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Losing weight is a painful, arduous and lonely process, especially if you’ve not seen success before. Weight loss doesn’t come easy, and we all need just a little bit of motivation to face this challenge.

I know this by losing a tremendous amount of weight myself. The stories I’ve gathered here are true tales from everyday people like you and me, who faced the impossible task of losing large amounts of weight, and succeeded against those odds. I hope they give you courage and strength, and lift your spirits. Here we go!

1. Wengie

Popular Australian Beauty Blogger and YouTuber Wengie has had a fat phase, but you wouldn’t know from her photos today. Her small frame meant that any weight gain would be very obvious, so she went on a safe and careful diet of portion control, additional vegetables and completely cutting out junk food. Her reward was dropping 7kgs for a healthier body.

2. Jade Isabelle Liang

Two years, and a lot of hard work, helped Jade to lose almost 20kg. She attributes her staggering results to meal planning and eating well, even leaning on an iPhone calorie counter to make sure she ate the right amount of calories. She also started running, which definitely helped. Check out her post-weight loss glow and read her weight loss story here!

3. Aquilah

I stumbled upon Aquilah’s website about a year ago and was struck by how she went from fat girl to fitness instructor. It’s pretty inspiring to see someone go from losing weight, to helping others lose weight. Aquilah struggled with dieting, before realising that there was no easy way to health and wellness. She lost 20kgs in 8 months, and started her website to help others lose weight as well!

4. Jessica Loh

Most people know her as a blogger and cafe owner of Shiberty Bakes. Jessica went from 80kg to just below 60kg and it definitely changed her life. I was really inspired by how she focused on eating better instead of just eating less, and kept her disciplined lifestyle up to shed the pounds. She’s definitely happier! Read her story here.

5. Kylie Yuen

When Kylie weighed herself and realised she has hit 99.7kg on the scale, she know she has to do something about her weight. With sheer determination, she cut “bad food” out of her life and started exercising. While she started seeing quick results, the drastic weight loss caused her to lose a lot of hair. Worried about the hair loss condition, she adjusted her weight loss plan and eventually saw an improvement in her thinning hair problem. 45kg lighter and not plagued by hair loss anymore, Kylie regains her confidence and started using makeup, ditched her spectacles for contact lenses and finally “feels beautiful”. Read her inspiring story here.