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Payday’s here and we all know what that means…another chance (or possibly excuse) to stock up on beauty products, especially the ones that just hit the shelves.

If you’re anything like us, heading for a shopping therapy session after being met with a minor inconvenience (iykyk) means filling up the basket with tons of beauty items. Yes, it does make us feel better and there’s no shame in that!

Among the list of new beauty drops in October, you can expect an at-home eye-lifting device, a liquid pimple patch solution, long-wear stick eyeshadows, styling tools that won’t damage your tresses, and perfumes made to lift your spirits.

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La Mer Lifting Firming Serum

october new beauty products, la mer lifting firming serum

Inspired by nature’s memory, cognitive wellness, and material science, La Mer reveals its latest innovation that has improved the skin elasticity of 98% of women within a week in a clinical study.

This unique serum mimics the ocean’s remarkable ability to maintain its dynamic structure while preserving its original form by reawakening the skin’s mechanical memory of elasticity and targeting six key areas to renew firmness, density, volume, and youthful balance.

Made to fuel ageless renewal, this serum features a potent ferment to firm the skin and micro-plumping ingredients like algae and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid for improved bounce, densification, and volume, deeply hydrating the skin’s surface. It also supports collagen production and offers plumping hydration to recalibrate facial contours.

La Mer Lifting Firming Serum (15ml) retails for S$420 at Sephora, Lazada, Tangs.com, iShopChangi, Metro, and Takashimaya. Some discounts are offered at the time of writing.

Glow Recipe Pomegranate Peptide Firming Serum

october new beauty products glow recipe

Glow Recipe unveils yet another juicy skin-boosting beauty product in its serum lineup. Here to accompany you through every st(age) of your life, this peptide firming serum is made to firm, lift, nourish, and replenish the skin.

Suitable for everyone of all ages, it features firming polypeptides, antioxidant-rich pomegranate, and hydrating hyaluronic acid to address the different skin concerns you may have.

For those in your 20s, this serum combats acne scars and collagen loss by brightening the skin and boosting collagen production. In your 30s, it helps to plump the skin and slow down the signs of ageing.

Meanwhile, in your 40s, it acts as a smoothing agent to even out the complexion and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And for those in your 50s and beyond, it focuses on addressing skin dryness and volume loss.

Ultimately, known as “Botox in a bottle” this pomegranate serum is amazing for achieving and maintaining youthful, healthy-looking skin.

Glow Recipe Pomegranate Peptide Firming Serum (30ml) retails for S$72 at Sephora and in Sephora stores.

dermalogica Deep Breakout Liquid Patch

dermalogica Deep Breakout Liquid Patch

Unlike traditional pimple patches, which can be visible, trap bacteria, or slow down the healing process, this liquid patch is a new solution to combat stubborn blemishes effectively.

dermalogica’s Deep Breakout Liquid Patch offers a potent sulphur-based treatment that clears deep, concealed blemishes while soothing irritation and preventing future breakouts. Applied as a clear liquid over or under makeup, a breathable and protective barrier is formed on the targetted spot to promote faster healing and protect against bacteria and pollution.

It features skin-mimicking technology such as colloidal sulphur for rapid blemish clearing and niacinamide to soothe the skin and fade post-breakout marks.

Plus, this product is safe and suitable for pregnant women experiencing hormonal changes, a positive difference from the typical pimple patches.

dermalogica Deep Breakout Liquid Patch (15ml) retails for S$59 at dermalogica.com.sg, Sephora, AsterSpring centres, and authorised dermalogica skin centres here.

dermalogica Stabilizing Repair Cream

dermalogica stabilizing repair cream

A game-changer for sensitive skin, this repair cream addresses the common issue of sensitive skin caused by various factors like genetics, lifestyle, or environmental factors.

This barrier-repairing moisturiser helps your skin produce more of its own ceramides and stop sensitive skin in just one week! It features a proprietary ceramide-building complex to strengthen the skin barrier while also delivering skin-nourishing lipids, helping it become more resilient and less reactive over time.

An essential addition to your skincare routine, especially if you’ve sensitive skin, this lightweight balm-to-cream formula also has soothing ingredients like cica and a botanical blend to relieve itching, redness, and dryness.

dermalogica Stabilizing Repair Cream (50ml) retails for S$108 at dermalogica.com.sg, Sephora, AsterSpring centres, and authorised Dermalogica skin centres from 10 October 2023 onwards.

Clarins Cryo-Flash Cream-Mask

Clarins Cryo-Flash Cream-Mask

Clarins, a renowned expert in plant science and skincare, has harnessed the power of cryotherapy to introduce the Cryo-Flash Cream-Mask, an innovative anti-ageing solution.

Crafted to effectively target signs of ageing, this cream-mask works by stimulating microcirculation in the skin, much like the principles of cryotherapy which is known to remodel and sculpt the face and body. It can also provide much-needed moisture to reduce puffiness and combat fatigue for skin that is more supple and resilient.

Clinical results indicate that immediately after applying the mask, 87% of women observed an instant cryo-lift effect, and 97% reported that it left their skin feeling refreshed. After two weeks of use, 88% of women noted that their pores appeared less visible, and 90% reported that their skin felt tighter and more lifted. After one month, an impressive 93% of women noticed that their skin appeared younger-looking.

Clarins Cryo-Flash Cream-Mask (75ml) retails for S$125 at clarins.com.sg.

