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If your battle with body image comes in the form of disliking your back bulges, chunky thighs, or muffin tops and Liposuction seems like too invasive – and expensive – of a procedure, CoolSculpting might just be the treatment for you.

CoolSculpting, otherwise known as cryolipolysis or fat freeze treatments, has been steadily gaining traction over the last few years due to its ability to target stubborn fat safely and effectively without any surgical incision.

Instead of “sucking” out the body’s fat through a cannula, this cutting-edge technology freezes and destroys stubborn fat cells so that the body naturally eliminates them through its lymphatic system over the next few months.

It’s non-surgical, effective, and requires no downtime. If you’re considering Coolsculpting, read on because we share everything you need to know about it, including some of the best fat-freezing treatments in Singapore and their prices!

What Is CoolSculpting or Fat Freeze?


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CoolSculpting and fat freeze are used interchangeably to describe the non-surgical treatment for freezing fat cells so that they are eliminated naturally by the body.

Fat freezing is the more general term, whereas CoolSculpting refers to the treatments that use, in particular, technology that’s developed by Zeltiq. FDA-approved Zeltiq equipment has been proven to consistently deliver a 20 to 25% reduction in fat cells (of the targetted area) after a single session.

Benefits of CoolSculpting or Fat-Freezing

Coolsculpting Treatment Process

Removes Stubborn Pockets of Fat

CoolSculpting in Singapore helps individuals target stubborn pockets of fats that dieting or exercising doesn’t shed.

Our childhood and teenage years already define for us the number of fat cells we have in our bodies – the number of fat cells we have doesn’t change much as we enter adulthood.

It is, thus, common to have stubborn pockets of fat that are seemingly impossible to reduce even with a strict, healthy diet and regular exercise. Depending on our genetic makeup, stubborn fats can show up on our tummy, arms, thighs, or underarms.

Permanently Destroys Fat Cells

By freezing the fat cells at targetted areas, CoolSculpting permanently eliminates these fat cells and prevents pockets of fats from forming again, which means that the results are long-lasting.

Note that, as remaining fat cells can still swell up with weight gain, the best way to maintain your fat freeze results is through a healthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle!

Little Downtime

Compared to surgical treatments like Liposuction, non-invasive fat freeze treatments in Singapore require little to no downtime. With CoolSculpting, individuals can quickly or immediately go back to their regular activities.

On the contrary, patients who undergo Liposuction typically require three to five days of downtime, swelling and bruising often persist for weeks, and follow-up appointments are required so that the doctor can remove their stitches and check on the incisions.

Who Is Suitable for CoolSculpting or Fat-Freezing in Singapore?

Coolsculpting Treatments Singapore

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Individuals Who Want to Remove Stubborn Fat

As CoolSculpting reduces about 20 to 25% of fat cells in each targetted area, it’s not a weight loss treatment.

Rather, fat-freezing is suitable for individuals who are at their ideal body weight or are close to their ideal body weight and are seeking to remove stubborn pockets of fats that exercise or dieting haven’t been able to shed.

For example, a person who has achieved their ideal body weight might still find stubborn pockets of fat in their upper arms. In this case, CoolSculpting is suitable to reduce fats in these specific areas.

Individuals should also have at least 2cm of fat skinfold to go for these treatments in Singapore.

Individuals Committed to a Healthy Lifestyle

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Although CoolSculpting does effectively eliminate up to 25% of fat cells at targetted areas, the remaining cells can still expand with weight gain. Thus, to maintain optimal results, individuals must persist with a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

Do note that there are certain conditions that will make you an unsuitable candidate, such as recent surgery, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or hernia. It is best that you check with a doctor to find out if you are suitable for the treatment.

What Areas of the Body Can CoolSculpting Be Done On?



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CoolSculpting in Singapore can be performed on various areas of the body including the chin, under the jawline, thighs, abdomen, flank, “bra fat” areas, back fat areas, underneath the buttocks (which is commonly known as the banana rolls), as well as the upper arms.

Not every clinic or beauty salon offers fat freeze treatments for every area of the body. Different areas of the body require different applicators – for example, the pockets of fat under the chin might require a smaller applicator compared to the thighs.

It also requires the doctor’s or esthetician’s expertise with the various applicators and fat-freezing on particular areas of the body.

How to Maintain Fat-Freezing Results

Coolsculpting Treatment Results

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Unlike Liposuction, fat freeze treatments only give results one to three weeks after the first treatment. This is because the body takes time to eliminate the destroyed fat cells. The results should also continue to improve over the next three months.

Your doctor or esthetician might recommend more than one session to achieve optimal results, especially on areas of the body with more fats such as the thighs or the abdomen.

On average, individuals require about two to three sessions of CoolSculpting in Singapore to see their desired results. Smaller areas of fats, such as at the double chin, will likely require only one session.

Where to Do CoolSculpting in Singapore

When Coolsculpting technology was first introduced, fat freeze treatments were only available at a few aesthetic clinics in Singapore. However, the treatment quickly gained traction and has become widely available at most aesthetic clinics on our sunny shores.

Since it can be administered by even non-medical professionals who have been trained to use the equipment skilfully and safely, the treatment can even be done at beauty salons too.

Hence, it’s important to do your research to find out what clinics or salons can help you achieve the best results.

CoolSculpting and Fat-Freezing in Singapore: Prices

We’ve rounded up some reputable aesthetic clinics and beauty salons that you can consider visiting for CoolSculpting and fat-freezing in Singapore. We’ve also listed CoolSculpting prices at each clinic or salon so that you can do a quick comparison and find an affordable treatment that’s within your budget.

With the deals available on Salon Finder, you’ll get to enjoy significant savings on your fat-freezing and CoolSculpting treatments.

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