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There’s no rulebook when it comes to having lush, thick, and perfectly groomed brows. Like how the ladies do it, there are readily available eyebrow embroidery services for men to achieve the arches of their dreams too!

Although the method and process of eyebrow embroidery for men are parallel to that for women, the skills, design, and expertise required are slightly different.

You’ll want to look for salons or experts with experience in fashioning eyebrow looks for men with the right arch, shape, and finish without the results being too feminine.

Read on for a list of the best eyebrow embroidery salons for men right here in sunny Singapore.

Why Do Men Get Eyebrow Embroidery?

eyebrow embroidery men

Credit: @prestigeeyebrowlash/Instagram

Also known as microblading or feathering, eyebrow embroidery is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing technique. The process involves creating small, hair-like strokes on the eyebrow area with tiny needles to deposit pigments into the skin.

Despite its similarities with tattooing, the final result of your fuller brows won’t look like a tattoo and instead mimics the look of real brow hairs for a natural finish.

Today, it’s not surprising when you hear about men getting their eyebrows embroidered. Not only does it enhance your appearance, but a pair of well-groomed brows can also boost your confidence.

The art of eyebrow embroidery is its ability to frame your face and highlight your facial features, usually in a manner that gives you a more youthful appearance. At times, men choose to correct uneven, asymmetrical brows with eyebrow embroidery for a more balanced look.

These treatments can be rather pricey, but definitely worth the investment since embroidered brows can last up to two or three years. Plus, there’s very minimal maintenance required, which is a great choice for busy working males or those who want to look great 24/7 without trying too hard.

Can Men Get Eyebrow Embroidery?

eyebrow embroidery men

Credit: Brow Meister

There may be a few questions you have in mind about eyebrow embroidery and how it works, especially if this is new to you.

A common myth that most have about eyebrow embroidery is that it’s only for those with thin or sparse brows. In fact, even with relatively thicker brows, you can still perfect your brows and achieve the shape and length you desire.

It’s also suitable for those with reactive, sensitive skin or oily skin that’s prone to acne and breakouts. So you won’t have to worry about worsening the condition of the skin around your eyebrows if you get them embroidered!

For more tips and understanding, see our guide here on 11 things you ought to know before going for an eyebrow embroidery service.

9 Best Eyebrow Embroidery Salons for Men in Singapore

The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist

A top pick for many local influencers and celebrities, such as YouTuber Aiken Chia and Actor Zhang Yao Dong, your brows will be in good hands at The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist.

A quick scroll through their Instagram page will have you gushing over gorgeous lashes and brows that leave you wanting to book an appointment for eyebrow embroidery services.

eyebrow embroidery men

Credit: @prestigeeyebrowlash/Instagram

Try: Men PowerUp Brows.

All of this salon’s embroidery services use a Korean NanoTech Eyebrow Embroidery Microblading technique. Your brows will be filled up with short and thin strokes to reach the end result of a natural, defined, yet bold brow look.

Another popular brow embroidery option is the salon’s Feng Shui Eyebrows by celebrity Professor Irene Teo which helps you fill up any bald patches in your brows and prevent your fortune from “falling through”!

The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist eyebrow embroidery packages start from S$688 for two sessions, S$888 for three sessions, and S$1,288 for five sessions.

Check out their available promotions on their website or Instagram pages!

Location: 9 Scotts Road, Pacific Plaza, #03-08, Singapore 228210
Opening hours: 10am – 8pm (Mon to Sat) | Closed on Sun
Contact: 6822 3395, or WhatsApp 8686 1681 / 9185 5270
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Avone Beauty Secrets

eyebrow embroidery men

Credit: @avonesg/Instagram

Known for its multi-award-winning services and unique embroidery techniques that use special Korean-manufactured blades, Avone Beauty Secrets is a great go-to for brow embroidery in Singapore.

You’ll get realistic results from experts who have been in the business for over 18 years and are fully accredited members of the International Semi-Permanent Association in Korea and Spa and Wellness Association Singapore (SWAS).

All of their 10 outlets have received high ratings and glowing reviews on Google. Here’s what a customer, Goodies Ganesh, had to say about their experience at the salon:

“It was my first time doing eyebrow embroidery here. I must say I have no regrets and they have surpassed my expectations with their service way beyond words.

I was skeptical as to how painful it was going to be but however, they treated me with so much care and patience and also went the extra mile with the numbing cream to make sure I was at comfort. I love their service.

Connie, was the one who did my brows and she is amazing with her work. Being ten years in the industry, she did my brows exactly the way I wanted it. Thick and defined. The staff were always so so kind. If you’re looking to do eyebrow embroidery then this is the place to go to and look for Connie.”

eyebrow embroidery men

Credit: @avonesg/Instagram

Try: 9V Virtual Brows Analysis with Design & Grooming.

With a focus on 9V Korean Brows Embroidery Techniques, Avone’s experts will help you realise which brow shape and trend suits you and your facial shape best!

