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Whether you’re on your first Valentine’s date this year or are celebrating with your partner of many years, it’s a good chance to do a new makeup look. (Honestly, we’d take just about any chance to doll up.)

We may not all be makeup pros to change up our makeup on a whim, but luckily for us, many helpful makeup gurus have shared some of their best Valentine’s Day looks online for the rest of us to learn. Pick a style that you love, and find out how the experts do it in these 11 videos!

1. Spring Romance Makeup

Korean beauty guru Heizle is famous for her gorgeous, feminine looks that even your favourite K-idols sport, so it’s not hard to see why this is one of her most popular videos.

This makeup look ties in with the spring festival and Valentine’s Day, and uses pink, peach, and red hues to create a natural glow to your skin. This is definitely a look you want to pull off so that you look extremely sweet and radiant on your date!

2. Edgy Makeup

If you are tired of always doing the same natural makeup look, or just want to surprise your date with a side of you that’s never been seen before, why not attempt to look edgier this Valentine’s? A rocker chic look is what you need to complement your sassy attitude and set you apart from the rest, so your date will surely only have eyes for you.

3. Bold Red Lip Makeup

The classic red lip is always a great choice for an elegant, powerful, and sultry look that will surely turn heads wherever you go. Red lipstick can be daunting to pull off for first-timers, so Pony shows you exactly how you can do the rest of your makeup to complement your bold red lip in this video.

5. 5 Minute Makeup Tutorial

Many of us are, unfortunately, way too busy to find the time for a tedious and extravagant makeup regime that takes more than an hour to complete. However, that doesn’t mean you should give up completely on looking great on date night: all you need to do is spare five minutes to watch and follow these simple steps. We highly recommend this video to those who are new to makeup as well.

6. Full Face Drugstore Makeup

We all know makeup can burn a hole in our wallets, so before you go running out to buy some expensive beauty products for V-Day, take a leaf out of Aisha Liyana’s book and see how you can create a stunning look with just drugstore products, which you most probably already have. Now who says you definitely have to use luxury products to create a luxurious look?

7. Summer Peachy Pink Look

Peach-toned makeup is the new trend in Asia, and for good reason! It works great for most Asian skin tones and helps you to look younger and healthier, as though you just got a tan in the summer. The dewy shine that Molita Lin has incorporated here makes the cheeks look as bouncy as a juicy peach – such a cute look that you will surely love!

8. Yanxi Palace Inspired Makeup

Okay, so some of us aren’t totally over the hottest Chinese palace drama in 2018. If you are one of the crowd, you may remember the ravishing Shun Imperial Concubine that caught a lot of attention in the last few episodes. Don’t be jealous of her though, because you can look just as gorgeous with this tutorial!

9. Anime Girl Makeup


If you and your date are fans of anime and cosplay, or you really just want to attempt looking a bit more kawaii this year, see how Youtuber LaDeath Machine transforms into a girl that looks straight out of a manga!

The emphasis is really on the eyes (remember those beautiful eyes of Japanese girl characters?), so you will find this video very useful if you have always wanted a little more guidance in this aspect.

10. Glitter Makeup

James Charles wants you to show your dates exactly how much you love them, and remind them that you are absolutely fabulous. Go over the top with as much glitter, highlighter, and pink as you want, because you will still look every bit as beautiful!

11. Anti-Valentine’s Day Makeup

Got your heart broken, or simply detest this open declaration of love everywhere? Be a rebel this Valentine’s – Nikkie will show you how. You can ditch those wearable, soft brown creases and light glossy lips that everyone else is sporting (boring!), because it’s time for vampy and dark colours.