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That numbing sensation from a good bowl of ma la xiang guo (麻辣香锅) can be very addictive and we know of people who can’t get enough of it. But would you love it enough to want to taste it all day long? Apparently, a China-based company thinks it’s something that people want.

Ma La Toothpaste 1

Chinese toothpaste company Leng Suan Ling (冷酸灵) has partnered with hot pot chain Xiao Long Kan (小龙坎) to launch a limited edition collection of ma la-flavoured toothpastes. There are three levels of spiciness to choose from, much like what you get at a ma la stall:  “medium-spicy,” “Sichuan-spicy,” and “absurdly-spicy.” The “absurdly-spicy” version is said to be so overwhelming, you’ll be feeling the burn for a long time.

If you’re thinking that this is crazy and nobody is going to buy it – nope, you’re wrong. The toothpastes are so popular, they sold almost 4,000 sets within the first few days of sale online. The company later advertised that there were only 300 pieces left, which were then snapped up very quickly.

Ma La Toothpaste Ad

There’s mixed reviews from netizens who bought the toothpaste. One of them said called it a “weird type of spiciness” and that they “can’t even stand brushing (their) teeth with it”. While another one said that they enjoyed brushing their teeth with it because they could taste the hot pot flavour.

Dr. Zhu Jun, a dentist based in Nanjing, advised that people with sensitive gums and oral ulcers avoid this toothpaste, because it may aggravate inflammation.

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