And unlike conventional forms of brow embroidery, this procedure is basically pain-free — a first of its kind.

Another popular service amongst Avone’s male customers is the Deluxe 3D Korean Brows Embroidery, which will give you defined, natural-looking brows.

Address: View the full list of outlets here
Contact: Fill in the form or view the full list of contact numbers here
Website | Facebook | Instagram


eyebrow embroidery men

Since its inception in 2012, HighBrow has been providing excellent services from mani-pedis, waxing, brow embroidery, and more.

Dubbed the leading expert in brow embroidery and lash extensions in Singapore, the salon’s stylists will provide professional advice to help you choose the best treatment for your desired look.

With a 4.6/5-star rating on Facebook (from 636 reviewers), most customers only had good things to say about the treatments, friendly staff, and results.


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Try: Eyebrow Enliven. As compared to other brow treatments out there, this unique in-house eyebrow embroidery technique offers long-lasting, natural, and finely detailed brows.

Selecting from 7D 1 and the new 7D 2 version that is denser and more accentuated, HighBrow uses finer and more natural strokes to fill up your brows. There won’t be any base colour left behind as time passes. Instead, it’ll fade off gradually and your brows will still look natural before you go for a touchup session.

You won’t have to fret about pain levels as 80% of customers’ feedback said they didn’t feel anything at all during the embroidery process. It feels like tweezing and the salon also has a mild anaesthetic cream to help minimise any discomfort for those with sensitive skin.

The salon also uses premium organic or vegetable dyes that are safe for your skin!

Prices start from S$988 for a professional therapist and S$1,388 for a creative director.

Address: View the list of three outlets here
Opening hours: 10am – 8pm
Contact: Book your appointment here or see the list of contact numbers here

Brow Meister

eyebrow embroidery men

Credit: @brow_meister/Instagram

This salon’s highly experienced founder, Min Kim, was trained in Korea and has a certification approved by the “Federation of K-beauty Professionals” to train microblading artists.

Specialising in Korean eyebrow embroidery, Brow Meister offers natural, fuller-looking brows that suit your face shape and is skilled in fixing botched brow jobs too.

The salon only uses brow ink that is safe, organically formulated, and approved by the FDA, with the best equipment strictly purchased from Korea. There’s also no downtime, so you’ll be able to flaunt your on-fleek brows immediately!

Here’s what Rena reviewed about Brow Meister and Min Kim’s skills:

“Only person I will trust with my eyebrows embroidery. She is super patient and professional and makes you feel 100% comfortable. Have no regrets and really love how my eyebrows have turned out. Highly recommended!”

eyebrow embroidery men

Credit: @brow_meister/Instagram

Try: Combination brows (6D embroidery + Misty).

Sometimes, eyebrow embroidery can look slightly unnatural even with thin strokes. Why not opt for Brow Meister’s brow service which gives you super natural-looking eyebrows through a customised combination of their popular treatments?

Combination brows is priced at S$570 while other brow services start at S$470.

Address: 362 Joo Chiat Road, #04-01, Singapore 427607
Opening hours: 11am – 8pm (Tue, Wed, and Fri) | 10am – 7pm (Sat) | 10am – 2pm (Sun) | Closed on Mon and Thu
Contact: Call or WhatsApp 8205 1954
Website | FacebookInstagram

JPro Beauty

eyebrow embroidery men

With an almost perfect 4.9-star rating on Facebook, this award-winning beauty salon has garnered its popularity through amazing word-of-mouth recommendations.

JPro Beauty’s artists have been trained at established institutions like Academy S and The Phi Academy.

The salon also uses high-quality, responsibly curated, and premium semi-permanent pigments from the US and Europe that are suitable for Asians. That means you won’t have patchy results or brows with red, blue, or green hues.

eyebrow embroidery men

Credit: @jprobeautysg/Instagram

Try: Men’s Signature Microblading. Just like the microblading service for women, this method can give you a realistic, hair-like texture that adds definition and dimension to your eyebrows.

The treatment is also customisable to fit your unique face and features. It can also improve the colour of your brows or conceal any unwanted scars.

Along with their eyebrow embroidery services, you’ll also enjoy a touch-up session within the first six months.

Head to their Instagram or Facebook pages to learn about their latest promotional offers!

Address: 104 Jurong East Street 13, #01-102, Singapore 600104
Opening hours: 10am – 8pm, last appointment at 7pm (Mon to Sat incl. PH)
 9800 3928 or email [email protected]
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Beauty Canvas Sg


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This home-based beauty boutique is situated in the heartland Punggol. Other than well-loved embroidery services, Beauty Canvas Sg also provides eyelash extensions, facial treatments, and award-winning eyeliner embroidery services.

Based on the golden ratio, founder Jillian Sue and her dedicated beauticians can craft the ideal eyebrow shape for your facial features after a long and complimentary consultation to understand your preferences and face structure.

Using only premium and high-quality pigments that have gone through strict testing to be safe for use on the skin, you can be assured that these vegan and cruelty-free pigments are guaranteed to remain true to their colour even after your brows have healed.

