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Ageing is an inevitable part of this adventure and a process we all embrace with open arms (even if we don’t want to).

While it can be a beautiful part of life, there’s no need to rush it. Slow things down by avoiding hairstyles that could make you look older than your actual age.

Here, we have a list of nine hairstyles that have the potential to age us prematurely.

Blunt bangs

Photos from @rachel_mypark/ Instagram

While avoiding bangs altogether may seem like a choice, sometimes they can actually contribute to making you appear older than your actual age.

Bangs can add personality and youth to your appearance, but it’s important to note that not all bangs have the same effect. Park Min-young, the accomplished South Korean actress renowned for her roles in various K-dramas, including the popular What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, offers a case in point.

In the picture above, the absence of bangs adds a touch of maturity beyond her true age and accentuates the impression of a more prominent forehead.

Perhaps consider embracing wispy bangs. They’re a soft, feathery version of the blunt straight-across bangs and would compliment most face features.

Flat middle parting

Photos from @jennierubyjane / Instagram

A plain middle parting can add a few years to your look, regardless of your age. A better choice is to go for a side parting. These small adjustments can make a big difference in helping you maintain a youthful appearance.

And if you have a round face shape, it’s best to steer clear of this style as it can make your face appear a bit rounder or chubbier than it actually is.

We absolutely adore Jennie from Blackpink for her amazing talents, skincare advice, and beauty. But, this hairstyle (shown on the left) did not compliment her features as we found it to be a little too flat, especially due to the middle parting.

High ponytails

Photos from @renebaebae / Instagram

If your face is oval and you have a wide forehead, pulling your hair into a clean sweep, high ponytail might make your face look more round.

To still enjoy ponytails and give out a younger appearance, opt for a low ponytail style. Tying your ponytail lower, near the back of your neck, can help maintain a balanced look for your face.

Take inspiration from Bae Joo-hyun (shown on the right), who expertly styled her low ponytail to accentuate her sharp chin, showcasing how the right hairstyle can effectively contribute to a more youthful look.

Long straight hair

Photos from @sooyaaa__ / Instagram

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo looks beautiful regardless of her hairstyle, but in the examples above, you can tell how having long, straight hair without any texture can actually add years to her appearance.

On the other hand, subtle waves add softness to her facial contours, which make her appear more youthful.

If you have naturally straight hair, consider getting a perm or add subtle layers around the face so you can keep your facial contours looking lifted. Have the shortest layer hit the cheekbone for a more youthful look.

Long thin hair with layers

Photos from @heybiblee / Instagram

This is a definite NO! While having layers in your hair can be great for adding some texture and volume, it’s important to consider your hair type.

If your hair is on the thinner side, those layers could end up making the bottom portion look super flat and wispy, which is definitely not the look you’re going for.

Lee Sung Kyung has stood out for numerous roles in K-pop drama and she never failed to impress us with her acting skills and styles.

However, it is clear that when comparing both pictures and hairstyles, Lee Sung Kyung looks more youthful with wavy hair (shown on the right) than with straight hair that appears somewhat thin at the bottom.

Pixie cuts with layers

Credit: Her World Singapore/@yejinhand

Despite being a low-maintenance style, pixie cuts may not be the best option for everyone, especially if they’re cut too short with many layers.

Take for example, K-pop star from the popular series Crash Landing on You, Son Ye-jin. Her pixie cut provides a valuable lesson in what to avoid. Opting for such pixie cuts can sometimes age your overall look.

Instead, she looks more appealing with a shoulder-length hairstyle that frames her face beautifully. This style is particularly ideal for those who want short hair without going to extremes.

Micro bangs

Photos from @hi_sseulgi / Instagram

Earlier, we shared how bangs can add a touch of youthful charm to a maturing face, but if you wish to create an anti-ageing effect with your hairstyle, avoid micro bangs.

Micro bangs are super-short bangs that reach an inch or two down your forehead. Though they are notoriously hard to style, micro bangs give an undeniably chic appeal. This type of bangs would look great for those with petite, oval faces who are in their early 20s.

It’s best to steer clear of short bangs that plop right in the middle of your forehead, especially if you’ve got a few lines that come with age. The best option would be to either avoid bangs and opt for side partings, like how South Korean singer, Seulgi has styled (shown on the right).

Tight braids

Photos from @heybiblee / Instagram

Opt for looser braids to maintain a youthful appearance. Tight braids can emphasise fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead, ultimately creating the illusion of a more mature look.

Lee Sung Kyung’s tightly braided hair (shown on the left) gave it a flat and thin look, which we believe didn’t suit her well. We certainly preferred her appearance with loose braids and a long fringe, which not only added a chic vibe, but also made her look more youthful.

Wolf cut

Photos from @dlwlrma/ Instagram

Chances are, you’ve heard or come across this hairstyle on your Instagram and TikTok feeds. The wolf cut takes on the classic shag haircut, characterised by its playful incorporation of wispy layers and intentionally uneven layers.

While IU’s wolf haircut did exude a playful vibe, we believe that a straight haircut with wispy bangs better complemented her youthful appearance, outshining the impact of the wolf cut.

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