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Spending S$400 on a haircut at an upmarket salon can be hard on the wallet, but settling on a random hairdresser due to a tight budget isn’t ideal either. Well, it’s time to stop scrolling through gorgeous hair transformations on your Instagram Explore feed and hop into one of these cheap hair salons that will leave your hair looking snatched in no time.

To tidy up your tresses for less, we’ve gathered 17 cheap hair salons in Singapore. And don’t worry, these skilled hairdressers won’t snip five inches of fringe off when all you wanted was to go a little shorter.

Read through our tips on how to keep your hair looking fabulous 24/7!

How Often Should You Cut Your Hair?

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While there are no strict rules on how frequently you should trim your hair, but hairstylists and salon experts usually suggest a to get a haircut every six to eight weeks. This helps to avoid you from dealing with dry or slip ends often.

Must-Know Tips Before You Visit the Salon

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Here are a few handy tips we wanted to share with you before you head to the salon. These tips will ensure that your salon visit is an amazing experience.

  • Know your style: Have a rough idea of the hairstyle you want. It helps your stylist understand your preferences.
  • Care for your hair: Regular trims and good hair care habits make your hair more manageable.
  • Bring visual references: Pictures speak louder than words. Bring images of the styles you like as it will give your stylist a clear picture.
  • Be open to suggestions: Trust your stylist’s expertise, they might have suggestions that suit you even better.
  • Communication is key: Clearly communicate your likes, dislikes, and any concerns you might have with your hairstylists as they’ll be able to understand your needs through these sharing sessions.
  • Maintenance is important: Choose a style that fits your lifestyle. Opting for low-maintenance styles means you won’t need frequent salon visits—perfect for busy schedules!

Cheap Hair Salons in Singapore That Will Leave Your Hair Looking Fabulous!

Looking to Discover Some of The Best Salons in Singapore?

Finding the right salon to care for your tresses isn’t an easy task, but with our help, we guarantee you’re able to find the “ideal one” when you will want to visit regularly for all your hair appointments. So, check out some of the best salons in Singapore that will leave your hair looking fabulous.

Hair salons to visit no matter your hair type and concern.

Salons To Visit For Hair Treatments.

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