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Dr. Dennis Gross DermInfusions™ Lift + Repair Eye Mask and DrX SpectraLite™ Eyecare Max Pro

Dr. Dennis Gross DermInfusions™ Lift + Repair Eye Mask and DrX SpectraLite™ Eyecare Max Pro

Get ready for firmer, more radiant skin around your eyes with this comprehensive 360° eyecare by the one and only Dr. Dennis Gross!

  • Dr. Dennis Gross DermInfusions™ Lift + Repair Eye Mask (1 App at S$19, 4 App at S$62): Designed for at-home use, this 100% biodegradable eye mask visibly firms, brightens, and depuffs the eye area with Lyocell-delivered ingredient infusions, including niacinamide, green tea, and L-ascorbic acid. It’s basically an at-home eye facial without the need for an appointment!
  • Dr. Dennis Gross DrX SpectraLite™ Eyecare Max Pro (S$320): This FDA-cleared and hands-free light therapy device has 96 red LED lights in four wavelengths to target the full 360° eye area. It can brighten and deeply hydrate the skin, boost collagen production for firmer skin, and reduce wrinkles.

Pro tip: Use both products together daily for optimal results.

Dr. Dennis Gross DermInfusions™ Lift + Repair Eye Mask and DrX SpectraLite™ Eyecare Max Pro are available at Sephora.

Sulwhasoo The Ultimate S Cream

Sulwhasoo The Ultimate S Cream

Aiming to provide a luxurious and effective solution for skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing, Sulwhasoo unveils a luxury product born from a fusion of traditional Korean heritage dating back to 1932 and extensive scientific research on ginseng’s benefits for the skin.

The Ultimate S Cream is powered by Ginseng Berry SR™, derived from ginseng berries and enriched with Syringaresinol, offering powerful anti-ageing properties. It also responds to skin temperature which allows for smooth absorption.

Housed in packaging that’s inspired by the traditional Korean Moon Jar, this cream also gives a sensorial experience when applied with its vibrant ginseng berry scent that settles into a subtle woody scent reminiscent of ginseng root.

Sulwhasoo The Ultimate S Cream (60ml) retails for S$600 and the refill retails at S$540 at The Ultimate Sulwhasoo Pop-up at ION Orchard till 30 September 2023 and at sg.sulwhasoo.com and all Sulwhasoo boutiques from 1 October 2023 onwards. Meanwhile, the 30ml tub retails for S$320 with the refill at S$290 at sg.sulwhasoo.com and Lazada.

Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Soft Cream

Kiehl's Super Multi Corrective Soft Cream

Kiehl’s releases an innovative addition to their renowned Super Multi-Corrective line.

This anti-ageing gel moisturiser offers a comprehensive 7-in-1 correction solution, specially designed for oily and combination skin types, making it an ideal choice for younger individuals starting their anti-ageing skincare journey.

Lightweight and soothing, this cream addresses multiple skin concerns, including firming, lifting, smoothing, evening out skin tone, reducing wrinkles, boosting radiance, and improving elasticity.

It features ProxylaneGX to enhance firmness and elasticity, adenosine to bolster collagen, and capryloyl glycine (a new super ingredient) for oil control and a shine-free finish.

In a 12-week consumer study, 95% of participants reported visible anti-ageing results with a shine-free finish.

Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Soft Cream (50ml) retails for S$105 at kiehls.com.sg.

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Cetaphil® Optimal Hydration Skin Replenishing Water Gel


This new addition to the Optimal Hydration lineup is a weightless water-gel designed to provide 72-hour hydration for dry and dehydrated skin.

It features slow-release technology with hyaluronic acid and polyglutamic acid for long-lasting hydration, which works to lend you plumper and softer skin.

Clinically proven to improve skin quality, it helps to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier for up to 24 hours and reduces the five signs of skin sensitivity (irritation, sensitivity, dullness, tightness, roughness) after seven days of use.

Cetaphil® Optimal Hydration Skin Replenishing Water Gel (48g) retails for S$24.90 instead of S$33.20 at Watsons, Guardian, Shopee, and Lazada. Discounts are offered at the time of writing.

RATIONALE #3 The Enriched Eye Crème SPF 15 and #6 The Eye Crème

RATIONALE #3 The Enriched Eye Crème SPF 15 and #6 The Eye Crème

Elevate your skin’s radiance levels with RATIONALE’s sought-after products.

  • RATIONALE #3 The Enriched Eye Crème SPF15 (20ml): Part of the Essential Six Collection, this eye cream utilises advanced technologies and premium materials to deliver maximum luminosity and superior skin protection. It features zinc and iron oxide technologies, botanical extracts, and rejuvenating actives to enhance the synthesis of essential skin connective tissues like elastin and collagen.
  • RATIONALE #6 The Eye Crème (20ml): Made for nighttime use, this eye cream firms fine lines, improves skin texture and tone, and provides targeted overnight hydration. It contains DNA repair enzymes and retinoids to help in the natural self-repair processes of delicate eye zone tissues, reversing signs of environmental damage for a brighter and refined look.

RATIONALE #3 The Enriched Eye Crème SPF 15 and #6 The Eye Crème both retail for S$184 at sg.rationale.com and RATIONALE stores islandwide.

