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Ponytails are like the white T-shirts of hairstyles – effortless, easy, and practical, but they can also get a little boring at times.

What if we told you they don’t need to be? It’s actually easy to dress up this simple style, with some only requiring a hair tie, so you can head out with a fresh ‘do without sacrificing any sleep. Let these Korean celebs inspire and show you how!

1. Frame your face





Frequently sported by pure-hearted Kdrama female leads and Kpop idols, this style is the easiest to achieve of the lot. You’ll only need your regular hair tie and a few more seconds of your time!

Simply tie your hair back like you normally would, and using your fingers, remove tiny sections of hair around the face (at the crown of your head, and right above your ears), and let them fall around your face for a slimming effect. For a cuter, livelier look like IU’s, spare a few extra minutes and whip out your curling iron (or straightener) and curl each piece slightly.

If this style doesn’t work for you, it may be because the sections of hair are too long. Try asking your favourite hairdresser (check out our list of hair salons and snag some deals too) to cut face framing pieces around your face the next time you visit them!

2. Add statement accessories







Another easy way to add interest to a basic ponytail is to change out your black coloured hair tie to something a little more colourful. Whether it’s switching it out with a bright and trendy scrunchie in a contrasting colour to your hair, adding bejewelled pins, hats, or putting on a hair elastic with classy gold hardware to elevate your outfit, you’ll be surprised at the difference a statement accessory can make.

Here are some of our favourite hair accessories to try.

Slip Silk Large Scrunchies6 Ways To Make Your Ponytail More Polished Slip Scrunchie

This pack of three scrunchies are a celeb favourite, sported by Kpop idols like IU, Jennie, and Lisa, as well as Western stars like Hailey Bieber and Ariana Grande alike. Made of pure silk, these scrunchies damage the hair shaft less by causing less friction, and even promise to leave your hair ridge-free after wear. The result? Shinier hair with less fall out in the long run, and it helps that it looks great, too!

SGD60 for three on Sephora.

Gold cuff hair tie

6 Ways To Make Your Ponytail More Polished Gold Cuff

Have a fancy dinner to rush to? Put away your curling iron and opt for this hair tie with metal hardware instead, for a glamorous look that only takes seconds to achieve.

Retails on Shopee for SGD2.90.

Bejewelled pins

6 Ways To Make Your Ponytail More Polished Bejewelled Hair Pins

Take yet another leaf out of fashionista Jennie’s book and don bejewelled pins alongside your ponytail to bring some bling to your fit! Want to be part of the trend? Simply part your hair down the middle and place the pins parallel to each other on each side of the part.

On Shopee for SGD2.90.

3. Or, ditch the accessories altogether!


Alternatively, go one step further and conceal your hair tie using your own hair. View the videos above for a detailed step by step on how to hide unsightly rubber bands with braids or a section of hair, or read on for instructions.

  1. Split your hair into three sections. The middle section should comprise of the most hair, and secure it with a thin rubber band.
  2. Pull on the top section slightly, such that the area looks more volumised and less limp.
  3. Then, loosely braid one of the two remaining sections, bringing across the tied section as you do so, and secure it in place with a bobby pin. The braided hair should be covering the rubber band.
  4. Repeat step 3 with the last section.

And voilà, you now have a unique, elegant and romantic looking hairstyle for any event!

4. Use the golden ratio


Much like skincare, ponytails are unfortunately not a one-size-fits all. Using the golden ratio (detailed steps can be found here!) you’ll find the perfect ponytail height to match and complement your face shape and length, so you look better without any extra effort, product, or time.

5. Change up the texture



Have a little more time to spare? Try curling or straightening your hair before tying it up for a simple switch that’ll lead to a dramatic change in your look! If you have fine or limp hair, consider crimping or adding curls to add volume for a fuller look, or try straight hair if you have thicker hair for a sleek and polished look.

Tangle Teezer

6 Ways To Make Your Ponytail More Polished Tangle Teezer

When straightening or curling your hair, it’s essential to ensure your hair is knot-free to prevent any kinks for smooth locks. If your regular brush hurts when pulling, try the famous Tangle Teezer that promises to detangle even the most difficult knot easily with its unique shape and combination of long and short bristles.

Retails for SGD35 on Sephora.

Living Proof Restore Instant Protection

6 Ways To Make Your Ponytail More Polished Living Proof Heat Protectant

Like our skin, our often neglected hair needs protection from the heat and UV rays too! Before styling it with heat tools, prevent damage and frizz by using this lightweight formula first, which will give you an additional boost of shine.

Available for SGD42 on Sephora.

GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand

6 Ways To Make Your Ponytail More Polished Ghd Curling Irons

This lesser known curling iron allows you to create both large, glamorous waves, and smaller waves for volume with the same wand, and has six sensors to monitor heat along the barrel for the optimal temperature so your curls last throughout the day without burning your hair!

Retails on Sephora for SGD330.

6. Switch up the parting





Another easy way to change your look without much effort is to change up your hair parting. Opt for a middle part and tie your hair loosely for Suzy’s pure and innocent vibes, or channel sultry Nana with a deep side part, and a sleek ponytail. Alternatively, you can forgo parting like most Kpop idols do for a younger look!

Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray

6 Ways To Make Your Ponytail More Polished Ouai Hair Spray

Aside from smelling like a vacation in a bottle with Italian bergamot, water lily, and white musk, this texturizing hair spray is a ultra lightweight combination of dry shampoo and hairspray to both absorb oil and give volume at the same time for perfect, second day hair.

From SGD19 on Sephora.

VERB Strong Hairspray

6 Ways To Make Your Ponytail More Polished Verb Hair Spray

Hairsprays can often leave hair hard and crunchy feeling, but VERB’s no-crunch formula sets it in place while giving it movable hold for the effortless and natural ponytail of your dreams.

Retails on Sephora for SGD24.