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Now, when was the last time you actually visited an organic hair salon?

Most of us can’t resist beautifully coloured hair, but we also know that frequent hair dyeing can be detrimental to our hair health. And it’s not just that – the chemicals found in our hair colour have also been associated with causing health and skin problems.

This dilemma has led many to explore the world of organic hair salons. These sanctuaries for hair enthusiasts prioritise natural, chemical-free products, offering a blend of style and well-being.

So, if you’re looking for an organic hair salon for your next hair appointment, look no further than 13 of these hair salons in Singapore!

What Is an Organic Hair Salon?

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This is where organic hair salons make a good value proposition. They provide you with hair colouring services using natural hair dyes, as well as organic hair products, exposing you to as few chemicals as possible, and as much all-natural goodness as they can for your hair.

One of the most obvious things you’ll notice when you’re doing your hair treatment at an organic hair salon is that you’ll find the pungent smell of ammonia missing in the air. And we’re sure you won’t miss it.

At the end of the day, it isn’t just about looking good; it’s a conscious decision to embrace healthier, radiant hair without compromising on beauty.

Speaking of Ammonia, Is It Bad?


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Ammonia is a double-edged sword to every girl’s hair. Before the colour gets deposited onto your hair, the dye has to penetrate through your cuticles by lifting up your hair shaft. This is the part where ammonia comes in!

Ammonia raises your hair’s pH level, which relaxes and lifts up your cuticles. When this happens, the damage to your hair has begun. As the hair dye penetrates into your hair pigment, your cuticle is being lifted and set there till it’s rinsed. This creates tiny holes in your hair, which leads to breakage and dryness.

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In order to get your desired hair colour, your current colour has to be destroyed with the use of peroxide. Peroxide breaks down your natural hair pigment and leaves your hair to be dry. In serious cases, the hair will become straw-like and brushing it seems nearly impossible.

Why You Should Consider Visiting an Organic Hair Salon?

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While there are countless salons out there, one reason opting for a stellar organic hair salon is a good idea because they embrace the use of organic hair colours, steering clear of irritants found in traditional dyes filled with chemical ingredients.

For those with sensitive skin, this translates to a gentler and more enjoyable hair colouring experience. Plus, it’s the best way to avoid itchy scalps and welcome vibrant locks without irritation – a win-win for both your style and skin!

Best Organic Hair Salons in Singapore

If you’ve been looking out for organic hair salons, these are our top picks in Singapore!

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