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Ultra Violette Fave Fluid™ SPF 50+ Ultralight Skinscreen™ and Preen Screen™ SPF50 Reapplication Mist

Ultra Violette Fave Fluid™ SPF 50+ Ultralight Skinscreen™ and Preen Screen™ SPF50 Reapplication Mist

The fun and highly popular skincare and suncare brand Ultra Violette introduces two new SKINSCREEN™ products.

  • Ultra Violette Fave Fluid™ SPF 50+ Ultralight Skinscreen™ (75ml, S$55): This lightweight and fragrance-free sunscreen has UV filters like Tinosorb S & Uvinul T 150, along with skin-enhancing ingredients like niacinamide, vitamin C, vitamin E, and BEAUACTIVE®. It works to protect the skin from UV damage while improving pigmentation, pores, and texture.
  • Ultra Violette Preen Screen™ SPF50 Reapplication Mist (30ml at S$21 and 75ml at S$45): Designed for convenient sun protection touch-ups, this lightweight mist won’t disrupt makeup or leave a greasy residue. It also has skin-loving ingredients like the Fave Fluid™ and adds a touch of glow to your skin.

Ultra Violette Fave Fluid™ SPF 50+ Ultralight Skinscreen™ and Preen Screen™ SPF50 Reapplication Mist are both available at Sephora.

Supergoop! Lipshade 100% Mineral SPF 30 Hydrating Lipstick

Ultra Violette Fave Fluid™ SPF 50+ Ultralight Skinscreen™ and Preen Screen™ SPF50 Reapplication Mist

The time has come…SPF brand Supergoop! now offers a versatile lip product that gives vibrant colour and UV protection (of course).

It comes in five shades to match various skin tones and is designed to safeguard your lips from the sun’s harmful rays while preventing sunburn and reducing skin cancer risk.

Enriched with natural ingredients like peptides, shea butter, rosehip oil, and peppermint oil, this mineral SPF lipstick works to hydrate and nourish for soft, smooth puckers.

Supergoop! Lipshade 100% Mineral SPF 30 Hydrating Lipstick (3.5ml) retails for S$38 at Lazada, Sephora, and in Sephora stores.

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Fresh Crème Ancienne White Truffle Face and Eye Serum

Fresh Crème Ancienne White Truffle Face and Eye Serum

Fresh introduces two new serums that represent a harmonious blend of natural elements and scientific innovation and aim to smooth lines and redefine contours for a radiant appearance.

The star ingredient in these serums is white truffle, an exceptionally rare truffle species that cannot be cultivated and spends a decade developing underground under precise conditions, making it truly unique and remarkable.

  • Fresh White Truffle Face Serum (30ml): A luxurious anti-ageing serum with a silky texture and is proven to visibly rejuvenate the skin from within. After just two weeks of use, it can reduce the look of forehead lines by 45%, increase the visibly defined jawline by 39%, and enhance brightness and radiance by 63%.*
  • Fresh White Truffle Eye Serum (15ml): A cushiony anti-ageing eye serum made to visibly rejuvenate and redefine the eyes, providing a sculpted, lifted, and smooth eye area. There’s a ceramic eye sculptor included to enhance the lifting and smoothing effect while offering a cooling sensation. After eight weeks of use, it can improve the definition of the eye contour by 35%, visibly reduce crow’s feet by 30%, and increase the brightness in the eye area by 30%.

*Based on self-assessment by scoring with 30 subjects. **Based on self-assessment by scoring with 31 subjects.

Fresh Crème Ancienne White Truffle Face Serum (30ml) retails for S$565 while the Fresh Crème Ancienne White Truffle Eye Serum (15ml) retails for S$285. Both products are currently exclusively available at Takashimaya department stores. From 24 October 2023 onwards, you can find them at all Fresh boutiques, fresh.com, Sephora, and TANGS Singapore.

INNISFREE Green Tea Seed Hyaluronic Serum

INNISFREE Green Tea Seed Hyaluronic Serum

K-pop star Jang Won-young‘s favourite serum now has a newly improved version for instant glow and hydration.

This upgraded serum now features nano-capsulised hyaluronic acid and the proprietary ingredient Beauty Green Tea™, which promises 140% faster penetration and a 778% improvement in skin moisture levels within just one minute of application.

Suitable for all skin types, including acne-prone and sensitive skin, this serum can strengthen your skin barrier and ensure that you’ll never be struggling with dehydrated skin. With a light, non-sticky finish, you’ll be left with supple and refreshed skin.

INNISFREE Green Tea Seed Hyaluronic Serum retails for S$17 (30ml) and S$41 (80ml) at innisfree.com.sg, all INNISFREE stores, Sephora, Shopee, and Lazada. Discounts are offered at the time of writing at different platforms.

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Sisley Supremÿa Le Nuit Le Grand Soin Anti-Age

Sisley Supremÿa Le Nuit Le Grand Soin Anti-Age

Perfect as an essential part of your nighttime skincare routine, Sisley’s newest anti-ageing product is specifically formulated to help the skin maximise its regeneration potential during the night, a time when the skin is free from external aggressions.

At the heart of the Supremÿa range is the Fundamental Regeneration Complex, a unique blend of powerful natural ingredients designed to address the skin’s essential needs precisely at the right time. It works by stimulating the production of melatonin and timezyme in the skin, compensating for their decrease due to ageing and external stresses.

Next, it stimulates the production of sirtuins at the perfect moment to promote cellular longevity by reducing errors and faults during cell division. Lastly, this complex also encourages self-cleaning processes like autophagy and proteasome, breaking down and eliminating waste from both daily accumulations and regeneration-related waste.

