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Daily Vanity had shared with you about a “facial membership” concept that was introduced by IDS Aesthetics when it was first launched.

Called the #IDServe Unlimited membership package, you’ll get to enjoy as many facials as you want just by paying a flat monthly membership fee.

The Unlimited package is available at SGD450 per month and the Unlimited+ package is available at SGD720. The key difference is that the latter also offers you three extra sessions to share with your personal guests.

Given that most medi-spas charge around SGD300 for one facial treatment, you can generally get your money’s worth if you go for at least two sessions per month.

Then it got me thinking: could I stretch my dollar even more by booking weekly facials? And can my face “take it”? Will it improve my skin drastically?

I became a member of the Unlimited package and made appointments for one facial treatment every week with IDS Aesthetics as an experiment to satisfy my curiosity (and hopefully yours too).

IDS Aesthetics Unlimited package review: What was it like?

Ids Aesthetics Review Unlimited Package

While IDS Aesthetics is in a department store that’s very accessible to the public, the design of the store feels intimate and private – something that I appreciated.

I arrived 15 minutes earlier for my first appointment in order to fill in a registration form and to get familiar with the package. Subsequent facial treatments start immediately after I reach, so there’s little waiting required.

At the start of each session, the therapist asked me what my skin concerns were and recommended a treatment for me.

For instance, at my first session, my skin was feeling clogged and rough, and she recommended the Hydro-Therapeutics Treatment for me.

This treatment really worked well for me. My pores were unclogged after the session and felt a lot smoother and looked clearer.

One week later, I visited again and shared that my skin was feeling very dry and really needed a boost of hydration. I was recommended the Cryo Therapeutics Treatment.

Unfortunately, my skin actually felt even drier and tighter after the treatment and I was very confused. I spoke to IDS Aesthetics about the problem and they promptly looked into the case. It turned out that my skin might be reacting to one or two ingredients in the main products used in the Cryo Therapeutics Treatment.

The team took my case seriously and encouraged me to use specific IDS Skincare products to boost my hydration level and also to return for other treatments to improve my skin.

The products helped and my next treatment – the Light Cryo Treatment – turned out to be my favourite, even among other facial treatments I’ve tried. My skin looked very radiant after the facial and this result lasted for days.

At the fourth session, I was once again recommended the Hydro-Therapeutics Treatment, which wasn’t surprising. Skin cell replacement takes place every 28 to 40 days (vary from person to person) and my skin was certainly due for another “unclogging” treatment since it had been a month since the last one.

IDS Aesthetics Unlimited package review: Is weekly facials good for skin?

Ids Aesthetics Review Unlimited Package2

I was initially wondering whether weekly facials will be too harsh on skin. After going through it for a month, I realise that if the facial treatments you go for are chosen to suit your skin condition at that point, and they aren’t “harsh” treatments such as extraction, it actually does more good than bad.

I personally like the idea of having a quick consultation with a therapist to decide on the right treatment that’s suitable for my skin during my visit, because our skin’s needs changes from week to week. One week, you may be suffering from clogged pores and blemishes, and another week, you may want to brighten your dull complexion caused by inadequate sleep.

Knowing that I didn’t have to pay “extra” for the facial treatments that I go for also encourages me to try out new facial treatments. For instance, if I hadn’t been able to go for multiple treatments at no extra cost, I might not have discovered how the Light Cryo Treatment could work so well for me. Although, of course, being more “experimental” also opened up the chances of a treatment that isn’t suitable for me, like what happened to me with the Cryo Therapeutics Treatment.

As the experiment was only for a month, I can’t exactly tell you if this is going to improve your skin drastically in the long run.

I didn’t think that my complexion transformed dramatically in a month (but bear in mind my skin has always been in a relatively healthy state). However, weekly facials definitely helped to quickly nip any skin issue at its bud for me, getting rid of clogs just as they occur, or brightening my skin when I needed it. I find that my skin felt more “calm”. For instance, I tend to have breakouts just before my period, but during the month of this experiment, I didn’t get any pimples, which could be attributed to better and more deliberate maintenance of my skin throughout the month.

IDS Aesthetics is located at Robinsons The Heeren. You can find out more about the membership from their website.

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