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The latest show that everyone can’t get enough of? Probably Story of Yanxi Palace (延禧攻略), a Chinese period drama that depicts the lives of concubines during the Qing Dynasty.

(Before you continue reading, we’ve followed up with an article on Singapore salons where you can get Yanxi Palace inspired nails. Hop over here to read it!)

Yanxi Palace

Besides the intriguing plot and amazing actors, the dazzling outfits of the characters are likely another huge draw for this 70-episode series.

But we’re not going to discuss the last cliff-hanger or our favourite character today. Recently, nail designs created by Malaysia-based salon Maniqure Nail Salon that are inspired by the show have surfaced on social media. And we got to say – they took our breath away.

We’ll show you one of them so you can see how intricate and beautiful it is:

Yanxi Gonglue Nails 1

The nail looks follow the designs of the details on the characters’ dresses and we absolutely love the details they have paid to them. These aren’t just stylish – after all, other than the hugely popular show, “oriental” nail designs are also a huge trend in the beauty world – they are also very wearable.

If the first design we’ve shown you have already teased you, sit tight for the other 10 designs they have created:

Yanxi Gonglue Nails 2
Yanxi Gonglue Nails 3
Yanxi Gonglue Nails 4
Yanxi Gonglue Nails 5
Yanxi Gonglue Nails 6
Yanxi Gonglue Nails 7
Yanxi Gonglue Nails 8
Yanxi Gonglue Nails 9
Yanxi Gonglue Nails 10
Yanxi Gonglue Nails 11

Which is your favourite?

Unfortunately for those of us in Singapore, Maniqure is located in Sabah, Malaysia, so it’s very unlikely that we might be able to visit them to get these looks done. But if you’re based somewhere near them, you can book an appointment with them and request specifically for these Yanxi Palace inspired nail looks.

Maniqure Nail Salon is located at Lot 4-1 (PARCEL 0102), First Floor, Block B, Lorong Lintas Plaza 2, Lintas Plaza, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. Check out their website for more information.