Combining the benefits of a cream and a serum, the Supremÿa Le Nuit Le Grand Soin Anti-Age can hold off your skin’s natural ageing and grant you a visibly more youthful appearance!

Sisley Supremÿa Le Nuit Le Grand Soin Anti-Age (50ml) retails for S$930 at Sisley-paris.com and at all Sisley counters.

Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Rich Cream and Essence-Lotion Concentrate

Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Rich Cream and Essence-Lotion Concentrate

Guerlain unveils two additions to its Orchidée Impériale skincare line, the result of a commitment to combining science, nature, and sensory excellence in the pursuit of preserving youthful skin with the power of orchids.

  • Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Rich Cream (50ml, S$812): This groundbreaking face cream features exclusive orchid water and orchis oleo-concentrate extracts that cater to the fundamental needs of the skin. Designed to activate and extend the longevity of skin cells, this cream’s bio-inspired texture mimics the natural architecture of the epidermis, which offers high-regeneration and high-nutrition performance for age-defying results. There’s also a 50ml refill priced at S$689.
  • Guerlain Orchidée Essence-Lotion Concentrate (140ml, S$308): A crucial product for restoring the vital balance required for cell regeneration and youthful skin, this concentrate uses cutting-edge technology to supply the skin with lipids and revitalising nutrients essential for regeneration.

Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Rich Cream and Essence-Lotion Concentrate are available in all Guerlain Boutiques and stores.

Jade Iredale HydroPure™ Tinted Serum with Hyaluronic Acid & CoQ10

Jade Iredale HydroPure™ Tinted Serum with Hyaluronic Acid & CoQ10

This tinted serum combines the benefits of sheer foundations with high-quality skincare, serving as a multifunctional skincare-makeup hybrid that’s perfect for those seeking a simplified beauty routine.

It contains allantoin, hyaluronic acid, and olive squalane for great moisture retention and protective benefits for the skin barrier. Of course, as mentioned in the product name, there’s also the antioxidant CoQ10 present to reduce oxidative stress and enhance the skin’s ability to combat free radicals.

Use it on its own for intensive hydration and to even out your skin tone on makeup-free days or pair it with your favourite foundation!

Jade Iredale HydroPure™ Tinted Serum with Hyaluronic Acid & CoQ10 (30ml) retails for S$89 at jadeiredale.com.sg and at AsterSpring Centres islandwide.

Bioré Makeup Melting Cleansing Oil

biore makeup melting cleansing oil

Bioré has released a gentle and effective oil-based makeup remover that effortlessly removes makeup without the need for rubbing or massaging.

This innovative product features Auto-Cleansing Technology, which instantly and thoroughly lifts away all types of makeup upon application, including stubborn, long-wearing makeup that may be deep within pores.

It’s also suitable for sensitive and delicate dry skin, thanks to its mineral oils and hydrating properties so you won’t be experiencing any tightness after cleansing.

As a bonus, this cleansing oil is also safe to use with eyelash extensions that use cyanoacrylate glue. Meaning to say, you can effectively remove your eye makeup without compromising the integrity of your eyelash extensions!

Bioré Makeup Melting Cleansing Oil (190ml) retails for S$29.60 at Shopee, Lazada, Welcia BHG, NTUC FairPrice, Don Don Donki, and all leading pharmacies.

The Body Shop Peptalk Flower Lip Oil

The Body Shop Peptalk Flower Lip Oil

A limited-edition collection of Peptalk Flower Lip Oils graces the shelves of The Body Shop Stores. Inspired by the Full Flowers fragrances, these lip oils are infused with natural flower wax and community fair trade moringa oil to deliver 8 hours of moisturisation.

Its luxuriously smooth and creamy texture provides a glossy wash of colour to the lips and is housed in an aluminium case designed to be reused.

With buildable colour, the collection includes three shades: Iris (a rich berry shade with a soft, woody fragrance), Rose (a flattering pink shade with a fresh, floral fragrance), and Ylang-Ylang (a gorgeous brown nude with a spicy, white floral fragrance).

The Body Shop Peptalk Flower Lip Oil retails for S$25 at selected The Body Shop stores islandwide (Junction 8, Causeway Point, Northpoint, Bugis Junction, Tampines Mall, Plaza Singapura, JEM, Waterway Point, Compass One, ION Orchard).


M.A.C. Studio Radiance Serum-Powered™ Foundation

mac studio radiance serum powdered foundation

This new radiant foundation is designed to provide skincare-level hydration and high-performance makeup in one product.

It delivers +209% instant hydration, making the skin appear plumper, smoother, and more radiant. There is also a 10% hyaluronic acid solution and 33 skincare ingredients to lock in moisture beneath the skin’s surface.

Available in 25 shades, each with a unique radiance blend made from silver and gold pearlescent particles crafted to complement various undertones, this foundation has a lightweight gel texture and provides 12 hours of lasting radiance.

Plus, it’s also infused with superfoods like vitamin E to protect the skin from pollution and blue light, and olive and jojoba oils to condition the skin for a healthier-looking glow.

M.A.C. Studio Radiance Serum-Powered™ (30ml) retails for S$76 at all islandwide MAC stores, Sephora, Lazada and iShopChangi.

