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Korean drama True Beauty may have ended its run but we’re still not over it.

Makeup enthusiast or not, you’ve probably wondered what products Ju-Gyeong uses in the series to go from plain Jane to a goddess with the help of makeup.

Based on a popular webtoon that goes by the same name, True Beauty talks about the journey of Ju-Gyeong (played by Moon Ga-Young) and how she learns to apply makeup by watching online videos (we’ve all been there).

As a relatable show and one that’s themed around beauty, we took a deeper look at each episode and rounded up the products used in True Beauty! Read on to see what you can use for your next makeover, makeup look or skincare routine.

true beauty kdrama

Makeup Ju-Gyeong used in True Beauty

Most of the makeup used by Ju-Gyeong is from the K-beauty brand Colorgram. Stocked in giant beauty retailer Olive Young, Colorgram rose to fame internationally thanks to True Beauty.

true beauty makeup

Colorgram Multi Cube Palette

colorgram eyeshadow palette

With a good mix of matte and glitter finishes, this handy palette comes with five shades and four versions. Using either a brush or your fingers to apply, you’ll be delighted to know that there’s little to no fallout.

Those who have tried this palette raves about how easy it is to blend even if you’re new to eyeshadow applications. The colours are very suitable for everyday wear as well, whether it’s for work or a date.

Colorgram Multi Cube Palette retails for S$19.31 instead of S$57.09 on Shopee.

Colorgram Milk Bling Shadow

colorgram cream eyeshadow

Perfect as an accent to have your eye makeup pop, this cream shadow has an iridescent finish and will amp up the glam on your eye makeup look.

You can wear it at the centre of your eyelids for a halo look or at the inner corner of your eyes for a subtle twinkle.

Bonus tip: You can even apply the cream shadow on your cupid’s bow for more defined, plumper-looking lips. And on the tip of your nose or around the eyes if you’re going for a glitter Douyin makeup look.

Colorgram Milk Bling Shadow retails for S$9.18 instead of S$12.96 to S$14.04 on Shopee.

Colorgram Artist Formula Auto Brow Pencil

colorgram brow pencil

Want beautifully drawn brows like Ju-Gyeong’s? Consider purchasing this beginner-friendly eyebrow pencil which is specifically angled to create both thin and thick lines for your preferred look.

Like most pencils, this one also comes with a spoolie at the other end so you can brush through your brows to create a softer look.

Available in six shades, you can pick the one that’s closest to your hair colour or to help create your desired look.

Colorgram Artist Formula Auto Brow Pencil retails for S$9.33 instead of S$18.51 on Shopee.

Colorgram Thunderbolt Tint Lacquer

colorgram lip tint

Cue the scene where Ju-Gyeong went shopping with Han Seo-jun and applied a gorgeous lip tint on him. Many fans, including us, have been asking about this lip tint.

Apart from offering a vivid colour payoff, this lightweight but long-lasting lip tint gives a glossy finish. Thanks to the aloe vera and rosehip oil in its formula, this lip tint is hydrating on the lips too.

There are a total of six shades available, but Ju-Gyeong has been seen using #02 Heart Tok and #03 Light Tok.

Colorgram Thunderbolt Tint Lacquer retails for S$9.18 instead of instead of S$12.96 to S$14.04 on Shopee.

Skincare Ju-Gyeong used in True Beauty

The skincare products that were seen used in True Beauty were mainly from two K-beauty brands: Round A’Round and Bring Green.

ju-gyeong cleansing routine and products

Bring Green Carrot Vita Toner Pad

true beauty skincare product, toner pad

One of the most popular skincare products in True Beauty is the toner pad that Ju-Gyeong used as a “mask” to calm down her blotchy skin.

This multi-tasker can be used as a daily toner to gently exfoliate the skin. Alternatively, you can also do what Ju-Gyeong did in the show — placing the pads onto the blotchy areas of your face for a quick and easy mask.

Bring Green Carrot Vita Toner Pad retails for S$19.30 instead of S$25.75 on Guardian.

Bring Green Vitamin Sun Cream

bring green vitamin waterpoof sun cream

Bring Green’s Vitamin Sun Cream delivers a non-sticky, non-greasy texture, and offers high sun protection of SPF50+, PA++++.

This sunscreen is also packed with skin-loving ingredients like niacinamide, panthenol, and vitamin E to help the skin look brighter, more hydrated, and prevent free radical damage. It’s no wonder Ju-Gyeong loves it!

Bring Green Vitamin Sun Cream retails for S$31.32 on Shopee.

