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If you know BLACKPINK, you’re surely familiar with Lisa, the heart of the group!

While many celebs swear by strict diets, Lisa dances to a different tune in maintaining her fabulous body and hourglass curves. She only follows these five weight management tips, instead of the traditional dieting methods.

Take these tips down and perhaps we’ll also slim down the healthy way – like Lisa!

Dance every day


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When the topic of maintaining her slim figure came up during her time on Youth With You Season 2, Lisa had a response that left everyone intrigued. She simply said – I don’t diet.

Instead, Lisa shared a surprising secret about her daily routine – she dances every single day! You might be thinking, well, isn’t that expected from a singer, whose career involves a lot of dancing?

Lisa’s love for dance isn’t limited to her professional commitments; it’s deeply ingrained in her daily life. She mentioned that she started dancing even before her days as a trainee, and it has remained a constant, whether she’s preparing for a concert or not.

Weekly Pilates

Photo source: @​​lalalalisa_m on Instagram

When Lisa’s not busting moves on the dance floor, she does Pilates weekly and this had helped keep her abs tight and flat.

Pilates offers a variety of core exercises, and one of the simplest can be done right at home. Just grab a yoga mat, lie down, and lift those feet slowly. This exercise really calls for some solid core muscle power and can be incorporated into your daily routine for that beautifully toned look.

She’s not strict with what she eats

Photo source: @​​lalalalisa_m on Instagram

Besides not starving herself, Lisa also revealed that she doesn’t impose any dietary restrictions on herself. This straightforward approach to maintaining her physique stands out in showbiz where strict diets are the norm.

She engages in outdoor sports

Photo source: @​​lalalalisa_m on Instagram

When Lisa’s busy with globe-trotting for work, you’ll find her kicking back with some outdoor fun, including mountaineering, taking leisurely strolls, and stand-up paddle-board surfing.

Not only does she get to unwind, she’s also working those core muscles, making sure her body stays in tip-top shape.

Eat small but frequent meals

Photo source: @​​lalalalisa_m on Instagram

Her slim physique is a result of her rigorous daily dance practice, which can leave her feeling hungry. However, she doesn’t overindulge; instead, she opts for smaller, more frequent meals to prevent herself from starving and expanding her stomach.

Her diet mainly comprises vegetables, fruits, and protein to maintain a balanced, healthy figure. Interestingly, Lisa also revealed her love for private hot pot gatherings, stating that excessive dieting would make her too thin.

Feature image credit: @​​lalalalisa_m

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