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Just as the rest of the world ventures into e-commerce, North Korea is doing the same. And it looks like they have made one more step towards making locally made beauty products available online. Media outlets have reported that one of their most popular beauty brands has just launched a new online store.

Pomhyanggi launches new online store

North Korean news outlet Meari recently reported that popular NK-beauty brand Pomhyanggi (which means “scent of spring”) has launched a new online store that runs on the country’s intranet, which is only accessible by locals.

Word from the North Korean media is that North Korean leader Kim Jung Un is a fan of the brand.

North Korean Beauty Products

Meari reported that the website supports Chinese, English, and Korean languages, and has two distinct versions targeting local and global customers.

North Korean Pomhyanggi Products

Pomhyanggi products are well-loved by Chinese visitors.

Pomhyanggi products have reportedly received positive reviews by Chinese users who buy the products when they visit North Korea. Pomhyanggi products are also available on Taobao, a popular online marketplace owned by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.

The most popular products from Pomhyanggi are reportedly men’s skincare, anti-ageing cream, makeup, and hair dyes.

NK-beauty isn’t a new thing

North Korean Beauty Products2

North Korea isn’t new to the cosmetics world.

South Korean brands like Laneige, Innisfree, and Sulwhasoo have made their mark in the international arena, and almost everyone has tried products from them, or at least heard of them.

But North Korea isn’t new to the cosmetics world too. The Pyongyang Cosmetics Factory has been producing grooming and personal care products, including shampoo, skincare, makeup, and fragrances, under the brand “Unhasu”, for the last 50 over years.

Unhasu products are popular with locals, and are exported to other countries, including China, Russia, and Iran. Employees have told the media that the quality of the products are at the same level of standard with popular international brands.

North Korean Beauty Products3

Kim Jung Un is reportedly encouraging local manufacturers to increase research efforts in order to improve the quality of their products. He also requested that more functional products are developed to cater to the needs of different demographics.

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