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If you have combination skin, then you probably already know the struggles of finding skincare products that work for you. People with combination skin have to get products that walk a very fine line of not stripping moisture from the dry parts of the face, while controlling sebum on oilier areas.

Although cleansing may seem like the easiest part of a skincare routine to nail down, it’s not quite as easy as you believe it to be. This is because not all cleansers work for all skin types.

While those with acne-prone, shiny skin needs a cleanser for oily skin and those with flaky skin go for a nourishing, moisturising one, you need to look for cleansers for combination skin that specifically suit your needs.

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The best type of cleansers for combination skin

The tricky thing about finding a good face wash for combination skin is that you have to avoid oil-stripping ones while also staying away with one that can potentially exacerbate the oil problem in the T-zone.

So, exactly what kind of cleansers would do the trick? Experts recommend a mild, balancing cleanser that doesn’t have overly harsh ingredients. A few on the off-limits list include salicylic acid, alcohol, and benzoyl peroxide – all these are infamous for drying your skin out.

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