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Most of us can’t resist beautifully coloured hair, but we also know that frequent hair dyeing can be detrimental to our hair health. And it’s not just that – the chemicals that are found in our hair colour have also been associated with causing health and skin problems.

What is an organic hair salon?

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This is where organic hair salons make a good value preposition. They provide you with hair colouring services using natural hair dyes, as well as organic hair products, exposing you to as little chemicals as possible, and as much all-natural goodness as they can for your hair.

One of the most obvious thing you’ll notice when you’re doing your hair treatment at an organic hair salon is that you’ll find that the pungent smell of ammonia missing in the air. And we’re sure you won’t miss it.

Speaking of ammonia, is it bad?

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Ammonia is a double-edged sword to every girl’s hair. Before the colour gets deposited onto your hair, the dye has to penetrate through your cuticles by lifting up your hair shaft. This is the part where ammonia comes in!

Ammonia raises your hair’s pH level, which relaxes and lifts up your cuticles. When this happens, the damage on your hair has begun. As the hair dye penetrates into your hair pigment, your cuticle is being lifted and set there till it’s rinsed. This creates tiny holes in your hair, which leads to breakage and dryness.

In order to get your desired hair colour, your current colour has to be destroyed with the use of peroxide. Peroxide breaks down your natural hair pigment and leaves your hair to be dry. In serious cases, the hair will become straw-like and brushing it seems nearly impossible.

If you’ve been looking out for organic hair salons. Here are a few you can consider:

1. J&J Hair Identity Organic Hair Salon

Using a range of organic and natural products that perform superior colouring services and scalp therapies, J&J Hair Identity Organic Hair Salon is all about making sure your hair looks both stylish and healthy.

The salon has built a reputation as an organic expert, and it’s easy to find blog posts that rave about their services.

They use only trusted certified organic brands

J&J Hair Identity makes continuous efforts to source for trusted certified organic brands. Some of the brands they use in the salon include Natulique and SHAN (O’Right series):

NATULIQUE: This professional salon brand from Denmark offers permanent hair colours with 73 colour shades that range from natural to avant garde pastel shades. All products are formulated with certified organic ingredients and are also ammonia-free, including their Whitener (Bleach).

The brand also carries certified organic home care products for hair growth series that are clinically-proven to nourish scalp for increased and stronger hair growth.

Shan (善): This is a certified organic haircare brand from Taiwan that uses only eco-friendly ingredients in its production, and is best known for its O’Right (欧莱德) series of products. Some of the highlights in their product range include a anti-hair loss hair tonic, which is suitable for both men and women, and after-colour care products that are made from natural ingredients such as bamboo and goji. All their products are free from formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates, EO derivatives, animal-testing, and sulfates surfactants.

Where are they?

J&J Hair Identity Organic Hair Salon

Address: 88 East Coast Road, #02-11, Katong Square, Singapore 423371
Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday | 11am – 9pm Saturday and Sunday | 10.30am – 8pm
Contact number: 63442388
Website: https://www.hair-identity.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HAIR.IDENTITY.JJ/

2. Purity Organic Hair and Beauty


Experience the organic goodness under the hands of internationally trained hair stylists at Purity Organic Hair and Beauty. Your hair will be well-taken care of as their treatments are formulated to cater to both Asians and Caucasians. This unique selling point has helped them to secure long-term customers, such as celebrities like Linda Black and Lavinia Tan.

Hair dye made from herbs


Customers adore Purity Organic Hair and Beauty for their gentle hair dye formula, which are from Colour Herbe, a hair dye brand that uses botanical extracts as their main ingredient. This brand is known to be one of the gentlest formulas in the industry and even recommended to pregnant woman, thanks to its ammonia-free content. Colour Herbe also contains White Birth, which acts as a hair tonic and remineralising agent. This helps to restore nutrients to your hair as you are colouring it.

Where are they at?

Purity Organic Hair and Beauty

Address: 9 Scotts Road # 03-03, Pacific Plaza , Singapore 228210

Operating Hours:

Monday- Friday | 10am- 8pm

Saturday| 10am- 7pm

Sunday| 10am- 6pm

Contact number: 6887-4542

3. Organic Hair Professional


Being one of the first organic hair salons around, Organic Hair Professional carries organic colouring products by Herb UK. These colouring products contain no ammonia and has low content of PPDs, so you don’t be exposed to the pungent smell of ammonia. They carry the whole range of O’right shampoo and lotion products, which contains vegan ammonia and tea tree.

Who is O’right?


O’right is a company that is committed to green practices and environmental sustainability. The company adopts the ‘Tree in a Bottle” concept, which means they use only organic ingredients and bio-degradable materials for their packaging.

Here are a few O’Right treatments you can consider.

