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From food and fashion to K-dramas and K-pop celebrities, we’re obsessed with basically everything that comes straight out of Korea, especially if it’s a trend or related to the beauty world.

Well, we’ve found one extra K-beauty-inspired trend to follow and fawn over that sounds as delicious as it looks.

“Syrup nails” are back and it’s the latest manicure look popping all over TikTok, having already gathered 773 million views on the platform.

Read on for the sweetest “syrup nails” looks to get for your next manicure appointment and to learn how this tantalising nail design is created!

What are “syrup nails”?


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♬ original sound – thayanailsandspa – thayanailsandspa

The viral “syrup nails” aesthetic actually hails from Japan back in 2015 and has made its way to Seoul, Korea and the rest of us around the world.

For those of you who are more drawn to natural-looking or “less dramatic” manicures that are perfect for everyday wear, this could be your new go-to nail design!

It all lies in mimicking the look of poured syrup onto your nails which is very similar to the also well-loved “jelly nails”. Think ombre or gradient effects created with sheer, jelly-like nail polish applied in layers.

And you’ll be delighted to know that the “syrup nails” trend centres around the glossy, high-shine finish more than the shade, which leaves plenty of room for customisation.

Some popular colours featured are white, pink, coral, and purple to replicate a milky syrup look.

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8 “syrup nails” styles to try

Grape “syrup nails”

syrup nails

Credit: @lemanoir/Instagram

When it comes to sheer, jelly-like nails, purple is always a hot pick. Whether you’re into pastel lavender tones or deeper grape hues, this will add a fruity element to your talons.

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Strawberry “syrup nails”


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As far as food-related nails go, strawberry’s an adorable choice that can also make you feel like a gorgeous Barbie.

Plus, it’s a really simple yet classy way to elevate your manicure look with some flair.

Coffee “syrup nails”

syrup nails

Credit: @neetydoesnails/Instagram

Can’t live without coffee? Why not drape your nails with your favourite shade of brown to pledge your love for your daily cuppas and energy drivers?

Just like your caffeine drinks, one look at these “syrup nails” will have you wide awake and ready to conquer any task, for any occasion!

And if you really go big on the ombre effect, it can even look like a sort of faint tortoiseshell design that’s sure to elevate your overall vibe.

Caramel “syrup nails”

syrup nails

Credit: @weeklygel_usa/Instagram

For all of you with a sweet tooth, caramel is the flavour for your nails and it looks like actual syrup too!

Although be warned, you might have to do a double take to not mistake your own manicure as bites of caramel candy (not the best choice for nail biters maybe?).

Nude “syrup nails”

syrup nails

Credit: @dawonnail/Instagram

If having a bright, colourful manicure isn’t your jam, you can still get “syrup nails” in neutral tones!

After all, you can never go wrong with a set of clean and lovely nude nails.

Cat eye “syrup nails”


📍วังมุขบางแสน #cateyenails #syrupnails #thailand #fypシ

♬ kiss it better x i was never there – sped up + reverb – pearl & fast forward >> & Tazzy

Need a little bling to jazz it up? Take it up a notch with this inexplicably eye-catching fusion of syrup cat eye manicure that’ll leave you feeling like a princess.

Plus, it’s reflective and your nails will look like they were dipped into a pool of glittery lip gloss.

Cloudy “syrup nails”


For a little artsy edge, have some nail art done along with your “syrup nails” to achieve a more attention-grabbing result.

We love this design done by @merylnostreep that makes us feel like we’re staring into a stunning pink sky during sunrise.

Mismatched “syrup nails”

syrup nails

Credit: @nail_unistella

The mismatched manicure trend is all the rage now, especially after being spotted on celebrities like NewJeans and Taylor Swift.

Sure, those mismatched nails are louder or have 3D elements, but there’s no reason why we can’t combine two trends together to form the perfect set of nails construed as a “loud whisper”.

Better yet, you can really go wild with all the colour combinations or take it a step further and have various syrupy colours on different nails!

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How to DIY “syrup nails”


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♬ original sound – anna ❤︎

Just like how you’d recreate “jelly nails” at home, “syrup nails” are just as easy to ace at home with a gel or regular nail polish!

All you need to do is mix any colours with the base coat (half the amount of the coloured nail polish) to get that translucent syrup hue. Alternatively, many nail enthusiasts and technicians are also turning to Korean syrup nail gels to easily achieve that dreamy design.

Syrup nail polishes from popular Korean gel brands Cats Me, Candy Gel, and Blanc de Blue are available at Singapore’s official distributor Candygel Singapore on Instagram. Sweetie Nail Supply also carries syrup gels, with 120 selections from 18 brands, on their website.

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Syrup Nails tutorial💕#xyzbca #fyp #trend #nails

♬ Like That (feat. Gucci Mane) – Doja Cat

First, pick soft and sheer colours for the base of your nail like pastels, nudes, and neutral shades. Once the base is dry, paint the tip of your nails in the frame of a classic French tip.

Bonus tip: While you’re on the first layer, make sure that the lines aren’t even as they will show through the next layer rather than turning out smooth. You can use a small nail brush to “blur” the lines for a more obvious ombre nail look.

Next, after the first coat is dry, go in with another layer with a heavy coat of polish near the tip or top half of your nails. Here, based on your own preferences, you can choose to stop layering or continue on for a gradual gradient.


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♬ Barbie World (with Aqua) [From Barbie The Album] [Extended] – Nicki Minaj & Ice Spice & Aqua

If you’re adding on more layers, repeat the second step and pull the polish closer to your cuticles after each coating till you see a smooth gradient finish that’s sheer at the base and opaque at the tip.

Lastly, the most important step that lends this trendy mani its shiny allure, add a swipe of glossy top coat for that “syrupy” result.

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Feature image credit: @thayanailsandspa/TikTok, @lemanoir/Instagram, @limilen6/TikTok