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While many of us know that there are some risks involved when it comes to online shopping, we’re still happy to do it because of how convenient it is.

In fact, once we find a reputable online retailer that has given us a good experience, we know we’ll hang on to them like a trusted hairstylist, and return again and again for our beauty fixes. We’ve previously recommended several online shopping sites for beauty products that we love and beauty brands with great online reputation we know we can always count on.

However, there are times retailers disappoint. We saw a photo floating around on social media sites and we know we just got to share it with you because it’s hilarious.


Online Shopping Mask Fail

We’re not sure where the shopper bought this mask from and how much it retailed at. But we know it is at least worth a laugh.

Anyway, now that we’ve gotten it out of our system, here are some serious tips:
Online shopping tips that can help you save money, and
Pro tips to picking out the right foundation shade when you’re making an online purchase