O’Right Scalp Exfoliating Spa

Price: SGD68 nett (trial), SGD108

Organic Hair Professional offers a wide array of hair treatments and their Scalp Exfoliating Spa treatment is a hot favourite.

This six-step scalp treatment helps in healthy scalp and hair growth.

Exfoliation with Pear Wood Exfoliating Gel

A smoothing scalp massage with a wooden hair brush is used to stimulate blood circulation in your scalp. Making use of the Bamboo Anti-grease scalp serum, it helps to purify the scalp, leaving you with a tingling and refreshing sensation.

Cleanse, condition, treatment with O’Right Products

After shampooing and conditioning with O’right Green Tea Shampoo, your hair will be deeply nourished with the Bamboo scalp nourishing gel. The Makino bamboo leaf extract helps to hydrate and balance scalp oils

Application of Hair Tonic

To increase the circulation of blood flow to the scalp, a soothing massage after the application of the hair tonic treatment.

Hair Treatment Mask

With the use of orange, lemon zest and crushed mint leaves, this zesty concoction is mixed together to prepare the hair treatment mask on the spot. To end off, O’right hair tonic and yogurt hair mask is applied before blow-drying your hair.

Where are they located?

Organic Hair Professional (Kovan)

Blk 204,  Hougang Street 21, #01-97

Operating Hours:

Monday- Sunday| 11am-9pm

Public Holiday| 10am-8pm

Telephone: 6289-9373

Organic Hair Professional (Tanjong Pagar)

Block 1, Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #01-14

Singapore 6410 9373

Operating Hours:

Monday- Friday |10.30am- 8.30pm

Saturday| 10am-8pm

Telephone: 6410-9373

Organic Hair Professional (Capitol Piazza)

Capitol Piazza, #B2-43

Operating Hours:

Monday- Friday| 11am-9pm

Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday| 11am- 8pm

Telephone: 6386-4833

Organic Hair Professional (Orchard Central)

Orchard Central, #03-15

Operating hours:

Monday-Friday | 11am-9pm

Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday | 11am-8pm

Telephone: 6554-2188

Organic Hair Professional (Paya Lebar)

Paya Lebar Square, #01-20

Operating Hours:

Monday- Sunday | 11am- 9pm

Telephone: 6702-1033

Website: http://www.organichairprofessional.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OHPSingapore/

4. Ecorganics

Adopting a healthy-living philosophy, Ecorganics uses plant-based and natural ingredients for all their products. You will be promised to treatments without the presence of petroleum and artificial fragrances. This one-stop beauty centre was nominated as the Salon of the month in May 2015 by the prestigious H4ufme magazine for their service and quality of treatment. So if you are planning a visit, you will expect quality by these miracle workers.


Quality hair-dye products


The scalp therapies offered are customised according to your scalp conditions so it is sure to answer to the individual needs of clients. Ecorganics uses O&M, a renowned hair-colouring brand from Australia for their organic hair colouring service. The products from O&M are able to derive the colour of choice, while retaining high performance hair care to protect from colour fading. Other additional organic ingredients are also added to keep scalp nourished and moisturised. You can now fulfil your dream of achieving healthy coloured hair!

Full head colour: From $108 (Ladies), From $68 (Men)

Highlights/ lowlights: From $108

Where are they located at?


1 Thomson Ridge, Singapore 574633

Operating hours:

Monday- Sunday | 10am-7pm

Telephone: 6556-0521 (Hair Services) | 6556-4787 (Beauty Services)

Website: http://ecorganics.com.sg/hair-services/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ecorganics

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ecorganics/

5. Kelture Aveda


No regrets when you enter Kelture Aveda as your hair will be in the hands of professionals with an abundance of experience. Expect no less than good service and good ambience as you pamper those tresses of yours. Kelture Aveda offers a variety of treatments, but the more popular ones are the Scalp, Shoulder & Neck Massages. They also offer an Aromatherapy Sensory treatment that will help to release those tension in your muscles. Apart from these popular treatments, many of they loyal customers rave about Aveda Colouring, a line of organic hair dye that promises good results.

Aveda Colouring


Expect all natural goodness as only sustainable and organic ingredients are used in this hair dye. Aveda Colouring contains ingredients such as sunflower extract and jojoba oil, which helps to improve the condition of your hair even when colouring it. With no nitro-chemicals, you can enjoy a nourishing hair-colouring experience without the need to endure the harsh smell of ammonia.

Concerned about your hair colour getting washed-out very quickly? Aveda colouring collection is reviewed to be fade-resistant and so you can expect your new colour to attain longevity for a relatively long period of time.

Where are they located at?

Kelture Aveda

Paragon, #05-07

Operating Hours:

Monday to Friday | 10am- 9pm

Saturday and Sunday | 10am- 7pm

Telephone: 6735-6468

Website: https://kelture.com.sg/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/keltureaveda

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/keltureaveda/