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Pearls are a classic way to make a statement that will never go out of style – everyone can look good with pearls in their hair, which is why we’ve seen celebrities pulling them off at award ceremonies and models on the runway flaunting pearls in their tresses.

The good news is that it doesn’t take a lot of effort nor money to turn runway inspiration into a real-life look; try out all these different ways you can adorn your hair with pearls, and don’t forget to pick up one or two pearl hair accessories to complete the look!

Pearl hair clips to make a statement

While hair clips are admittedly the hottest hair accessory you can have this season, you may have realised that many celebrities and influencers usually opt for big ones adorned with pearls.

Pearl hair clips are a great way to add personality to an otherwise boring look – thanks to the elegant pearls, the large hair accessory will not look gaudy on you at all.

Tip: Most people use two different pearl hair clips to really secure their hair in place, but one works better if you have a smaller head size or have a hairstyle that is more complicated than a ponytail or bun.

Pearl Hair Clips

From left: White gold pearl hair clips, variety of gold pearl hair clips

For the ultimate #girlboss vibes that even style icon Jang Man Wol (character from K-drama Hotel del Luna) would certainly approve of, try a hair clip that uses a mixture of pearls in different sizes.

If you’re new to pearl hair accessories and are not sure what works best for you, you can get a variety of pearl-studded hair clips in different shapes to mix and match with different outfits.

Pearl bobby pins to keep your hair in place

Even if you have a strict dress code to abide by or are simply not a fan of loud looks, you don’t have to give up completely on pearl accessories!

Bobby pins are smaller and tend to be less outrageous than pearl hair clips, but are still embellished with tiny pearls that look really sweet. You can stack more than two of them on either one or both sides of your head – BLACKPINK’s Jennie was once seen with FOUR bobby pins on each side of her head!

Pearl Bobby Pins

From left: Gold Heart & Pearls Mixed Hair Slides, Gold bobby pins with pearls of various sizes

As pearls on bobby pins tend to be smaller, you can make them pop by stacking different bobby pins together on one side of your hair. Not all pins need to have pearl details – you can mix in gold or silver accessories to serve as a contrast to your pearls.

Playing around with pearls of different sizes is also a fun way to spice up the look, so make sure to grab a couple of pins in different sizes.

Pearl headbands for a regal look


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Even though hair bands have been overshadowed in recent times, they’re slowly making a comeback as a fashionable must-have, thanks to pearl-studded headbands that have been spotted in Paul & Joe’s Spring 2020 collection.

Pearl headbands, in particular, are very effective in giving a sophisticated and regal style upgrade. They’re also much easier to pull off than hair clips – all you have to do is wear it on your crown and voila – your look is complete!

We highly recommend that you use the headband to lock your fringe down, instead of pushing it back to expose your forehead, in order to create a more youthful look.

Pearl Hair Bands

From left: Vero Mada Tara Pearl Hairbrand, Pomelo Faux Pearl Accent Thin Headband – Gold

A thick headband is great for keeping your hair in place, especially when you have no time to deal with messy hair and flyaways.

On the other hand, thin pearl headbands are a good alternative if you just want to add some dainty flair to your hairstyle.

Pearl hair pins to make it rain pearls

While once commonly used for bridal hairstyles, pearl hair pins are growing in popularity among those who like to put a playful spin on their usual hairstyles.

You can use add these anywhere you want, depending on your hairstyle – stick them into buns to keep them in place, or simply add them to your crown to create the illusion of snow falling on your hair.

Pearl Hair Pins

From left: Pearl bundle hair pins, individual pearl hair pin

If you find sticking multiple pearl pins in your hair a hassle, get one that has multiple pearls on it so that you just need to stick one into your hair to make the look work.

Of course, you can also opt to use just one in different parts of your hair so that it doesn’t look too overwhelming.

Pearl scrunchies & hair ties to keep it effortless

Even if scrunchies and hair ties are the only hair accessories you’d ever use, you can still rock this runway-approved hair trend effortlessly! We love how this practical accessory helps to keep hair neat and tidy, all while looking absolutely chic.

Tip: As these hair accessories are not visible from the front and the side, you can actually pair this with small pearl earrings to complete the look – there are just enough pearls so that you appear polished and refined from every angle, yet doesn’t look like there are too many details that overwhelm your overall look.

Pearl Scrunchies And Hair Ties

From left: Pearl scrunchie, pearl hair tie

We highly recommend getting a scrunchie made entirely from strung pearls if you want a visual effect that is as stunning as the loud and bold pearl hair clips, but if you just want minimal pearl details here and there on your hair, opt for hair ties with small pearls of different shapes.