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After a couple of years, balayage still seems to be the buzzword in hair colouring these days, spawning a range of variations thanks to the creativity of hairdressers around the world. But do you really know what it is, and where to find the best balayage hair salons in Singapore?

These top hair salons are guaranteed to work some magic the moment you sit down in that hairdresser’s chair, giving you some flawless, jaw-dropping colour on your hair. They are particularly well known for kickstarting the Ash Brown Balayage trend in Singapore!

We’ve also attached actual pictures done on models by the hair stylists from each hair salon, so you know exactly who to ask for whichever look catches your fancy.

What Is Balayage?

balayage hair salons balayage singapore

Credits: @allure_hairdesign/Instagram, @picassohairstudio/Instagram, @yuya_engol/Instagram

Balayage, derived from the French word meaning “to sweep,” is a free-hand colouring technique designed to produce natural highlights with minimal visible regrowth at the hairline.

It is a freehand hair dyeing method which results in a softer and smoother transition from one colour to the next on your hair, compared to traditional highlights. Because it’s freehand, though, it means that you better be picking a hair salon that you trust!

It’s stunning, imparts a sun-kissed look, and never gets old. Plus, this technique gives a seamlessly blended gradient of colour that introduces movement and dimension to your hair.

Typically, these highlights are a few shades lighter than your original hair colour to ensure a smooth transition from the roots to the tips. So if you’re into that coveted beach hair look, a balayage is a great hairstyle choice to explore!

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Where to Get the Best Balayage in Singapore

How Long Does a Balayage Last?

how long does a balayage last

Credit: @ampersand.salon.sg/TikTok

Sure, a balayage is known to have a more extended lifespan compared to traditional highlights because of the way it is. However, longevity can vary based on factors like hair care, individual hair growth, and the initial application technique.

On average, it can last anywhere from eight to 12 weeks and some may choose to refresh or touch up every size to eight weeks to maintain their desired look.

After your hair appointment, make sure that you’re using colour-safe hair care products and avoiding harsh chemicals to prolong its life. It’s also important to protect your hair from excessive sun exposure — you can consider using hair sunscreens if you have a more active and outdoorsy lifestyle.

Do keep in mind that the specific duration of your colour’s lifespan can vary from person to person, so it’s key to consider your own hair characteristics and maintenance practices. You can also always consult your regular hairstylist who probably understands your hair.

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Balayage Hair Inspiration and Types of Balayage Styles

Airtouch Balayage

balayage hair salons balayage singapore

Credits: @fashion.hair/TikTok, @671boobookitty/TikTok

The Airtouch Balayage is a hair colouring technique that builds on the traditional method but incorporates a unique tool called the Airtouch machine.

Developed by Russian colourist and stylist Vladimir Tarasyuk, the Airtouch machine is an air-powered device that helps in the application of colour more precisely and efficiently.

After sectioning your hair, the Airtouch machine is used to blow air through the strands to create separation and lift, allowing for specific strands or sections of hair to be easily isolated. It also helps in creating a more controlled and diffused application.

This technique allows for a high level of customisation, a more precise application, and a reduced processing time too.

Edgy, Silver Balayage


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♬ nhạc nền – Vibey Mix – Vibey Mix

Icy, smoky, and steel-like. Grey has always been a popular choice for many, especially the “cool girls”. However, if you’re not up for a full head of silver, you can still maximise the chrome trend by going for a grey or silver shade.

Plus, a silver hue works on all hair types, even for those with sleek strands or curly, coily hair, since the dark-to-light effect is so easy to wear and maintain.

The only downside is that these cool, titanium looks tend to fade fast so you’ll have to be more vigilant with monthly (or every six weeks) touchups and hair care maintenance.

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Stacked Balayage


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♬ Cruel Summer – Taylor Swift

Super thick hair girlies, this one’s for you. We’ve all been there — showing the hairstylist an inspo photo but ending up with something that’s not quite what we asked for.

That’s because you need to be mindful of your naturally thicker tresses and approach a stylist who’s renowned for and experienced at handling your hair type.

Another safer option is to look for salons that offer customised services to make sure you really hit the nail on the head for your dream look.

Freestyle Balayage

balayage singapore

Credit: Palette Hair

As its name states, this style blends traditional painting methods with a freehand approach. The technique achieves a natural and understated look by using both light and dark shades to create subtle lowlights and highlights.

What sets a freestyle balayage apart? Its enhanced flexibility in colour placement enables a tailored approach to suit your individual preferences. This style has also gained popularity among those seeking a more naturally blended and customised dye job.

Milk Tea Balayage


milk tea balayage for my cutie client🧋💕 #hairtok #torontohairstylist #hairtransformation #haircolour #fyp #torontohairsalon #colour #cupid

♬ Cupid – Twin Ver. (FIFTY FIFTY) – Sped Up Version – sped up 8282

A fan of milk teas? (Who isn’t, right?) Fuse your love for boba and gorgeous brown muted tones with your tresses to reveal a natural-looking hairstyle with beige and ashy tones.

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Feature image credits: Vintage Studio, @fashion.hair/TikTok, @picassohairstudio/Instagram