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Is this a common dilemma for you: you’re in love with the fragrance bottle but you wish you could modify the scent a little; or perhaps you enjoy the scent but hope to change some details of the bottle? If your answer is yes, consider this the best news you’ll hear today: Burberry has finally launched its line of Bespoke fragrances in Singapore and there are nine (!) exclusive scents for you to browse and pick from!

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The Burberry Bespoke collection was born out of a desire to create a fragrance that you can personalise, from the bottle’s accents right down to the perfume concentrations. The scents are inspired by artistry, the elements, and the great British outdoors, which explains why their names are all nature- and plant-themed. Carefully created by renowned perfumer Francis Kurkdjian under the creative direction of Christopher Bailey, these fragrances aim to evoke specific feelings every time you put them on, taking you on an olfactory journey across British landscapes.

The bespoke process

As part of an exclusive and personal fragrance discovery session, Burberry Bespoke fragrances can only be found at the Burberry counter located at Takashimaya Level One. You’ll be able to choose the leather ribbon (from 16 vibrant shades) that goes around the neck of the sturdy glass bottle so let your inner designer go wild on whether to match the bottle or to go for a contrasting colour!

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You can also customise how strong you’d like the perfume to be with the different concentrations available for each scent. Just bear in mind that different concentrations of the same scent can highlight different olfactory notes – take your time to explore all the options before you decide!

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Finally, complete your bottle of Burberry Bespoke fragrance with a three-letter monogram emblazoned in gold on a luxurious white label, which seals it firmly as your own.

The fragrance collection

1. Garden Roses


If you’re looking for a totally natural interpretation of a rosy scent, this is it. Garden Roses was inspired by the scent of a classic Bloomsbury garden on a fresh spring morning and brought to life using a mix of fragrant Bulgarian rose, Italian lemon oil, and vetiver.

Garden Roses retails at SGD525 for 150ml at 20% concentration.

2. High Tide


High Tide puts us in the mood to sit on a cliff’s edge, overlooking stormy waters. This fragrance contains crisp marine notes and oakmoss absolute, which settles down to a soft, consistent jasmine.

High Tide retails at SGD425 for 150ml at 2% concentration and SGD525 for 150ml at 10% concentration.

3. Hawthorn Bloom


Hawthorne Bloom is a bright and comforting scent that encapsulates the feeling of standing in a fresh countryside field in the spring. Orris and violet are paired with musk and patchouli to create a symphony that settles down to jasmine. This fragrance was introduced as one of the global bestsellers and we can definitely see why!

Hawthorn Bloom retails at SGD425 for 150ml at 4% concentration and SGD525 for 150ml at 12% concentration.

4. Tudor Rose


For those looking for a classic, signature scent, Tudor Rose is for you! Inspired by British royal history, this bold scent is the manifestation of the union of the Bulgarian Damask rose and Mary rose. Tudor Rose is completed by notes of patchouli and ambergris.

Tudor Rose retails at SGD425 for 150ml at 3% concentration and SGD650 for 150ml at 28% concentration.

5. Wild Thistle


Wild Thistle is uplifting and vibrant, thanks to the careful mixture of lush evergreen leaves, galbanum oil, rosy and geranium leaf. This winning combination gives rise to Wild Thistle’s signature clean feel.

Wild Thistle retails at SGD425 for 150ml at 2% concentration and SGD525 for 150ml at 10% concentration.

6. Antique Oak


Antique Oak definitely lives up to its namesake. The strong woody notes from papyrus are enhanced by the earthy, refined saffron, which creates the scent that puts you right in the middle of an old British boatyard.

Antique Oak retails at SGD425 for 150ml at 5% concentration, SGD525 for 150ml at 10% concentration, and SGD650 for 150ml at 35% concentration.

7. Amber Heath


A fragrance made for bold palates, Amber Heath contains upper notes of golden vanilla and patchouli that give way to a strong undertone of ambergris. Putting on Amber Heath will transport you to a peaceful state of mind that you’ll be in when you’re watching the sunset. A noteworthy feature of Amber Heath is that it easily has the highest concentration of perfume in the market right now (49.5%!)

Amber Heath retails at SGD525 for 150ml at 10% concentration, SGD650 for 150ml for 30% concentration, and SGD925 for 150ml at 49.5% concentration.

8. Ivy Musk


Ivy Musk is a fragrance inspired by nature – more specifically, the scents of lush forests entangled in ivy and roaring mineral streams. This fragrance is one to look out for for its sensual musk and combination of woody and floral notes.

Ivy Musk retails at SGD650 for 150ml at 35% concentration.

9. Clary Sage

Burberry Bespoke Clary Sage

Clary Sage was created out of a vision of the vast, calming fields of clary sage in Sussex. The result is a delightful mixture of soft, woody amber sage and fresh herbal notes, giving Clary Sage its unique scent. This elegant fragrance is a new addition to the Burberry Bespoke family of scents and is only available in Singapore.

Clary Sage retails at SGD525 for 150ml at 10% concentration and SGD650 for 150ml at 30% concentration.

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