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From the popular IU diet to the Suzy diet, K-pop idols have shared plenty of diet and fitness plans that many of us have attempted. Now, there’s a diet plan that’s one of Korea’s latest and hottest: the four-week diet and fitness plan.

As its name suggests, the plan consists of four different stages every week and is actually really straightforward. It starts out simple before building up its intensity along the way. To lose weight successfully, your diet and fitness regimen should work synergistically in order for you to see visible results.

Before we delve into the plan, we’d also like to remind everyone that knowing your limits is crucial. If you feel that this diet plan isn’t working out for you, don’t push yourself to stick to it. After all, you know your body best!

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Week 1 (Stage 1)


4 week korean diet fitness plan 1

Credit: @_mydailyrecords__ on Instagram

To begin, consume your three meals of the day consistently. However, do remember to time your meals evenly throughout the day and do not eat more food after 6pm. If you’re one to have a late dinner, this is the best time to break that bad habit.


The good news is, you won’t have to exercise in the first week, so all you have to do is focus on eating healthy at the right timings. If you aren’t able to follow these steps in the first week, take a break and restart again the following week.

Week 2 (Stage 2)


During the second week, continue eating clean and healthy for both breakfast and lunch. Here’s where we’ll be kicking things up a notch – start skipping dinner from this point, so lunch should be your last meal of the day. Keep reading till the end to find out what foods you should be eating!


Likewise, no exercise is required in week two. If you managed to pull through to the second week, good job!

At this stage, you should start seeing a difference in terms of your weight. Through your slow progress of dieting, your body will start to shed fat internally, even though you probably can’t physically see a difference.

You may occasionally get hungry at night as your body adjusts to two meals a day, but by the third day of the second week, this feeling should gradually get better and your bowel movements should be regulated too.

Week 3 (Stage 3)


You have now reached one of the most critical stages of this diet. For week three, you can start implementing dinner back into your routine again, but make sure to eat in small portions, and don’t overwhelm yourself by wolfing down a feast.

At this stage, it is important for you to start drinking more water to boost your metabolism, up your hydration levels, and encourage fat burning.


After controlling your diet for the first two weeks, it is now time to incorporate some exercise into your routine. Start off with simple exercises such as a slow jog or jump rope exercises.

Exercise won’t just help to burn off fat, but it’ll also tighten your skin for a firmer, more contoured physique. Here’s an important tip: always remember to stretch before and after your exercise sessions to prevent any injuries.

Hang in there, you’re near the end and you’ll reach your goal really soon!

Week 4 (The final stage)

Give yourself a pat on the back for reaching the fourth week! At this stage, you should have seen a loss in overall fat, and a flatter, more toned tummy.


In terms of diet, there isn’t much change. Similar to week three, you can continue eating your three meals a day if you wish. But as always, remember to keep your diet clean and healthy, so cut out the junk food (i.e. potato chips, bubble tea, and other guilty pleasures).


4 week korean diet fitness plan 2

Credit: @yerimiese

As this intense four-week diet and fitness plan draws to a close, you should try sticking to this routine even after it has ended. Continue maintaining a healthy diet and incorporate daily exercise into your routine, whether it’s a light or intense workout.

Your body would have gotten used to this regimen, so missing a day or two won’t be a big issue. But remember, consistency is key and you should jump back into the routine as soon as you can before you lose your momentum!

Depending on how your body responds to this diet and fitness plan, you can lose up to 9kg by the end of four weeks. This diet is all about taking small steps and building your stamina bit by bit.

What foods should you consume?

While this diet does not specify the exact daily meal plans, sticking to a clean and healthy diet will help boost the effectiveness of the diet and workout plan.

Hence, you should consume fewer carbohydrates and more protein. Include more eggs, chicken breast, fish, and tofu into your diet to increase your protein intake. You should also eat more fresh fruits and vegetables for natural sugars, antioxidants, and fibre.