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We’ve just introduced you to the jamsu, a Korean method of setting makeup. We have even tried it ourselves and know that it is a great beauty hack especially if you have combination to oily skin!

Here’s the latest Korean skincare craze you may want to consider: the “7 Skin Method” is making waves on the internet, and you’d want to read on to know all about it.

What is the Korean 7 Skin Method?

The 7 Skin Method requires you apply a toner or an essence (the lightweight, watery type) onto your skin seven times. This should happen right after you’ve cleansed your face, but before you apply moisturiser. (In case you’re wondering about the name, Koreans use the words “toners” and “skins” interchangeably, hence the method is called “7 Skin”.)

Simply drench a cotton pad with toner or essence, and gently dab it all over your skin. When your skin is still a little moist, pour the same product onto your palms and pat it onto your skin. Repeat this final step for another five times.

The layering of toner or essence is said to help your skin absorb more hydrating ingredients, and this can help you achieve skin that’s hydrated and healthy. And we know hydrated skin also means radiant-looking and plump skin.

This method is said to be a great alternative to applying heavy moisturisers and facial oils, and is best suited for those with oily and combination skin.

According to Allure, which has spoken to a dermatologist Joshua Zeichner about this trend, the 7 Skin Method is totally legit. He said that this method is safe for skin as long as you stay away from toner or essence that has alcohol in its formula. He said that toners and astringents formulated with alcohol can “lead to dryness and irritation”.

The good news is that most toners and essences formulated by Korean brands are usually alcohol-free and are even fortified with other skincare properties, including hydrating and brightening benefits. Zeichner said that these “give results as good as traditional moisturisers”.

Daily Vanity‘s conclusion? With many of us having combination to oily skin in Singapore that doesn’t always feel good in Singapore’s humid weather, the 7 Skin Method may be a saviour for some of us. However, you should definitely listen to your skin when you’re trying this technique (or any new beauty technique).

Make sure that your skin is reacting well to the product, and is able to absorb the product well. Adjust the method according to how your skin respond to it – if it looks red midway, it could be that you’re using too much strength or the product isn’t right for you. And if your skin doesn’t seem to be absorbing the product anymore, cut down the number of layers you’re applying – or you might be wasting the precious product.

Now, check out jamsu, the Korean makeup setting method that is totally relevant in Singapore’s humid weather.