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Get ready to dive into a world of glamour and style as we unveil the top 10 celebrity beauty looks that stole the spotlight in September!

Our favourite celebrities, both from near and far, have graced us with their stunning makeup, dazzling nail designs, and fabulous hairstyles that are nothing short of show-stopping.

We’ve not only got the inside scoop on their jaw-dropping looks, but also the products they used to achieve them.

From red carpet elegance to everyday chic, check out their September looks below!

Vanessa Hudgens

Source: @nailsbyzola

Vanessa looks splendidly beautiful in her photoshoot for the new Arctic Gold Vitamin C mask by Know Beauty. What truly steals the spotlight is her impeccable manicure, expertly executed by the talented @nailsbyzola.

But what exactly are mirror-glazed nails?

Mirror glaze nails are a striking nail trend that boasts a high-gloss finish with a reflective quality reminiscent of silver metallic or chrome. These nails are designed to catch and reflect light in a way that creates a mirror-like shine, which is both captivating and elegant.

Vanessa’s manicurist, @nailsbyzola, deserves all the credit for nailing this design. The mirror glaze effect she achieved on Vanessa’s nails is nothing short of extraordinary.

Selena Gomez

Source: @selenagomez

Just a mere week ago, Selena Gomez graced our Instagram feeds with her latest beauty revelation, unveiling the limited edition Rare Beauty Kind Words Matte Lipstick in the shade “Devoted.” This “true red” hue, as Selena reassures us, is destined to adorn all skin tones.

But let’s not just stop at the lips; there’s more to Selena’s beauty secrets than meets the eye.

Selena rocked short, slightly squared natural nails with a soft pinky-beige base colour. What made them pop was the subtle yet elegant white tip that covered about three-quarters of an inch, giving her nails a classic touch.

The glossy finish added a final touch of sophistication. To recreate this effortlessly chic nail design, you’ll need a couple of nail polish recommendations.

Use the Sephora’s Collection Color Hit Nail in “L138 Cookie Break,” as the base colour. As for the white tip, use any white nail lacquers you have to pull off the tip look!

With these products in your arsenal, you’ll be well on your way to nailing Selena’s stylish look.


Lisa is the epitome of cool. She recently graced her Instagram feed with a snapshot of her in the electric city of Las Vegas, where the party never stops.

Despite the Vegas allure, Lisa opted for a chic and understated nail choice—a delightful baby blue shade that exuded a sense of calm amidst the excitement.

Her Instagram post revealed that she and the crew were hitting the Vegas stage for the very first time, and we couldn’t help but admire her choice of baby blue nails, perfectly complementing her stunning white-and-silver outfit.

Now, if you’re eager to recreate Lisa’s effortlessly stylish nail look, we’ve got just the nail lacquer recommendation for you. To capture that same enchanting shade, reach for Butter London’s Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer in the shade “Waterloo Blue.”

This shade will help you achieve the same level of sophistication and flair that Lisa effortlessly pulls off.

Ash Edward

Malaysian influencer Ash Edward charmed us with her rendition of a “strawberry makeup” look that’s not only stunning but also brown-girl friendly. We can’t help but adore it!

What makes this even more exciting is that Ash generously shared the entire list of beauty products she used to create this captivating look, from skincare to beauty essentials.

Here’s a breakdown of the products she trusted for this fantastic transformation:


Source: @sooyaaa__

Jisoo, another member of BLACKPINK also known as the the radiant ambassador of Dior, has consistently graced numerous Dior events with her impeccable style. This time, she stole the spotlight at the Lady Dior Celebration in the bustling heart of Seoul.

Jisoo’s choice of hairstyle for the occasion was a testament to her minimalist yet elegant taste. She opted for a half-updo, complemented by gracefully side-swept bangs that delicately framed her face, enhancing her natural beauty and adding a touch of chic sophistication to her overall look.

Rebecca Lim

Source: @limrebecca

Rebecca Lim has captured our hearts with her alluring charm, impeccable style, and ever-evolving beauty. Her recent pregnancy has only added to her radiant glow.

However, what truly has us captivated is her stunning new hairstyle. Rebecca has opted for a shoulder-length hairdo, painted in a captivating shade of copper brown that harmoniously complements her features. This choice exudes an air of confidence and elegance, making her look even more captivating.

P.S. Our anticipation is soaring as we eagerly await Rebecca’s pregnancy looks and styles. With her innate sense of fashion and beauty, we’re certain that her maternity fashion journey will be nothing short of spectacular.

Chantelle Ng

Source: @chantalleng

Singaporean influencer Chantelle Ng has effortlessly commanded attention at the grand opening of Prada Beauty’s inaugural store in Singapore. Her fashion choices were nothing short of striking, as she adorned herself in an elegant yet refreshingly simple lime green dress.

Her hairstyle was equally chic, featuring a sleek middle part with her hair gracefully tucked behind her ears. It was a look that had us all saying, “We love it!”

But Chantelle’s mastery didn’t stop at her attire. Her makeup was an artful creation, balancing minimalism with a touch of charm. A subtle pinkish lipstick paired with nude-toned eyeshadows framed her features to perfection.

Chantelle’s ensemble and beauty choices resonate with the exact vibe we yearn to capture for this look, blending style and sophistication effortlessly.

On behalf of Prada Beauty fans, can we have the skincare and cosmetic line next, pretty please?!

Megan Fox

The sizzling sensation known for her iconic role in Transformers and Jennifer’s Body, Megan Fox never fails to grace us with her endless well of nail inspiration.

In a recent post, her regular manicurist, Brittney Boyce, created a masterpiece that has become an instant favourite of ours!

Brittney Boyce proudly showcased Megan’s latest nail art on her Instagram, a set of stiletto nails, meticulously crafted with a unique web-like pattern. Megan Fox’s nail art has once again left us in awe, proving that she’s not just a Hollywood icon but a style maven in every sense.

Mongchin Yeoh

Source: @mongabong

In search of a fresh hairstyle but can’t quite decide on the perfect look, why not draw inspiration from the fabulous Mongchin Yeoh?

Mongchin’s V-shaped haircut, featuring expertly crafted layers at the bottom, is a sure-fire way to infuse volume and life into your hair.

Regardless of how you choose to style it, whether you opt for a playful pigtail, an elegant half-updo, or simply let your locks flow freely, this versatile haircut promises to look absolutely stunning on anyone fortunate enough to try it.

Arie Asoge


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The influential sensation hailing from both Malaysia and Singapore, Arie Asoge recently treated us to a delightful Get Ready With Me (GRWM) session, and it’s safe to say we’re absolutely smitten with the result!

For her eye makeup, Arie chose to wield the Anastasia Beverly Hills Fall Romance Eyeshadow Palette. This palette boasts an enchanting array of 12 seductive jewel-toned metallics and rich, neutral eyeshadows. Arie skillfully brought out the palette’s full potential, creating a sultry, smoky look that left us in awe.

As if her makeup artistry wasn’t enough, her hairstyle was also on point! She elegantly tied her hair into a bun, accentuated by a middle parting with bangs gracefully framing her face.