara Cosmetics will be available exclusively at selected SaSa stores and on Beauty Carousel from 1 August 2017.

3. Color Me Happy special boxes

color me happy cleo chang curated box

All of us wish that we are BFFs with beauty experts who can help us pick out the best products among the many they’ve tried and tested. Well, we may not be able to promise you a friendship, but here’s how you can find specially curated beauty products.

Color Me Happy has worked with some of the top makeup artists in Singapore, who have curated their favourite lip products in special boxes. Each box contains two lip products (either two lipsticks or a lipstick and a lipliner) chosen based on the specific mood or look that the makeup artist envision.

Each box retails at either SGD25 (lipstick and lipliner) or SGD30 (two lipsticks) and is available on the Color Me Happy website. You can also read more about each curated box here.


4. RMK FFFuture collection

july new beauty rmk fffuture

To celebrate RMK’s 20th anniversary, they collaborated with Japanese fashion designer Taro Horiuchi to come up with the new Fashion Forward Future (FFFuture) collection. This collection is inspired by art, nature, and music, and showcases the mesmerizing possibilities of a marriage between beauty and fashion.

RMK FFFuture products

july new beauty rmk fffuture 1

L to R: RMK FFFuture Cheeks, RMK FFFuture Eyeshadow Palette

For eyes

  • RMK FFFuture Eyeshadow Palette (5 combinations available): SGD 65
    These eyeshadow palettes are inspired by 5 different fabrics commonly used in fashion: cotton, leather, wool, silk, and velvet. Perfect for warm and cool skin tones, and comes with a built-in mirror and a sponge-tip applicator. (right on image: Na Cotton White)
  • RMK FFFuture Eyes (2 shades available): SGD 45
    Single eyeshadow pots that come in two strikingly unique shades: Iron Gold and Slinging Trees.
  • RMK Ingenious Liquid Eyeliner EX (3 new shades available): SGD 46
    Adding to their collection of liquid eyeliners, RMK has released 3 exciting new shades: Navy, Metallic Mint and Silver.

For cheeks

  • RMK FFFuture Cheeks (2 combinations available): SGD 54
    Duo cheek palettes for customizability. Choose between the combinations Rose Stone or Red Brick (left on image). Comes with a built-in mirror and sponge-tip applicator.
  • RMK FFFuture Cheek Stick (3 shades available): SGD 45
    Creamy stick formula that dries to a semi-matte finish. Can be used as eyeshadow, highlighter, or colour control. Available in the shades Baby Gold, Future Red, and Blue White.
july new beauty rmk fffuture 2

L to R: RMK FFFuture Lips, RMK Irresistible Glow Lips, RMK Lip Jelly Gloss, RMK Color Lip Gloss

For lips

  • RMK FFFuture Lips (3 shades available): SGD 45
    Lipstick bullet that dries matte and achieves a muted glossy look. Available in the shades Beige, Orange, and Rose (image: 1st from left).
  • RMK Irresistible Glow Lips (2 new shades available): SGD 45
    Lipstick bullet with a hydrating formula. Available in the shades Feminine Beige, and Baby Sky (image: 2nd from left).
  • RMK Lip Jelly Gloss: SGD 36
    Lip gloss with a rich gel-like texture. Available in the shade Wonder Blue which combines the deep navy of the night sky with a stardust shimmer. (image: 3rd from left)
  • RMK Color Lip Gloss: SGD 36
    Lip gloss with high pigmentation. Available in the shade Shimmer Beige, a blend of nuanced glowing pink. (image: 4th from left)

For nails

  • RMK Nail Polish (5 new shades available): SGD 25
    The FFFuture collection includes 5 new shades in RMK’s famous nail polish collection: Beige, Grey, Orange, Navy, and Green.

RMK FFFuture collection is available at all RMK counters from mid-August 2017.

5. Lancôme Advanced Génifique Sensitive

july new beauty lancome genifique sensitive

You’ve heard of Lancôme’s Advanced Génifique line. Get ready for the brand new addition to it, specially formulated for those of us with sensitive, easily irritated skin. It is a one-month treatment, that combines a youth activating power with properties that soothe skin sensitivity.

It contains 98% antioxidants (ferulic acid and Vitamin E) within a base that is rich in probiotic extracts for healthier skin. With just one application, your skin should feel immediately calmer and soothed. After a month of consistent usage, you should be noticing visibly rejuvenated, stronger and healthier skin.

Lancôme Advanced Génifique Sensitive will retail for SGD 120

6. LANEIGE Mini Pore Line

july new beauty laneige mini pore line

In hot and humid Singapore, enlarged pores is a very real possibility. It not only increases your sebum production, but doesn’t look flattering with makeup on.

Say hello to the brand new Mini Pore Line by LANEIGE. It uses Pore Refining technology, which consists of Mint Water for hydration and skin relief, and pore-refining ingredients like Cypress extract and Pine needles.

From left to right:

  • Mini Pore Double Clearing Cleansing Foam: SGD 24
  • Mini Pore Heating and Clean Duo: SGD 30 (for both)
    2-step kit to clear T-zone, consisting of a heating gel to open up pores, control sebum and eliminate blackheads, and a clay mask for gentle exfoliation.
  • Mini Pore Waterclay Mask: SGD 38
    Removes excess sebum and tightens pores without drying out the skin excessively.
  • Mini Pore Single-Drop Skin Relief: SGD 22
    Concentrated skin-relief gel with mint water and salicylic acid to soothe skin and remove blemishes. Also contains pine needles and cypress extracts to refine pores.
  • Mini Pore Blurring Tightener: SGD 52
    Creates a natural blurring effect for a smoother-looking complexion, forms a protective layer over skin to lock in the nutrients from previous skincare steps. Use as the last step of skincare in the morning or at night.

