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Whether you’re glamming up for a festival or heading out to the beach, “baby braids” are here to add a cool, playful, and feminine energy to your hairstyle!

Along with the resurgence of the early aughts, these face-framing tendrils are trending again and seemingly here to stay. This retro-inspired hair trend is extremely popular for concerts or festivals, but can also be worn any way you like for any occasion.

The appeal of “baby braids” lies in how it works across all hair types and textures and is universally flattering. Better yet, you can indulge in your creativity and play around to reinvent different “baby braids” hairstyles.

Just a glance at the “baby braids” that celebrities are wearing and you’ll be inspired to try them yourselves. One K-pop star who’s almost always seen with braids in her hair is none other than Miss Jennie herself!


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It’s worth incorporating into your hair styling rotation to add a little flair and dimension to an otherwise “boring” look with straight or wavy tresses. Plus, when the weather gets too hot to handle, these little twists and plaits are a great alternative to head accessories.

Read on for 11 “baby braids” hairstyles to wow and impress wherever you go.

Ways to wear “baby braids” and master the trend

“Baby braids” feelers

baby braids trend

Credits: @stxph.h/Instagram, @daniellenewjeans/Instagram

Whether you’ve got short, long, straight, or curly hair, you can still flaunt stunning “baby braids”. The classic way to do them is to braid your feelers so you end up with two face-framing braids.

Depending on your face shape, you can play around with how thick you want the braids to be! Otherwise, 2cm of hair from your hairline is a good gauge.

“Baby braids” with waves

baby braids

Credit: @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Who said those with bangs can’t rock a “baby braid” look? Just look at how Blackpink’s Lisa does it.

All you need to do is to gather a small piece of hair right before your bangs or at the front middle areas and braid three-quarters of its length.

For some added dimension, sort of like a mermaid hem dress, curl the ends of your tresses slightly. Make sure not to curl them too much and give them a gentle tousle to give off a surfer beach babe vibe.

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Scattered “baby braids” with ribbons

baby braids trend jennie choi yena

Credits: @jennierubyjane/Instagram, BEAUTY+ Magazine

This “baby braids” look is possibly the most popular one of them all. Blackpink’s Jennie had “baby braids” adorned with red ribbons for the Pink Venom MV. We wouldn’t be surprised if the trend started from the K-pop girl group sensation.

K-pop singer Choi Yena, a former member of the temporary girl group Iz*One, was also seen sporting the look in a magazine photoshoot with twin braids haloing the sides of her face.

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Loose “baby braids”

baby braids trend

Credits: @jennierubyjane/Instagram, @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

Just like how we live our lives, braids don’t need to be so (up)tight or restricted. Let loose with your plaits to exude a more carefree, go-with-the-flow vibe.

Section two or more portions of your tresses, braid them loosely, and leave the rest of your hair down. Plus, even if you mess it up after braiding your hair quickly, it’ll look like it was intentional.

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Solo “Baby braids”

baby braids jennie

Credit: @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Sure, the conventional way of wearing “baby braids” is to have two matching mini tendrils, but what if you keep it solo?

At the launch of Jennie for Calvin, a capsule collection of wardrobe essentials done in collaboration between the K-pop star and luxury brand, Jennie dazzled everyone with her simple yet elegant look.

She had a slightly thicker “baby braid” on one side of her mane, accessorised with little lilac purple ribbons.

Spiky bun with “baby braids”

baby braids messy bun

Credit: @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Lisa doesn’t braid her hair much, but it’s always topped off with a textured bun when she does.

You can keep the “baby braids” simple and symmetrical on both sides of your tresses like how Lisa did for 2023’s Coachella. Or you can make it more playful and interesting by braiding different portions of your hair as seen on Lisa in one of her looks for the Born Pink Tour.

Don’t be afraid to have a messy bun atop, because the dynamic look is what makes it fun and captivating!

Tiny “Baby braids” with a sleek high ponytail

baby braids trend

Credits: @stxph.h/Instagram

And as content creator Steph Hui has vicariously shown us, “baby braids” are perfect for festivals and major events like Grands Prix.

Pair your tiny “baby braids” with a sleek updo, be it a back bun or a high ponytail, and you’re good to party for hours on end!

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Bedazzled “baby braids”

baby braids

Credit: @yena.jigumina/Instagram

Speaking of festivals, here’s another widely popular “baby braids” option to consider.

Do your braids however you like, micro, thicker, or in pairs, and finish off by adding some sparkle with a bedazzler! To make it even more eye-catching, don a cap, beret, or big hat.

“Baby braids” with double ponytails

baby braids hairstyle

Credit: @jennierubyjane/Instagram, @yena.jigumina/Instagram

For a more cutesy and adorable look, pair your “baby braids” with two high ponytails.

All eyes were on Jennie when she graced the stage of Coachella 2023 with a stunning hairdo with twin braids complete with silk ribbons.

This look was also worn by Choi Yena but with a fun twist of gems or beads interwoven into her “baby braids”.

“Baby braids” with pigtails

baby braids hairstyle

Credit: @jennierubyjane/Instagram

“Baby braids” are already a Y2K style essential, but here’s how you can amp it up with pigtails!

Tie your tiny “baby braids” a few inches from your hairline and pull the rest of your hair into two high ponytails. Braid the ponytails tightly or loosely, whichever you prefer.

You can always tame your baby hair or flyaways with hair oils or balms, but leaving them as is gives a certain “unbothered queen” je ne sais quoi.

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“Baby braids” with space buns

baby braids hairstyle

Credit: @yena.jigumina/Instagram, @jennierubyjane/Instagram

There’s nothing like combining two hairstyles into one.

Space buns were a popular hairstyle in the ’90s and made a comeback a few years ago when people were showing up at festivals with them. Models were also seen with space buns on runways!

Make your “baby braids” hairstyle edgy and with a devil-may-care rocker chic vibe like Choi Yena. Or add some lovely rose hairpins at the side of your space buns for a “cottagecore aesthetic”.

Feature image credit: @jennierubyjane/Instagram, @stxph.h/Instagram, @lalalalisa_m/Instagram