Round A’Round Green Tree Trouble Bubble Foam

true beauty skincare

This slightly acidic cleanser has a great affinity with the skin and keeps it at an ideal pH balance. In case you’re wondering, normal skin is slightly acidic!

Enriched with soothing green tea water, your skin will be left supple and moisturised after cleansing. Plus, who doesn’t love the sensation you get from a cleanser that foams up nicely?

Round A’Round Green Tree Trouble Bubble Foam retails for S$29.45 instead of S$53.20 on Shopee.

Round A’Round Green Tea Moisture Essence Water

true beauty skincare products

A holy grail toner for sensitive skin, the Green Tea Moisture Essence Water soothes the skin while improving its texture and boosting its collagen production.

Similarly to bubble foam, it has a mildly acidic pH level to balance your skin. It also contains essential oils that make for a pleasant scent.

The packaging of this product has been revamped and looks different from the bottle that appeared in True Beauty.

Round A’Round Green Tea Moisture Essence Water retails for A$60 (approcimately S$52.70) on LA Cosmetique.

Colorgram Rosy Tone Up Cream

colorgram tone up cream

Ever seen a skincare product with a glitter cap or cover? This tone-up cream has complexion-enhancing benefits that can help brighten dull-looking skin.

With the rose flower extract present in its formula, it’ll leave your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. And if your skin tends to get red or blotchy as Ju-Gyeong’s does, you’ll be happy to know that this cream also soothes skin irritations while improving the appearance of its texture.

Colorgram Rosy Tone Up Cream retails for S$31.27 on Shopee.

Fragrance Ju-Gyeong used in True Beauty

skincare and fragrance used in true beauty

Round A’Round Life Fragrance – Flower Festival

fragrance used in true beauty

As seen on Ju-Gyeong’s vanity, this fragrance was created by Round A’Round in collaboration with perfumers.

There are four scents in the collection and the one that Ju-Gyeong wears is Flower Festival — a floral, fruity, and woody fragrance that’s inspired by flowers blooming in spring.

Round A’Round Life Fragrance – Flower Festival retails for S$40.30 but is currently unavailable on Guardian Singapore, Singapore platforms, and Olive Young.

Beauty devices Ju-Gyeong used in True Beauty

Let’s not forget about the intriguing skincare and hair devices that the beauty-savvy Ju-Gyeong used in the show!

cleansing devices used in kdrama true beauty

Vodana GlamWave Curling Iron

curling iron used in kdrama true beauty

Of course, we have to talk about Ju-Gyeong’s effortless curls, courtesy of Vodana’s curling iron which comes in various adorable colours and helps achieve stunning waves.

The GlamWave Curling Iron is equipped with ceramic heat plates that will protect your hair so that your cuticles are smoothed to get a glossy look. It’s also super lightweight and can be brought around easily, whether it’s for a hair touch-up or on travels.

Vodana GlamWave Curling Iron retails for S$77.80 to S$93.80 instead of S$96.72 to S$102.29 on Shopee.

Vodana Triple Flow Wave Iron

curling iron used in kdrama true beauty

Another curling iron used in True Beauty is this uniquely designed device, also by Vodana. For those who prefer mermaid waves, this is the curling iron for you.

Just like the GlamWave Curling Iron, the Triple Flow Wave Iron also features a ceramic-coated heating panel. It also has a 5-stage temperature control function so you can adjust according to your hair’s condition.

Vodana Triple Flow Wave Iron retails for S$104.98 instead of S$146.06 on Shopee.

VANAV Skin Beam

cleansing devices used in kdrama true beauty

In Episode 5, Ju-Gyeong whipped out an interesting device that got everyone curious about what it is and where they could get their hands on it.

This beauty device delivers vibration to the skin, as well as two LED light modes: red and blue, to care for your skin.

There are also three modes available:

Facial Mode: to use with basic skin products to aid absorption
Vitamin C Mode: to use specifically with vitamin C products so skin can appear even brighter
Décolleté Mode: to smooth the lines on the neck and décolleté

VANAV Skin Beam retails for S$212.76 instead of S$214.92 on Shopee.

VANAV Bubble Pop Cleanser

cleansing devices used in kdrama true beauty

In Episode 9, another cleansing device by VANAV appeared. Talk about bringing your cleansing routine to the next level through deep cleansing!

The Bubble Pop Cleanser can be used to remove makeup while managing blackheads and whiteheads.

With two modes available, Normal Mode and Deep-Clean Mode, you’ll be able to use it for daily cleansing or to care for problematic areas like the T-zone or areas prone to pores and sebum.

VANAV Bubble Pop Cleanser retails for S$134.99 on YesStyle.

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