LANEIGE Mini Pore Line is available at all LANEIGE counters, Lazada and Zalora.

7. Origins Ginzing Hydrating Prettifying Finisher

july new beauty origins ginzing hydrating prettifying finisher

You’ve slept later than you know you should’ve, and you are abundantly regretting it the next day. Sure, you could hide that tired, sallow skin underneath makeup, but you don’t want to look like a cake-face either.

Origins answers that problem with their new Ginzing Hydrating Prettifying Finisher. You can use this in place of your morning moisturiser, just before you start your makeup routine. It’s packed with caffeine (yes, this is the morning coffee for your skin), guava, panax ginseng and an essential oil blend of grapefruit, lemon and spearmint to revitalize and perk up your mornings! To finish it off, it even has SPF 35 and PA+++ to prep your skin for another day out in hot sunny Singapore too!

Origins Ginzing™ Hydrating Prettifying Finisher retails for SGD 63 at all Origins counters.

8. Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Light

july new beauty make up for ever artist rouge light

Helmed by singer and superstar, Jessie J, the new Artist Rouge Light collection from Make Up For Ever aims to celebrated boundless creativity and inspire personal transformation. The collection houses 25 new shades that are ultra-flattering on any skin tone.

The lippies contain titanium beads encrusted in silica powder for extra luminosity and have an optical blurring effect to smooth the lips for that perfect, flawless lip look. A moisturising, lightweight formula keeps your lips feeling comfortably natural all day.

Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Light retails for SGD 35 each at all Make Up For Ever counters.

9. For Beloved Girl Oil Control Mineral Cloud-Silk Mask

july new beauty for beloved girl Oil Control Mineral Cloud-Silk Mask

For Beloved Girl was only recently launched in Sephora in May this year and gained popularity as the sister brand of bestselling Taiwanese skincare brand, For Beloved One. They are renowned for their Mineral Cloud-Silk Mask collection, developed based on For Beloved One’s research and mask expertise.

Each Cloud-Silk Mask is carefully formulated with specially selected minerals for various skin concerns that will replenish the necessary nutrients for better skin health. One mask is even said to be equivalent to 1.88 bottles of mineral spring water facial mists!

In July, they are launching the new Oil Control Mineral Cloud-Silk Mask which uses zinc gluconate as its key ingredient for its ability to reduce sebum production in the skin by regulating its secretion and restoring the balance between oil and water in the skin. It also contains Australian tea tree oil to enhance its sebum-reducing properties. It is suitable for oily and combination skin types.

For Beloved Girl Oil Control Mineral Cloud-Silk Mask retails for SGD 16 (3 sheets) at Sephora outlets.

10. Dermalogica Overnight Retinol Repair 1%

july new beauty dermalogica overnight retinol repair 2

Dermalogica is upping their game. Following the success of their Overnight Retinol Repair 0.5% launched in January 2016, they have now kicked it up a notch with their clinical-strength formula of active 1% micro-encapsulated pure Retinol.

Retinol, or pure Vitamin A, has become very popular within the beauty world in the past few years for its superior anti-ageing properties. It has been studied extensively for its anti-ageing effects on human skin, so we are excited if Dermalogica has come up with their own formulation of it.

Of course, retinol should not be liberally used on the skin as it may cause irritation. Dermalogica has also included a separate Buffer Cream with the Overnight Retinol Repair to control the concentration of retinol that is applied to the skin, to minimize the chances of irritation. They recommend starting out by mixing one-part of the Overnight Retinol Repair with three parts Buffer Cream, then applying to clean skin. If your skin is more sensitive, apply on alternate nights.

You can increase the proportion of the Overnight Retinol Repair as your skin adjusts, until you are able to use Overnight Retinol Repair alone, before or mixed with your usual moisturiser.

Aside from retinol, it also contains:

  • Squalene: for hydration and improve skin suppleness
  • Palmitoyl tri-peptide 4 and TAUT peptides: to reduce appearance of wrinkles
  • Sodium ascorbyl phosphate (Vitamin C): for its antioxidant effects and to reduce appearance of wrinkles
  • Active polysaccharides: for hydration and to smooth fine lines
  • Licorice extract: to soothe irritated skin and for its antioxidant effects

Dermalogica Overnight Retinol Repair 1% will retail at selected Dermalogica centres from the third quarter of 2017. The price is not yet available.

11. Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Foundation

july new beauty laura mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Foundation

Coverage, blendability, and comfort – most women would agree that these three factors are the most important qualities that a good foundation ought to have. Laura Mercier aimed to create a foundation that covers all three bases, and lasts throughout a busy day to boot.

The result of this aspiration? The new and upcoming Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Foundation. It contains a Skin Fusion Technology that locks the foundation into place, while its oil-free nature ensures that you can wear it for as much as 15 hours without discomfort. The formula is also resistant to transfer, sweat, humidity and water.

The coverage is medium to full, and is buildable depending on your desired end-result. It is suitable for all skin types, but especially normal to oily skin. It comes in 10 shades.

july new beauty laura mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Foundation

Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Foundation retails for SGD 80 each (30 ml) at all Laura Mercier counters and on Sephora from September 2017.