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Korean hair salons are where you should look for your next hair appointment. There’s always a reason or excuse to head to the salon…wouldn’t you agree?

Whatever your #hairgoals or luscious locks dreams may be, we’re a 100% certain they’re able to make your hair visions come true.

They’ve got premium products, top-trained hair stylists, innovative technology, and a great atmosphere.

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Credits: @momo, @hyunah_aa

Read on for the best Korean hairstyles and hair services and the best, highly sought-after Korean hair salons for a stylish hairstyle and refreshed look!

Trendy Korean Hairstyles and Hair Services To Get

Popular hairstyles come and go in a flash, but the trick is to follow and look at K-pop stars. We don’t know what it is, but K-pop and K-drama stars seem to have a hold on our hearts and our hair!

With all the glitz and glamour (not to mention their 24/7 Instagram-worthy hair), you can definitely count on them to sport the most stunning and trendy Korean hairstyles.

Korean Bangs

trendy korean hairstyles, korean hair salon singapore

Credit: @le_sserafim

Sure, some (or most) of us snip off our fringes during a life crisis, but not all bangs are derived from an irrational move. When done properly, they can really elevate your whole style.

Korean celebrities like IU, Song Hye Kyo, Lim Ji-yeon, and Park Shin Hye look absolutely adorable or captivating with bangs.

Whether your hair is short, long, wavy, or straight, you can choose to make a subtle or impactful change to your appearance with Korean bangs.

Plus, there’s an abundance of Korean bangs to pick from — airy bangs, curtain bangs, baby bangs, and more!

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Short Bob Haircuts

korean hairstyles korean hair salon singapore

Credit: @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Hands up if you’ve seriously considered chopping off your locks after seeing K-pop stars like Blackpink’s Lisa with trendy short haircuts!

From sleek pixie cuts to tapered short bobs and sophisticated curly bobs, some Korean celebrities have shown just how versatile they are with their hairstyles.

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Korean Perm

korean hair salons singapore

Credit: The Space Hair Salon

This is probably one of the most popular Korean hairstyles to pledge your mane to and is just as well-loved by men too. Who doesn’t want to look as good as the leading stars of K-dramas?

Korean perms create soft layers in your hair and natural waves that cascade down your back. When your waves are taken great care of, they can last up to six or 10 months.

To recreate signature Korean perm looks, Korean salons use digital perm techniques to either lend you an S-curl perm style or a C-curl style.

For something a little different, you can consider embracing a jelly perm or hippie perm, which are essentially more voluminous and dramatic.

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Cinderella Treatment

korean hair salons singapore

Credit: Bada Hair Korean Hair Salon

Not just any typical keratin treatment, the Cinderella treatment is the top hair treatment in Korea and the perfect anti-frizz solution for those with dull, frizzy, damaged, and unmanageable hair.

This luxurious hair treatment uses a mixture of onion, aloe vera, and natural ingredients to repair your hair strands and lock the moisture in.

Unlike regular rebonding hair treatments, the Cinderella treatment doesn’t use any harsh chemical ingredients and can be done even on bleached or coloured hair.

Better yet, other than giving you soft and silky-smooth hair, it’s also known to make your tresses shiny too.

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Best Korean Hair Salons in Singapore That Are Worth a Visit

Once you’ve made your decision on which dazzling Korean hairstyle to rock, there’s nowhere better than Korean hair salons to go to. Hence, why we’ve done the legwork and excited to share some of the best Korean hair salons you can visit in Singapore!