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Earlier this year, we ran a story on a mini washing machine from Daiso Korea that can be used to wash brushes and makeup sponges really effectively. It was snapped up so fast that it was sold out for months all across South Korea, briefly restocked in June, and then sold out once again.

You can check out our Instagram story to see the washing machine in action:


Now here’s the exciting news from us: there are actually dupes for this mini washing machine, and you don’t even have to fly to Korea or request on Airfrov in order to get them, because they are available for order on none other than Shopee!

Daiso Washing Machine Dupe 1

This one looks uncannily similar to the Daiso Korea version, although you can tell that the colours are reversed. It is also equipped with a water pipe to drain the water away.While there are no videos to show whether this works as well as the original Daiso washing machine, the reviews left by customers seem promising. This retails for SGD5.36 here.

There are also other colour variations, including one that comes in a gorgeous black and gold packaging, has a removable basket, and even has a drying function. Consider us sold!

Daiso Washing Machine Dupe 2

Can you believe this functional product will only set you back by SGD5.03 on Shopee? Why have we not discovered this amazing tool earlier?!

Last but not least, this mini washing machine even comes with a set of laundry products, such as a laundry basket and bottles of detergent. We don’t think that the bottles actually contain detergent, but now you really do look like you’re doing your laundry, and it’s just so adorable.

Daiso Washing Machine Dupe 3

This whole laundry set costs only SGD9.96 on Shopee!

Now go forth and buy these tools – they’ll certainly make the chore of washing your brushes a lot more entertaining!

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