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Female Korean celebrities often change up their looks, and the biggest difference we can usually spot is their hair. Whether it be for a new album comeback or a new drama, these celebs rock their brand new hairstyles over and over again, without fail.

Here are 12 Korean celebrities who effortlessly pull off the shoulder-length hair look. They look so good in it, you will definitely be tempted to book your next trip down to the salon asap, for a hair makeover!

1. Itzy’s Ryujin

Itzy Ryujin Photo Source: Pinterest

Known as one of the queens of rocking shoulder-length hair, Itzy’s Ryujin is often seen styling her hair in different colours and styles. From brightly bleached colours to highlights and extremely dark colours, this girl has definitely done it all.

Styling tip: Light coloured highlights look especially good with shoulder-length hair. Recent trends such as the half & half, where the lighter bleached colour is on the bottom of your hair and a natural looking colour is on the top, would look ultra good with medium length hair!

2. Itzy’s Lia

Itzy LiaPhoto Source: Pinterest 

Delicate and sweet, Itzy’s Lia easily pulls off the layered shoulder-length. With that being said, she has also tried longer hairstyles, but this length that she has been going for lately does make her look fresher!

3. Fromis_9’s Saerom

Fromis_9 SaeromPhoto Source: Pinterest 

Famous for pulling off the shoulder-length hair since the Korean survival show, Idol School, Saerom has also tried various hair lengths from a bob to long hair. However, nothing beats her iconic shoulder-length hair look. Even her members from Fromis_9 has expressed their love for this length on her!

Styling tip: When dealing with shoulder-length hair, make sure that your hair always has volume. This helps to ensure that your mid-length hair is accentuating your face shape. As seen on Fromis_9’s Saerom, volume is emphasised on her roots to prevent her hair from looking too flat!

4. Actress Shin Ye-Eun

Shin Ye EunPhoto Source: Pinterest

Kicking off her acting career in the web drama, A-Teen, with bob hair, Shin Ye Eun has since tried out many hairstyles and lengths. She has effortlessly pulled off every look so far but nothing beats the classic look of shoulder-length hair on her.

5. Red Velvet’s Joy

Red Velvet Joy Photo Source: Pinterest

With silky layered black hair and C curls, Joy totally rocks this look. Pair it with air bangs for a more youthful vibe!

6. BlackPink’s Lisa

BlackPink LisaPhoto Source: Pinterest

Of course, it’s Lisa with the iconic bangs that miraculously remains flawless on her no matter how hard she dances. Another Kpop idol who has pretty much tried every colour and style possible on her hair (except grow out her bangs), this has so far been one of our favourite looks on her.

7. Blackpink’s Jennie

BlackPink JenniePhoto Source: Pinterest

What hairstyle could possible look bad on fashionista Jennie? Even though she hasn’t really experimented with many colours or styles, mostly staying safe with darker shades and layered cuts, we can’t deny that she looks good in any hairstyle.

8. Actress Han So Hee

Han So Hee

Photo Source: Pinterest

Known to be Itzy Ryujin’s look-alike, there is no doubt that actress Han So Hee can pull off a shoulder-length hair look too. As much as we agree that she looks equally beautiful with long hair, doesn’t this length give her a very chic look?

9. Oh My Girl’s YooA

Oh My Girl YooAPhoto source: Pinterest

Known as Korea’s real-life Barbie Doll, YooA from Oh My Girl can probably pull off any hairstyle. This picture definitely proves to us that she is a living doll for sure!

Styling tips: Adding hairclips to your fringe can help create an illusion of a smaller face, as it frames it! It also adds a pop of colour to your appearance. Whether you want simple hairclips on or extravagant stacking clips, the possibilities are endless. We have tips on how to style your hairclips and where to get them!

10. Actress Song Hye Kyo

Song Hye Kyo

Photo Source: Pinterest

The Korean drama queen who has touched the hearts of many fans, Song Hye Kyo is yet another celeb that rocks the shoulder-length hair look. She is often spotted with this length but she styles in different ways everytime we see her! Her curls here are slightly tighter but she also likes to style her mid-length hair with loose natural waves.

11. Actress Seo Ye-Ji

Seo Ye Ji

Photo Source: Pinterest

Exuding elegance and class, just like her character in the Korean drama, It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, Seo Ye Ji pulls of a straight cut shoulder-length hair, that ends with a slight C curl at the ends for a sleek, fuss-free look.

12. IU

IUPhoto Source: Pinterest

From her legendary ahjumma (a term to address middle-aged women in Korean) haircut in her audition clip from more than 10 years ago, IU has definitely come a long way with various hairstyles. We can’t deny that she looks great in both short and long hair, but this shoulder-length on her has just got us feeling some kind of way.

Styling tip: Layers, layers, and more layers! This not only creates more volume in the hair but also makes it easier to style.