Tom Ford Beauty Vegan Leather Cushion Compact Case and Ultra-Shine Lipstick

Tom Ford Beauty Vegan Leather Cushion Compact Case and Ultra-Shine Lipstick

Tom Ford Beauty unveils two new lavish products that are perfect for the classy, sophisticated persona in you.

  • Tom Ford Beauty Vegan Leather Cushion Compact Case (S$48): Housing the beloved Shade and Illuminate SPF 45/PA++ Soft Radiance Cushion Compact, this case features mahogany and golden “TF” design codes. A makeup accessory for on-the-go glamour, it can also be used with refills of the Traceless Touch Foundation SPF 45/PA++++ Satin-Matte Cushion Compact.
  • Tom Ford Beauty Ultra-Shine Lip Color (43g, S$87): This lightweight, high-shine, and intensely pigmented lipstick now has three new shades. Its formula combines the ease of lipstick application, the gleam of a lip gloss, and the rich emollient properties of a lip balm.

Tom Ford Beauty Vegan Leather Cushion Compact Case and Ultra-Shine Lipstick are available at Tangs.com, TANGS at Tang Plaza, Takashimaya Department Store, and selected Sephora stores.

SHISEIDO Revitalessence Skin Glow Foundation SPF 30 PA+++

SHISEIDO Revitalessence Skin Glow Foundation SPF 30 PA+++

A foundation that offers lasting luminosity even after makeup removal. SHISEIDO’s Revitalessence Skin Glow Foundation promises to visibly reduce fine lines and enhance the skin’s smoothness and brightness within one week!

It’s enriched with potent prebiotics niacinamide and fermented kefit+ to support a healthy microbiome and grant you a naturally radiant complexion. It also provides 24-hour hydration and buildable, medium coverage for up to 12 hours.

Additionally, when paired with their best-selling Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate it delivers twice the strength and luminosity.

SHISEIDO Revitalessence Skin Glow Foundation SPF 30 PA+++ (30ml) retails for S$88 at Sephora, shiseido.com.sg, and all SHISEIDO Boutiques and counters.

CHANEL Fall-Winter Makeup Collection 2023

chanel fall/winter 2023 makeup

Drawing inspiration from Gabrielle Chanel’s love for the magical and creative potential of the fall season, this collection features a variety of makeup products that capture the warmth and distinctive colours of autumn.

  • CHANEL OMBRE PREMIÈRE LIBRE (six shades, S$54 each): This limited-edition loose eyeshadow has a fine, airy texture and natural, earthy shades. From satiny hazelnut brown and warm burnt sienna to intense aubergine and luminous orangey copper, craft enigmatic eye looks that illustrate the essence of Fall.
  • CHANEL DOUCEUR D’ÉQUINOXE (two shades, S$104 each): Echoing the reddening foliage of nature, these blushes are adorned with leaf patterns and the double C logo. Choose from muted coral and beige shades to warm up your complexion or rosy beige and mauve hues for a soft, healthy glow.
  • CHANEL ROUGE COCO BLOOM (six shades, S$62 each): A perfect way to enhance your complexion, these vibrant lipsticks are hydrating and plumping with their hydraboost complex. They ensure spectacular shine and long-lasting lip colour, and match the two new shades of the LE VERNIS nail polish too.
  • CHANEL LE VERNIS (two shades, S$46 each): Two new shades that match the ROUGE COCO BLOOM lipsticks. One is a bright orange hue reminiscent of Summer and the other is a red-brown shade to welcome the season.

CHANEL Fall-Winter Makeup Collection 2023 is available at chanel.com/sg, all CHANEL Fragrance and Beauty counters, and CHANEL Fragrance and Beauty Boutiques in JEM, VivoCity, ION Orchard, Raffles City, Parkway Parade, and The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.


chanel 31 le rouge listicks

CHANEL offers a unique and timeless beauty experience with a revolutionary lipstick that represents the fusion of technology, glassmaking expertise, and colour expertise.

Paying homage to CHANEL’s birthplace and reflecting the brand’s avant-garde spirit, its sleek glass packaging is meticulously faceted to resemble the mirrors lining the rue Cambon staircase in Paris.

The 12 shades, with an intensely luminous satin finish, were drawn from CHANEL’s heritage, each with a story or reference to Gabrielle Chanel’s life, passions, creations, or possessions. Its long-lasting formula delivers vivid colour payoff for up to eight hours and consists of skincare ingredients like camellia esters, maracuja oil, gardenia-infused oil, and plant-derived waxes and oils.

As a bonus, these lippies even have a gardenia-inspired scent specially developed by CHANEL’s In-House Perfumer-Creator, Olivier Polge, and the CHANEL Fragrance Laboratory,

CHANEL 31 LE ROUGE (3.3g) retails for S$223 at chanel.com/sg, and all CHANEL Fashion boutiques and Fragrance and Beauty counters. It’s also available at CHANEL’s Takashimaya counter from 6 October 2023 onwards. Refills are priced at S$100 each.

Fenty Beauty Eaze Drop Blur + Smooth Tint Stick and Shadowstix Longwear Eyeshadow

 Fenty Beauty Eaze Drop Blur + Smooth Tint Stick and Shadowstix Longwear Eyeshadow

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty has released a foolproof foundation stick and a range of eight shimmer and eight matte eyeshadow shades.

