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As much as I love cushion foundations, mostly for the convenience and easy application, sometimes the results are a hit-or-miss, especially at the creases of my nose.

Relatable? The cushion puff is a tricky little tool that we need and love so we’ve found a makeup hack that you can try for a truly flawless finish.


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♬ 오리지널 사운드 – 시네 si-ne – 시네 si-ne 🐽

Originally introduced by TikToker 시네 si-ne (@xunue123) and tried and tested by TikToker Janessa Theo (@janessatheo), this tutorial includes a cushion foundation, cushion puff, and moving your nose around like you’re digging it.

Although this tip might make you raise your eyebrows at first, bear with us because we promise it works and isn’t as hilarious as it seems!

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Applying With a Cushion Foundation: Stamp and Pat

cushion foundation hack, nose crease test

Credit: @janessatheo/TikTok

First, get some product on your cushion puff and start at your cheeks. You’re going to want to stamp once before patting the foundation in, all around the cheeks area.

시네 si-ne tends to do this rather fiercely sometimes (that it looks like she’s literally slapping the product on), but you can definitely be more gentle with the cushion puff and your face.

Swipe Along the Jawline

cushion foundation hack, nose crease test

Credits: @xunue123/TikTok, @janessatheo/TikTok

When you’re done with your cheek, move on to the jawline. Make sure you don’t add or take more product from the cushion since the puff would already have more than enough product!

Start from your sideburns or the bottom of your ears and swipe inwards and downwards, following your jawline.

However, 시네 si-ne shared that if your skin’s condition at the jawline isn’t that good, use a tapping motion to apply the foundation instead.

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Patting the Product in

cushion foundation hack, nose crease test

Credit: @janessatheo/TikTok

After you’re done with both sides of your cheeks and jawline, use the same tapping motion on the chin area.

For the forehead, take a little bit more foundation (a quarter of the whole puff or less). Then, use the same technique with your cheeks: stamp and pat.

Applying on the Nose Crease: Sweep, Pat, Press, and Pat

cushion foundation hack, nose crease test

Credit: @janessatheo/TikTok

Now, on to the tough part! Place your cushion puff just below your nose bridge and sweep down towards the corner of your lips. Then, pat the surrounding area.

Next, press the cushion puff once on your nose crease and pat the surrounding area. Do this twice before you move on to the other side of your nose!

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The Nose Crease Test

cushion foundation hack, nose crease test

No creasing from using 시네 si-ne’s cushion foundation hack and application technique (left) versus simply patting the cushion puff normally (right). Credit: @xunue123/TikTok

How to tell if you’ve done it right? Here’s where 시네 si-ne’s comical trick comes in.

Stick a finger into your nostril, kind of like how one would dig their nose, and move your nostril around quickly.

It can be clockwise, anti-clockwise, or in any direction — the goal is to see whether the foundation would budge.

The verdict? 시네 si-ne’s unique application method for the nose area works! You might look not-so-glamorous for a few moments, but this test is worth trying.


@시네 si-ne 🐽 ⬅️ the original tutorial. 꿀팁👌🏻 I know lots of people struggle with cushion puff too #makeuphacks #makeuptutorial #cushion #cushionfoundation #beautytok

♬ original sound – Janessa Theo – Janessa Theo

Janessa Theo, who was impressed with this test, gave a thumbs up, said she “won’t even need concealer at this point” and that “the tutorial works beautifully”.

She also noted how you can achieve a natural shadow that sculpts the face since the foundation is mainly applied in the centre of the face!

Seeing as how 시네 si-ne consistently dishes out makeup looks with a flawless base on her TikTok videos, we’re definitely entrusting our noses and cushion foundation results to her ingenious tutorial.

Featured image credit: @janessatheo/TikTok