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You’ve heard of blush nails, a dainty ombre fanning from the centre of your nail, reminiscent of a blush effect. Well, it’s time to meet its mystical counterpart: aura nails.

Think of aura nails as the free-spirited sister of the blush nail. While blush nails typically utilise pinks, reds and mauves, quintessential shades you would powder the apples of your cheeks with, aura nails are bolder alternatives to the ombre nail.

Not limiting itself to wearable colours, they can also be worn with unique decals and nail art.

What Are Aura Nails?

Credits: @phoebesummernails/Instagram

If you have an interest in the occult, you might have heard of aura colours and how they radiate from each person.

Every colour epitomises a different mood, emotion or energy, and most people possess a multi-coloured aura. The aura nail trend takes homage to this spiritual pursuit, with its ombre effect emulating the colourful energy fields surrounding a person.

There are multiple ways to achieve the diffused ombre effect of aura nails. Commonly used methods employ tools like an airbrush machine, brushes, and sponges to blend out the inner colour. Blush and eyeshadow can also be used to create the aura effect.

20 Aura Nail Looks to Try

Pretty in Lilac

Credits: @zanasnails/Instagram

Put two of the trendiest nail colours together and you’ll get this simple lilac and chrome pairing, perfect for those who aren’t keen to stray too far from their comfort zones.

The soft lilac complements the shimmery chrome base, coming together in a harmonious blend of colours.

Coquette Core

Credits: @avrnailswatches/Instagram

With the rise of the coquette trend, you’ve seen bows and ribbons dominate your social media feeds. Now it’s time to put them on your nails.

Nothing screams “girlhood” more than adorning your pink aura nails with little bows.

Eras Tour Ready

Credits: @bb.claws/Instagram

With the Eras Tour coming up, Swifties are probably scouring the internet for Taylor Swift-inspired nails to wear to the concert.

What better way to flaunt how big of a fan you are than to wear a set of colourful aura nails, inspired by the iconic colours of her discography?

Butterfly Kingdom

Credits: @madrinails/Instagram

Quirky with a hint of nostalgia: this one’s for those of you who aren’t afraid to make a statement. You would expect the contrast of blues and greens to be jarring, but it makes a fun backdrop for the butterfly charms.

Cherry Wine Red

Credits: @nailsbymiarae/Instagram

Wine-red nails are timeless, no matter the trend. A white base against the diluted pink aura draws attention to the cherries, creating an old, vintage charm.

Venus and Mars

Credits: @tendrehands/Instagram

This planetary aura nail art is a good balance of unique and wearable. The muted colours are elevated with contemporary nail art, marrying various techniques to create the aura and tie-dye effects.

Double Aura

Credits: @lameufquifaitlesongles/Instagram

If you want to keep it simple while experimenting with more colours, a double aura is a good alternative. Instead of one aura radiating from the centre of your nail, you’ll have two.

You can go for different colours to highlight the contrast or opt for different shades of the same colour for a subtle ombre.

Pisces Szn

Credits: @claws.by.clau/Instagram

Gear up for Pisces season with this whimsical set. What better way to revere the water sign than to don aura nails in soft, ethereal colours, embellished with 3D gel emulating dew drops and water swirls?

Chrome Pink

Credits: @nailsbydestt_/Instagram

This set brings the best of both worlds to you with the edgy chrome base and a girly hue of pink. Elevate the look with jewels decorating the edges of the milky pink aura.


Credits: @kimchinailz/Instagram

This is self-explanatory: you can’t go wrong with neutrals. Browns and golds are also your best bet to looking expensive effortlessly.

Mix and Match

Credits: @rebeccapaintsnails/Instagram

There are many ways to wear aura nails. If you want to change things up a bit, you can experiment with auras in different shapes and sizes instead of sticking to a circular aura that fans out from the centre.

Colourful Maximalist

Credits: @innerbloom.nails/Instagram

Bigger is better, at least that’s what this set tells us.

It experiments with a myriad of colours and finishes, putting together a look tantamount to that of a painting. It’s fun yet modern, and doesn’t shy away from bold shades of colours.


Credits: @1995nailz/Instagram

Y2K meets cyberpunk in this bold set. Chrome decals and edgy nail art enhance the aura base, making it the best conversation starter.

Jelly Pink

Credits: @lilysprettynailz/Instagram

The milky base with a bubblegum pink aura creates a jelly-like texture that is youthful and girly, a good option for fans of the blush nail trend.

Aura Tips

Credits: @nailsbymexyy/Instagram

If you’re not one to limit yourself, consider alternating your nail designs with aura tips. It’s much unlike the average aura nail, with its aura pattern in the tips of the nail, as opposed to the usual centre aura design.

Alternate Colours

Credits: @nailsondez/Instagram

An effortless way to switch things up is by alternating the colours on different hands. All it takes is two nail colours, and you’ll get a simple yet trendy set of aura nails.

Multiple Auras

Credits: @clawedbycami/Instagram

Why limit yourself to one aura per nail? This look incorporates multiple aura patterns, with them peeking out from corners of the nails. Finish it off with charms to tie the look together.

Two-Tone Colourblock

Credits: @martini_nailz/Instagram

Pick out two colours and experiment with different shades of them in this colour-block design. Complete the look with rhinestones or embellishments of your choice. The key is to work around two primary colours.

Boston University Red

Credits: @avrnailswatches/Instagram

Who says you can’t play it safe with this trend?

You might have seen the Boston University red nail colour all over TikTok. Pair that together with your classic burgundy, and you’ll get a subtle aura that creates just enough dimension to spice up an otherwise basic nail look.


Credits: @nailartistrybykylie/Instagram

Purple and pink is the perfect combination for a dreamy and youthful look. Top it off with chrome decals and you’ll be ready to flaunt your nails in your next Instagram post (even better if you’re holding a dessert in the photo!)

Featured image credit: @bb.claws/Instagram, @lameufquifaitlesongles/Instagram, @madrinails/Instagram