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It’s impossible to escape the allure of NewJeans’ makeup. Each member’s distinct look complements their features flawlessly, but there’s one common element that stands out – the ethereal watercolour-like blush effect.


Photo credit: @newjeans_official/Instagram

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Photo credit: @newjeans_official/Instagram

Recently, NewJeans’ makeup artist, Lee Nakyeum (@nakyeum), has shared her coveted makeup tips for achieving these breathtaking looks on the girls.

In Hyojin Cho’s YouTube video, Nakyeum recreates NewJeans’ iconic makeup look, and we’re here to guide you through the steps to achieve this captivating blush look for yourself!

What’s the technique behind this ethereal watercolour blush effect?

The key to her technique is surprisingly simple – it involves the strategic use of three different blush products:

  • A matte blush
  • A shimmery or luminous blush
  • A pale, milky-white blush

Step 1: Create a focal point for the blush on your cheeks


Take a small, dense blush brush and gently mix the matte shade with the shimmery blush. Load the brush evenly with pigment.


Next, apply it to your cheeks, targeting the area where you want the focal point of your blush to be. Adding the shimmery blush brings a flattering radiance to your cheeks.

Step 2: Diffuse the edges for the watercolour blush effect


Nakyeum’s secret technique lies in this step, which makes the blush appear incredibly seamless and watercolour-like!

Use a fluffy brush and gently dip it into the paler, milky blush.


Holding the brush at a 90-degree angle, lightly brush the pigment around the focal point of the blush to create an effect that mimics a soft filter.

This will blur any harsh lines, giving your blush a soft and feminine appearance.

Step 3: Perfect any blemishes for a seamless blush look


While the blush looks stunning, Nakyeum has a pro tip for camouflaging any light pimple scars.


To conceal these blemishes, use a thin concealer brush lightly loaded with your preferred concealer. Then, mix it with the same pale, milky-white blush.

Gently dab the mixture over the blemishes to achieve that seamless, flawless blush effect.


What’s remarkable about Nakyeum’s technique is that even though she uses three different blush products, the final look is not overly intense; instead, it radiates a natural, luminous glow.


Where to find the blush products used by Lee Nakyeum?

Blush products used on her model:

So, give her technique a whirl and witness the transformation for yourself!

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