  • Fenty Beauty Eaze Drop Blur + Smooth Tint Stick (9g, S$53): Designed for an effortless application, especially on the go, this tint stick has a creamy and sensorial texture that blends effortlessly into the skin for a smooth, natural-looking complexion. Its long-wear formula is transfer-proof, sweat-resistant, and contains hydrating skincare ingredients to prevent caking or streaking.
  • Fenty Beauty Shadowstix Longwear Eyeshadow (1.6g, S$39): With just one swipe, you’ll get vibrant colour from the creamy and pigmented formula that feels like a second skin. These eyeshadow sticks can be matched “based on your skin tone” to create “a dynamic, everyday eye look that works for any eye shape”. Plus, you won’t have to worry about creasing, fallout, or having to touch up.

Fenty Beauty Eaze Drop Blur + Smooth Tint Stick and Shadowstix Longwear Eyeshadow are available at Sephora.

Rouge Dior Forever, Dior Forever Cushion, and The Rouge Dior Set

dior rouge set

The house of Dior strikes our hearts yet again with their iconic Cannage pattern which stands as the brand’s historic code of timeless elegance.

  • Rouge Dior Forever (nine shades, S$62 each): Since its creation in 1953, this lipstick has been a symbol of innovation and adaptation to women’s desires. This ultra-performance lipstick now has nine new nude shades dressed in a black couture fabric case and adorned with genuine silver CD initials.
  • Dior Forever Cushion (S$120): Offering two finishes, a matte and a hydrating glow, this cushion foundation gives a long-lasting, high-perfection complexion that endures for up to 24 hours. Designed to complement Asian skin tones and enhance their natural luminosity, it’s also enriched with floral skincare ingredients and protects with SPF PA+++. Just the case is available at S$43 while refills are at S$77 each.
  • The Rouge Dior Set (set of two lipsticks, S$150): This exclusive set has a duo of Rouge Dior lipstick shades: 888 Strong Red Matte Finish, a bright and vibrant red with a name inspired by Dior’s heritage, and 772 Classic Matte Finish, an intense rosewood shade.

Rouge Dior Forever and Dior Forever Cushion are available at all Dior Beauty Boutiques and Counters. The Rouge Dior Set is exclusively available at Dior Beauty Online Boutique and all Dior Beauty Boutiques.

KVD Beauty Tattoo Pencil Liner Waterproof Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

KVD Beauty Tattoo Pencil Liner Waterproof Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

KVD Beauty has expanded its iconic Tattoo Pencil Liner collection by introducing seven new multi-use shimmer shades that are designed for long-lasting wear and high-impact pigmentation.

Express your individuality and creativity with these next-generation gel eyeliner shades with bold shimmer finishes achieved through crushed pearls, adding brightness to your graphic eye looks.

They’re also waterproof, transfer-resistant, fade-resistant, and promise to last for 24 hours.

KVD Beauty Tattoo Pencil Liner Waterproof Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner (0.5g) retails for S$35 at Sephora.

Benefit Cosmetics Fan Fest Mascara

benefit mascara

Designed to create impeccably 24-hour fanned-out lashes, Benefit Cosmetics’ latest product amplifies volume for an instant eye-opening effect.

Featuring a custom-engineered Full-Flex Fiber Brush with a 40° curve, your lashes will surely be lifted from root to tip and at every corner! Its buildable fanning formula is also weightless, which means you won’t be experiencing any flaking or clumping.

As a bonus, this mascara has nourishing and lash-loving ingredients like provitamin 5 for conditioning, cranberry extract with beneficial fatty acids for lash nourishment, and rice wax for defining and separating lashes while providing lasting lift.

Benefit Cosmetics Fan Fest Mascara retails for S$27 (4g) and S$48 (8.5g) at Sephora.

NARS Laguna Collection

NARS Laguna Collection

Made up of sultry, sunkissed, and sensational bronzing essentials, this collection is inspired by NARS’ bestselling shade Laguna.

  • NARS Laguna Bronzing Powder (11g, S$65): NARS’ iconic bronzing powder is reimagined in two shades that are suitable for all skin tones. Its formula is talc-free and provides a warm, natural-looking bronzed effect. There’s also a mini version (3.5g) priced at S$30.
  • NARS Quad Eyeshadow (1.1g, S$70): Perfect for lighting up your lids, this limited-edition eyeshadow palette features bronze-inspired mattes, reflective glitters, and incandescent shimmers. From a sultry gaze with bronzed neutrals to deep browns for smouldering intensity, create rich and high-impact colour in just one stroke.
  • NARS Laguna Afterglow Lip Balm (3g, S$42): A limited-edition moisturising balm that features a blend of antioxidants to protect the lips and monoï hydrating complex for smooth, supple comfort. It also has other beneficial ingredients like squalane, coconut oil, and gardenia tahitensis flower extract.

NARS Laguna Collection is available at narscosmetics.com.sg and Sephora.

NARS Light Reflecting Eye Brightener

NARS Light Reflecting Eye Brightener

NARS has also released a makeup-skincare hybrid product that can refresh and illuminate the undereye area for an instantly awakened look that lasts up to 24 hours.

Although its creamy texture gives sheer, buildable coverage, this eye brightener is resistant to creasing and can address dullness and dark circles through the illusion of a dramatic lift. You can wear it alone for a natural-looking illumination or layer it over concealer for a more pronounced lifted effect.

The formula features chromatic pearl powder, a blend of reflective minerals with prismatic lustre, to brighten the undereye area and diminish the appearance of fine lines.

