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Body sculpting, also known as body contouring, is to change the shape of an area on your body.

Now, there’s no “perfect body”, but there is an ideal body many would want to have. It could be toned arms, a flatter tummy, or smaller thighs, but body sculpting is approached when dieting and exercising aren’t helping us reach our #bodygoals.

Whether you’ve been trying countless intense exercise and weight loss plans or finding it hard to allocate time to sweat those fats away, body sculpting could be a great option to attain the silhouette of your dreams.

Read on to understand the science behind these slimming and contouring treatments and the best body sculpting treatments in Singapore to consider!

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How Does Body Sculpting Work?

Body sculpting can be medical, surgical, or non-surgical to either shape a specific body part or eliminate stubborn, unwanted fat.

It’s essentially the process of destroying fat cells with acid injections, sonic vibrations, or extreme temperatures to flush them out of the body.

Some typical body areas that people target with body sculpting are the chin, neck, arms, back, belly, love handles, buttocks, and thighs.

Most body sculpting treatments are done through non-invasive procedures with little to no side effects. And these quick or “instant” results are so great that customers can even get their bodies contoured during lunchtime!

However, body sculpting doesn’t always guarantee weight loss. Instead, it addresses specific areas of the body where exercising has failed you. It could also be when you’ve had significant weight loss and need a solution to get rid of extra skin.

The most common forms of body sculpting and body contouring are cryolipolysis, muscle stimulation, laser fat reduction, ultrasound fat reduction, and deoxycholic acid injections.

Whichever treatment type you go for, it’s pertinent to do your research, understand the risks, and consult a professional to help you reach your decision of which is the best route for you to take!

Benefits of Body Sculpting


When it comes to the advantages of shaping your body with treatments, there’s more than meets the eye.

Other than having more defined and toned body parts, you’ll also be flaunting a younger and thinner appearance that could take years off your age.

There are also specialised body sculpting treatments that could give you smoother skin, a reduced appearance of cellulite, symptomatic improvement, better metabolism, improved muscle strength, and more. Some treatments can even help to prevent the accumulation of fats!


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If you’re deciding on investing in body sculpting, it’s important to note that the results may vary for each individual and that surgical treatments will lead to more immediate and noticeable results.

As for non-surgical options, some can provide instant results while others will take a few weeks or months to see a difference in your body.

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Best Deals on Body Sculpting Services in Singapore

Best Award-Winning Body Sculpting Services in Singapore

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