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Forget plumped cheeks and frozen foreheads — the latest buzz in aesthetics is all about achieving that coveted “glass skin” effect with a revolutionary new class of injectables: skin boosters.

Unlike traditional fillers, these tiny shots focus on deep hydration, smoothness, and radiance, all without adding unwanted volume.

Whether you’re chasing prejuvenation in your 20s or battling dryness in your 50s, these injectables are gaining traction for their subtle yet impactful results, appealing to both women and men alike.

From the kind of persistently positive reviews and all the noise they are gathering, it’s hard to not notice, think about, or crave skin boosters.


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Time to ditch the heavy creams and learn more about these injectable moisturisers? We think so! Dive into this guide for everything you need to know about injectable skin boosters, how they work, the best skin booster treatments, and more!

We’ve also appointed the help of Dr Ivan Puah, a liposuction and aesthetic doctor from Amaris B. Clinic, to better understand skin boosters from an expert’s point of view.

What Are Skin Booster Injections, AKA the New Fountain of Youth?


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Think luminous, even-toned, and oh-so-dewy.

These injections are powerful shots of moisture delivered directly to your skin’s inner sanctum to replenish hydration, improve light reflection, and smooth the skin without altering the face’s structure (goodbye, “pillow face”!).

They’re also known as “skin-quality injectables” and are described as tinu aliquots or sprinklings of hyaluronic acid.

“Skin boosters typically consist of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in the skin, and are designed to improve skin quality and hydration. They are typically administered as a series of micro-injections into the superficial layers of the skin, primarily the dermis,” shared Dr Puah.

He added that when skin boosters are injected, they help to attract and retain moisture, thereby improving skin hydration.

This works to smooth the skin, plump from within, and improve the way light bounces off the skin’s surface — resulting in a more youthful and radiant appearance.

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The Buzz and Growing Popularity of Injectable Skin Boosters


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This injectable treatment has even become quite the phenomenon and overpowered the allure of botulinum toxins and dermal fillers, especially in the West.

And the best part? This isn’t just a fleeting trend. Experts predict the skin booster market to explode in the coming years, with countless options already available globally and more awaiting FDA approval in the U.S.

More recently, towards the end of 2023, we even saw Skinvive, a first-of-its-kind injectable moisturiser that’s changing the face of fillers, blazing the web hemisphere and our TikTok FYPs (For You Pages).

“Skin boosters, which focus on improving skin quality and hydration, have gained popularity worldwide due to their ability to provide a natural and refreshed appearance,” said Dr Puah.

Although we may have our own beauty standards and preferences, even Singapore isn’t immune to the viral-worthy treatment.

Dr Puah further confirmed our thesis and explained: “In some Asian countries, including Singapore, there has been an increasing interest in skin rejuvenation treatments that enhance skin quality and combat issues like dullness and uneven texture.

These injectables can align with these preferences, as they are designed to improve skin radiance and hydration.”

How Are Skin Boosters Different From Traditional Fillers?

Since skin boosters also involve hyaluronic acid and are made to moisturise the skin, that means they’re just like dermal fillers, right? Wrong! Unlike fillers, these injectables don’t alter your facial structure.

Fillers add shape, fullness, and contour, targeting folds, wrinkles, and volume loss. They’re more like clay being sculpted to create defined shapes for your face.

Meanwhile, skin boosters are like light washes of watercolour that enhance your natural beauty with a subtle, luminous boost like lasers or microneedling. They hydrate the skin from within to improve overall health and quality, targeting texture, dryness, dullness, and fine lines.

“Skin boosters and traditional dermal fillers have different goals, injection depths and target areas. The former focus on improving skin quality and hydration; while traditional fillers are used to add volume and improve structure to the face.

The choice between the two depends on an individual’s specific concerns and desired outcomes. It’s important to consult with a qualified medical professional to determine which treatment is most appropriate for your needs,” said Dr Puah.

