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The K-pop group with members with the most ambassadorships for beauty brands? BLACKPINK, for sure. (Jennie for Chanel, Lisa for MAC, Rose for YSL, and most recently, Jisoo for Dior.)

And it isn’t surprising at all, considering how each of these stars are known for their youthful charm and enviable complexions.

While we may not all be blessed with their good genes, there’s something we can pick up from them – BLACKPINK’s skincare tips!

Thankfully for us, BLACKPINK members have been generous in sharing their skincare routines and tips in several interviews and variety shows they appeared in.

If you’re ready for BLACKPINK’s skincare routine and other skincare tips (including one member who swears by her detox juice!), read on!

BLACKPINK’s skincare tip #1: Focus more on skincare rather than makeup

Jisoo’s cosmetics bag contains a scarce amount of makeup products; the idol reveals that it’s simply because she chooses to focus more on skincare rather than makeup.

We now know that her radiant skin is a result of careful attention to skincare rather than good cosmetics – a philosophy we should all stand by if we want her flawless radiant skin.

BLACKPINK’s skincare tip #2: Don’t skip proper cleansing

This may sound like a basic skincare tip but let’s admit it – there have been multiple times we’ve been so exhausted (or lazy!) that we skip cleansing altogether or do a sloppy job.

One of the top BLACKPINK skincare tip was shared by Rose who said that cleansing her face is the most important part of taking good care of herself, and she makes sure to gently remove her makeup and wash her face no matter how tired she may be. Make this your daily reminder!

BLACKPINK’s skincare tip #3: Use facial masks frequently

Jisoo’s skin may look flawless most of the time, but she revealed that she suffers from really dry skin. Her secret is to use facial masks very frequently – two to three times a day! This may seem a little excessive for some of us but it is a great reminder for us to mask regularly. (Psst, one of our writers tried masking every day. Read all about her experience!)

BLACKPINK’s skincare tip #4: Drink detox juice and a lot of water

Like Jisoo, Jennie is a fan of daily masking; she revealed in an interview that she used to use two facial packs a day to improve her skin. But she has gradually reduced her usage of masks and started improving her diet instead.

She said that she now drinks a glass of detox juice made from fresh fruits in the morning and a lot of water throughout the day, which really reminds us that skincare goes beyond product application and it’s equally important to take care of our health.

While she did not reveal the actual recipe of her cleansing concoction, we’re gonna go out on a limb and guess that it probably contains lemon or lime, cucumber, apple cider vinegar, cranberry or grapefruit – all of which are highly regarded as great detox ingredients!

BLACKPINK’s skincare tip #5:  Pile on moisturiser before sleeping

Guess who also suffers from dry skin? Lisa.

Lisa’s trick may be a little easier for us to follow: she piles on cream moisturiser and allows her skin to absorb it while she sleeps.

Those who are not used to using tons of skincare products may find their skin feeling oily and sticky after the routine, but you can consider applying a little more or opting for a sleeping mask that’s intended for thick application without weighing down on your skin.

You’ll love how you’ll wake up to soft and supple skin in the morning!

BLACKPINK’s skincare tip #6: Do a facial massage after moisturising

Another BLACKPINK’s skincare tip from Lisa: a facial massage after applying moisturiser.

This allows the product to penetrate deeper into the skin, enhancing its effects. In fact, Lisa brings a facial massager everywhere she goes so she can use it anytime!

BLACKPINK’s skincare tip #7: Use a lip scrub daily

Give your lips some love, since they are working hard too. After wearing lipstick for the entire day, Jisoo likes to exfoliate her lips. She then follows up with lip balm for moisturisation. This keeps her puckers looking soft and kissable!

BLACKPINK’s skincare tip #8: Stick to products that complement your skin


Unlike the rest of her group mates who love to experiment with new products, Rose sticks to products she feels work for her skin. This is a philosophy we can definitely adopt for our skincare products.

It is so easy to buy every product with good reviews and going through them quickly, but we have to first consider whether they are suitable for our skin type and if they contain ingredients that our skin is sensitive to.

BLACKPINK’s skincare tip #9: Eat food that contains collagen

BLACKPINK’s skincare secret also includes consuming health food; specifically chicken feet collagen soup, a home recipe from Rose’s mum. Advocates of collagen-rich foods attest that they can help firm skin and help it regain elasticity and bounce so it is no wonder that the girls have such supple skin.

While we do not have access to Rose’s recipe, we can definitely look out for food rich in collagen such as slow-cooked bone broth and cod fish.

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