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If you’ve been on social media recently, you’ve probably noticed the overall hyper-feminine approach to beauty and fashion trends.

Quirky, loud, and brightly coloured items that were all the rage last year have been replaced by softer, pastel tones.

With elegance appearing to be the main theme for the warmer season of 2023, it’s easy to see why the “satin slip dress nails” have quickly gone viral on TikTok. It is, after all, the perfect matching manicure to achieve the trendy soft, chic look.

Credits: @一颗海藻/Xiaohongshu, @ Huang-Nail/Xiaohongshu, @Yao-/Xiaohongshu

What are “satin slip dress nails”?

The “satin slip dress nails” mimics the satin fabric’s luxury shine and texture, making it the ideal alternative for those who prefer a softer touch to the usual metallic sheen.

According to @betina_goldstein, a celebrity nail artist with over 300K followers on Instagram, this effect is created by rubbing pearl powder over a nail polish.

During the Met Gala, she used this technique on Inventing Anna actress Julia Garner, topping a single layer of Chanel Le Vernis in 167 Ballerina with pearl powder.

Julia’s stunning “satin slip dress nails” complemented her pearl satin gown so well that it drew the attention of many, who grabbed inspiration and reproduced this nail effect in their own unique ways.

12 ways to wear the “satin slip dress nails”

1. Baby pink “satin slip dress nails”

Credits: @melanated.mani/Instagram

If you’re a fan of the recent ballet-core trend, you’ll know that it’s all about baby pink now.

This sweet and lovely baby pink will go perfectly with your dream ballet-core outfit. The pearlised finish only adds to the overall dreamy look, making it the ideal manicure for the “soft girl” aesthetic!

2. Digital lavender “satin slip dress nails”

Credits: @paintboxnails/Instagram

If pink isn’t your colour or you have a cool skin tone, try the viral “digital lavender” shade instead. It’s a lovely colour that will make any skin tone appear brighter.

With the added shine from the satin finish, this manicure is sure to turn heads.

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3. Jewel tone “satin slip dress nails”

Credits: @tombachik/Instagram

Looking for something more colourful for the summer? Try the “satin slip dress nail” in jewel tones instead.

Jewel tones are vibrant and bring out the summer fun. At the same time, it complements the satin finish and takes the elegant, luxurious feel to the next level.

Selena Gomez was spotted with an emerald green “satin slip dress” nails. The colour was inspired by her Verriere earrings, and we can all agree that it was a stunning match for her!

4. Multi-coloured “satin slip dress nails”

Credits: @betina_goldstein/Instagram

Can’t decide which colour to use for your “satin slip dress nails”? Why waste time deciding when you can paint something different on all ten nails?

For the colours to look cohesive, we highly recommend selecting based on the “tone on tone” and “tone in tone” colour theory.

Don’t be alarmed by these terms. “Tone on tone” is simply based on a single colour hue with varying shades or brightness. On the other hand, “tone in tone” is based on different hues with the same tone.

5. Translucent “satin slip dress nails”

Credits: @nailsbymei/Instagram

As summer rolls around, some people may find opaque colours a little too bold.

Choosing translucent “satin slip dress nails” will undoubtedly lend a sheerer, softer touch to our outfits.

6. Sheer “satin slip dress nails”

Credits: @themaniclub/Instagram

With the growing trend of embracing our natural beauty, a natural-looking #MyNailsButBetter manicure has become a status symbol expressing overall healthy beauty.

This transparent “satin slip dress nails” will be your go-to for the #MyNailsButBetter look. The pearlised, satin finish adds a little zing to your clear nails, creating a very natural yet fancy vibe.

7. Gradient “satin slip dress nails”

satin nails

Credits: Huang-Nail/ Xiaohongshu

This stunning gradient look is ideal for those who can’t decide between an opaque and sheer look. Why choose when this gradient look gives you the best of both worlds?

We recommend going to a skilled manicurist for this technique because getting a seamless gradient can be difficult and requires a high level of skill.

8. Ice blue tip on “satin slip dress nails”

Credits: @辣安枝ccc/Xiaohongshu

For our readers with a cool-toned complexion, try adding a tinge of blue to the tip of your gradient “satin slip dress nails”.

This frosty white and blue pearlised look will go well with your skin tone, making you appear almost ethereal. Just looking at this colour combination feels refreshing and will instantly cool you down in the hotter seasons.

9. Clear 3D art on “satin slip dress nails”

Credits: @一颗海藻/Xiaohongshu

If minimalism isn’t your thing, try clear 3D art on top of your preferred choice of  “satin slip dress nails” colour.

Swirls and water droplets are two designs we recommend for adding texture to your nails without making them look cluttered. A clear heart is also a cute option that will look adorable on pastel shades.

10. Diamonds on “satin slip dress nails”

Credits: @奇怪的藏桑一/Xiaohongshu

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” as the saying goes.

Why not take the glitz to the next level by incorporating tiny diamonds? The extra bling enhances the elegance of your “slip dress satin nails”, making it appear even more luxurious.

If you’re going to a fancy dinner or a wedding, this is the manicure for you.

11. Pearl beads on “satin slip dress nails”

Credits: @Yao-/Xiaohongshu

Mermaid-core is slowly but surely making its presence on fashion and beauty TikTok.

If you’re a fan of this trend, try adding a small pearl bead on your “slip dress satin nails” to give your manicure a mermaid-core feel. After all, combining a pearl bead with a pearlised finish is bound to work!

Choosing a clear to pearl-white gradient tone, as shown in the image, is also a good option because it will go with any outfit and you won’t have to worry about the colour clashing.

12. Celestial charms on “satin slip dress nails”

Credits: @stephstonenails/Instagram

Looking for something different than the usual charms? Put these tiny celestial charms on your nails.

For our warm-toned ladies, the gold stars and moon, combined with the bronze shade, will make you look like a beach goddess on those hot summer days!