With a “less is more” approach offered, it’s no wonder that skin booster injectables are on the fast track to becoming a global phenomenon as they appeal to anyone and everyone who wants youthful, radiant skin without dramatic changes.

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Lesser Hyaluronic Acid but With Maximum Effects

skin boosters vs traditional fillers

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Fillers are known to be highly crosslinked with hyaluronic acid. It’s thicker, firmer, has a higher concentration, and is injected deeper for targeted volume and sculpting.

You would see an immediate improvement in volume, definition, and smoothing but the result may look “too much”.

Conversely, injectable skin boosters have a lower concentration of hyaluronic acid that is softer and thinner. It’s injected superficially into the skin for undetectable, even distribution.

These injectables can grant you subtle, natural-looking improvements in texture, radiance, and hydration for that “glow from within” visage.

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Benefits and Longevity of Injectable Skincare


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This “microdroplet HA,” as board-certified dermatologist Amelia K. Hausauer calls it, delivers a triple whammy:

  • Replenishing hydration: Think of it as a moisture reservoir, plumping up the skin from within. This smoothes fine lines and leaves you with a dewy, healthy glow.
  • Improving light reflection: This translates to a radiant, luminous glow without looking unnatural.
  • Smoothing the canvas: Fine lines and wrinkles get a dose of hydration while collagen and elastic production are stimulated, leading to a smoother and more polished appearance.

It’s a whole new approach to youthful skin — skin boosters focus on the overall health and glow of your skin.

Much like a missing piece of the puzzle, these injectables offer a natural-looking solution to concerns like dryness, dull skin tone, uneven skin texture, saggy skin, and fine lines and wrinkles. Certain formulations can even address specific skin concerns like dark circles and acne scars.

As for the results and longevity, Dr Puah stated that the immediate results of a skin booster treatment can vary from person to person.

“The duration of results can vary depending on the specific product used, an individual’s skin type, and their lifestyle. Generally, skin booster treatment effects can last several months.

However, to maintain the results, follow-up sessions are usually recommended at intervals determined by your healthcare provider,” added Dr Puah.

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How to Decide Which Skin Booster Treatment is Right for You

“The choice between skin boosters and botulinum toxin treatments depends on a variety of factors — including an individual’s age, skin type, specific concerns and aesthetic goals.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer, as both treatments serve different purposes for different aesthetic issues.

It is crucial to consult with a doctor who can assess your skin, discuss your goals, and recommend the most suitable treatment for your specific needs.

Ultimately, the best approach will be personalised to you based on your unique circumstances,” Dr Puah explained.

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Where to Go for the Best Skin Booster Treatments in Singapore


Alternatives to Skin Boosters

If you’re looking for a so-called “dupe”, there are other treatments that can quasi-mimic the effects of a skin booster.

“While skin boosters offer unique benefits, there are also other treatments that may be able to provide similar results or address specific skin concerns such as laser and light-based treatments, radio-frequency microneedling, etc.,” said Dr Puah.

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How Much Would Boosted, Radiant Skin Cost?

While we can’t pinpoint the exact pricing, the cost of skin boosters in Singapore typically ranges from S$400 to S$700 per treatment.

The cost can vary due to the type of skin booster (different brands and formulations), the amount of product used, and the doctor’s experience and clinic location.

Safety and Considerations

While this popular treatment offer a promising path to radiant skin it’s important to approach them with an awareness of potential risks and considerations before you boost your skin.

According to Dr Puah, skin boosters are generally considered safe when administered by a qualified and experienced healthcare provider. However, like any aesthetic treatment, there are potential risks and side effects to be aware of.

He shared that “injection-related reactions such as pain and discomfort, redness and swelling, or itching at the injection sites” could occur. Sometimes, bumps or nodules may develop too.

“Allergic reactions to hyaluronic acid-based skin boosters are rare but can occur. Symptoms may include redness, swelling, itching and hives. If you have a known allergy to hyaluronic acid or other ingredients in the product, be sure to inform the doctor,” Dr Puah added.

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