Here’s what a happy customer, Jay, said about their experience with Beauty Canvas Sg:

“I engaged in nano microblading service with Sue and I am beyond satisfied with not just my new stunning brows but the ENTIRE process. Being an anxious first-timer who was determined to have low-maintenance brows, Sue explained every step of the process to me.

She is extremely meticulous in her work and very patient during the brow-shaping process too. Her work area is extremely clean and cosy too!!! I absolutely enjoyed the entire process and would recommend her services any day!!”

eyebrow embroidery men

Credit: @beautycanvassg/Instagram

Try: Combination Brows. A mixture of microblading and shading techniques, this treatment was crowned the best home-based embroidery in Daily Vanity‘s Spa and Hair Awards 2022.

Beauty Canvas Sg uses the finest nano blade to create hyper-realistic strokes that look like natural brow hair. Then, soft shading is added to attain textured brows.

Get Combination Brows for S$480. Another popular treatment among men is the Nano Microblading which is priced at S$380.

Address: 168C Punggol Field, Singapore 823168
Opening hours: 10.30am – 9pm
8186 3814
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Jenny Xu’s Eyebrow Embroidery

eyebrow embroidery for men

Credit: @jennyxuhj/Instagram

As an award-winning artist, Jenny Xu has done over 10,000 eyebrow embroideries over the past 10 years. Her artistic flair and expert advice are trusted by public figures like Youyi, Xia Xue, Yoyo Cau, and Christabel Chua.

With the highest hygiene standards coupled with the latest technology, Jenny designs and creates only the most natural and soft eyebrows to enhance your features and facial shape.

Try: Eyebrow Embroidery. Every individual hair stroke is blended with your brow hair to match the pigment to your natural brow colour. That means you’ll achieve extremely natural-looking results since the difference between your real and fake brow hairs will be barely noticeable.

One session lasts for less than 45 minutes with painless, patented techniques that are also suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Jenny Xu’s Eyebrow Embroidery service is priced at S$1,284 with one free touch-up within one month.

Address: 16 Ipoh Lane, Imperial Heights, Singapore 438620
Contact: 97161920
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Jo Artysan

eyebrow embroidery men

Credit: @joartysanbrows/Instagram

This bespoke, award-winning beauty salon is one of the leading salons in Singapore when it comes to all sorts of semi-permanent embroidery services.

Touted as the “brow architect” of Singapore, Jo Artysan is highly raved and a crowd favourite amongst locals and expats. And boasting a stellar 4.9-star rating on Google Reviews from over 300 customers, you’ll surely get your desired brows, whether soft, bold, or fluffy.

eyebrow embroidery for men

Credit: @joartysanbrows/Instagram

Try: Gentlemen Brows. This treatment will be personalised based on your preferences and offers one of the most natural, rugged-looking enhancement outcomes for men-style eyebrows.

The whole treatment lasts for about two and a half hours and is inclusive of one complimentary touch-up session within two months from your first session. You’ll even get an inclusive aftercare kit.

Gentlemen Brows is priced at S$990 from a senior artist, S$1,190 from a master artist, and S$1,700 from a director. Visit their outlet for a consultation, strictly by appointment only.

Address: 111 Somerset Road, TripleOne Somerset, #02-44 to 48, Singapore 238164
Opening hours: 10am – 9pm (Mon to Sun)
Contact: WhatsApp/SMS or call 8889 2880, or email [email protected]
WebsiteFacebook | Instagram

Browart Studio

eyebrow embroidery men

Credit: @browart_studio/Instagram

With a great reputation, many men have visited Browart Studio to transform their overall look with ideal, natural eyebrows.

You’ll be greeted with extra care, expertise, and skilful mastery — all factors that actresses and local celebrities enjoy too when they patronise the salon.

The process will be pain-free and comfortable with the help of numbing cream. Other than recommending fitting brow shapes for you, Browart Studio’s technicians will also pick the right colour tone for you and your brows.


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Try: Mens Natural + Misty eyebrow embroidery.

All of the salon’s eyebrow embroidery services include a consultation where a suitable brow look will be drawn out for better visualisation. Realistic, fine hair strokes are created with the feathering technique to let your brows look more neat and natural from any angle.

There’s no downtime and you won’t have to worry about hiding comical brows for days. Instead, the effect of your new embroidered brows will stay throughout the year! Touch-ups will be necessary according to your skin’s and brows’ conditions.

Address: 290 Orchard Road, Paragon Medical (Lobby F), #17-11, Singapore 238859 | 16 Ipoh Lane, Imperial Height, #18-01, Singapore 438620
Opening hours: 11am – 7pm (Mon to Fri) | 11am – 5pm (Sat and Sun)
Contact: Call 6702 0768, WhatsApp 9824 4400, or email [email protected]
WebsiteFacebook | Instagram

Feature image credit: @brow_meister/Instagram, @joartysanbrows/Instagram