Plus, it also has skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic filling spheres to lock in moisture and bidens pilosa extract to enhance skin elasticity and strengthen the skin barrier.

NARS Light Reflecting Eye Brightener (6g) retails for S$52 at narscosmetics.com.sg and Sephora.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Fall Romance Eyeshadow Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills Fall Romance Eyeshadow Palette

Another new Fall-inspired makeup product, Anastasia Beverly Hills’ eyeshadow palette offers a versatile range of twelve super-sized eyeshadows that capture rose-inspired gourmand decadence.

The palette includes a flexible spectrum of colours and combines versatile neutrals with sparkling jewel tones and metallics, making it suitable for both daytime and evening makeup looks.

Whether you’re going for subtle, bold, or nuanced looks, you can be sure that everyone will be wowed by your eye-catching looks no matter the occasion.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Fall Romance Eyeshadow Palette retails for S$88 at Sephora.

Givenchy Beauty Le Rouge Interdit Cream Velvet Liquid Lipstick and Le Rouge Deep Velvet Lipstick

Givenchy Beauty Le Rouge Interdit Cream Velvet Liquid Lipstick and Le Rouge Deep Velvet Lipstick

Satisfy your puckers’ needs with Givenchy’s latest drops, especially their first-ever liquid lipstick that celebrates defiance and positive transgression.

  • Givenchy Beauty Le Rouge Interdit Cream Velvet Liquid Lipstick (6.5ml, S$62): Available in 12 vibrant matte shades and made to complement various skin tones, this liquid lippie has a creamy texture, high-pigment colour payoff, and a unique blurring matte effect. The range has luxurious colours, from modern nudes to deep mauves and intense reds. Plus, its formula features shea butter and meadowfoam seed for hydration, nourishment, and up to 12 hours of comfortable wear.
  • Givenchy Beauty Le Rouge Deep Velvet Lipstick (S$62): Additionally, Givenchy Beauty introduces three new shades for the powdered matte lipstick range: Beige Sable No.9, Nude Ambré No.15, and Brun Acajou No.50.

Givenchy Beauty Le Rouge Interdit Cream Velvet Liquid Lipstick and Le Rouge Deep Velvet Lipstick are available at Sephora.

Haircare and fragrances

GHD Duet Style Professional 2 In 1 Hot Air Styler

GHD Duet Style Professional 2 In 1 Hot Air Styler

Having achieved cult-like status in the hairstyling industry since 2001, GHD’s latest drop is no exception to revolutionary, groundbreaking products.

Incorporating GHD’s innovative AIRFUSION™ technology, which combines the power of airflow with actively heated styling plates, this styler lets you transform wet hair into a styled look without any heat damage!

It also has a Shine Shot Mode where the airflow is stopped and the styler operates at the optimal styling temperature of 185°C, which effortlessly de-frizzes and polishes the hair to perfection.

GHD Duet Style Professional 2 In 1 Hot Air Styler retails for S$640 at Sephora and select GHD partner salons.

Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ Styling Range

Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ Styling Range

Haircare lovers, it’s time to rejoice! Schwarzkopf Professional is relaunching its OSiS+ styling range in Singapore, focusing on self-expression and creativity in hair styling.

Known as a trusted choice for hairstylists and enthusiasts worldwide with reliable performance trusted for over 20 years, this modern and intuitive range offers an inclusive and unique design with a matte finish and fresh colours for easy product differentiation.

This revamped range is also more sustainable with improved recyclability and primarily provides vegan formulas (13 out of 16 products are vegan). Categorised into various styling needs, you can expect top-notch haircare products from five ranges.

  • OSiS+ Smooth & Shine: The ultimate duo for glossy, smooth hair, this range has a Flatliner (200ml) for heat protection up to 230°C and a Glow anti-frizz shine serum (50ml) that tackles dull, rough hair without weighing it down.
  • OSiS+ Volume & Body: This range includes an extra strong mousse (200ml), a light hold and bodyfying hair cream (200ml), a multi-use paste (85ml), and a hair-boosting spray (300ml).
  • OSiS+ Curls & Waves: Made to tame unruly hair or to enhance curls, this range has a Bounty Balm (150ml) to reduce frizz and a Tipsy Twirl curl jelly (300ml) for more manageable hair.
  • OSiS+ Texture: This range consists of a mattifying hair powder (10g), a strong hold hair wax (85ml), an extra strong hold gel (150ml), a strong hold styling cream with matte finish (100ml), a light hold spray with a wax-effect (200ml), and a shine-enhancing elastic fibre hair gum (100ml).
  • OSiS+ Hold: Great for fixing your hair in place all day and for crafting long-lasting styles without compromise, this range has two types of hair sprays to meet various styling needs.

Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ Styling Range is available at selected partner salons here.

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Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Libre L’Absolu Platine and Libre Le Parfum

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Libre L’Absolu Platine and Libre Le Parfum

French luxury brand YSL continues its Libre narrative with two new fragrances, inviting you to immerse into their luxurious and subversive world.

Embodying freedom and transcending gender norms, these perfumes are master perfumer Anne Filipo’s freestyle take on the fougère fragrance category — bringing the signature aromatic freshness of diva lavender and the sensual orange blossom absolute to new heights.

  • Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Libre L’Absolu Platine (50ml, S$258): Inspired by the fusion of the world’s two most precious materials (gold and platinum), this fragrance is described as an absolute intensity that ignites from cold and shivers with heat. It features a fresh white lavender accord and carnal orange blossom absolute.
  • Yves Saint Laurent Libre Le Parfum (30ml at S$145, 50ml at S$200, and 90ml at S$280): Taking the heat to another level with its fiery blend of spicy, honeyed floral notes, this fierce and flamboyant perfume is more intense than ever. It has the usual orange blossom and cool lavender notes intensified with an explosion of warm spices.

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Libre L’Absolu Platine and Libre Le Parfum are available at yslbeauty.com.sg and all YSL Beauty boutiques and counters.

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Givenchy L’Interdit Eau de Parfum Rouge Ultime

givenchy L'Interdit perfume

Guvenchy’s L’Interdit Eau de Parfum Rouge Ultime invites women to embrace their liberating power through its captivating and seductive allure.

Created by perfumers Dominique Ropion, Anne Flipo, and Fanny Bal, this mesmerising and audaciously radical fragrance is a new facet of the iconic L’Interdit scent, offering a subversive and sensually enchanting experience.

Within its spicy and floral woody notes, you’ll find hand-harvested Tunisian orange blossom and jasmine at its base. There’s also a spicy red accord composed of blood orange, ginger, and pimento leaf — all harmoniously blended with suave sandalwood for a provocative trail.

Givenchy L’Interdit Eau de Parfum Rouge Ultime retails for S$140 (35ml), S$198 (50ml), and S$233 (80ml) at Sephora and the Givenchy Beauty Boutique at Raffles City Singapore.

Santa Maria Novella I Giardini Medicei Eau de Parfum Collection

Santa Maria Novella I Giardini Medicei Eau de Parfum Collection

Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella introduces its “I Giardini Medicei” Eau de Parfum Collection, which celebrates over 800 years of heritage and botanical exploration.

The collection draws inspiration from two specific Medicean Villas, Villa Medicea di Castello and Villa Medicea La Petraia, to craft four fragrances that are each rooted in the rich history of Florence’s Medici family and their dedication to cultivating extraordinary botanical species.

  • Santa Maria Novella I Giardini Medicei L’Iris Eau de Parfum: Paying homage to the iconic iris flower, a symbol of protection and Florence itself, this scent combines top notes of galbanum, timur pepper, and neroli with heart notes of geranium, magnolia champaca, and sambac jasmine.
  • Santa Maria Novella I Giardini Medicei Bizzarria Eau de Parfum: This fragrance celebrates the rare periclinal chimaera of bitter orange, etrog, and lemon discovered in the Medici family’s greenhouses. It offers a captivating blend of timur pepper, neroli, orange blossom absolute, davana, ginger, cedarwood, and musk.
  • Santa Maria Novella I Giardini Medicei Gelsomino Eau de Parfum: Inspired by the unique goa jasmine, cherished by Cosimo III De’ Medici, this fragrance combines bergamot, tangerine, and pink pepper in the top notes, sambac jasmine absolute, geranium, and ylang ylang in the heart, and cedarwood and musk in the base.
  • Santa Maria Novella I Giardini Medicei Magnolia Eau de Parfum: Reflecting the grandeur of the Magnolia Grandiflora tree, this fragrance opens with white rose and geranium, features a heart of magnolia grandiflora, magnolia champaca, and sambac jasmine absolutes, and finishes with amber and musk.

Santa Maria Novella I Giardini Medicei Eau de Parfum Collection retails for S$420 (100ml) and S$282 (50ml) at escentials.com, Isetan Scotts Level 1, takashimaya.com, and a brand new counter at Takashimaya Department Store Level 1.

narciso rodriguez all of me eau de parfum

narciso rodriguez all of me eau de parfum

A bold new era for the brand, “all of me” marks two decades after the iconic “for her” fragrance was introduced. This prismatic fragrance redefines femininity for a new generation of empowered and free-spirited women who celebrate their individuality and self-expression.

This narciso rodriguez perfume begins with the radiant freshness of dew-covered rose petals coupled with the infusion of rose centifolia. The floral medley of rose, magnolia, and black iris is further enriched by intriguing notes of geranium bourbon, creating a heart infused with delicate milky-white musks.

There’s also tuberose and a honeyed rose centifolia absolute to add depth while the velvety amber and warm sandalwood leaves a lasting and captivating trail.

narciso rodriguez all of me eau de parfum retails for S$106 (30ml), S$158 (50ml), and S$197 (90ml) at Sephora, Metro Paragon, Metro Causeway Point, Takashimaya Department Store, TANGS at Tang Plaza, TANGS VivoCity, and BHG Bugis.

Paco Rabanne Phantom Parfum and FAME Parfum

Paco Rabanne Phantom Parfum and FAME Parfum

A glorious set for you and your partner, Paco Rabanne has released a captivating fragrance each for him and for her.

  • Paco Rabanne Phantom Parfum (50ml at S$124, 100ml at S$173): Inspired by a dream-like night in Paris, this perfume embodies the man who rules the darkness, electrifying the night with his passions. Composed by renowned perfumers, it features top notes of lavender, middle notes of warm vanilla, and base notes of magnetic vetiver and mineral musk.
  • Paco Rabanne FAME Parfum (50ml, S$194): Inspired by the magnetic allure of Paris, it represents a woman who rules the darkness and entices all who dare. Blending Parisian style with confidence, it unveils a facet of attraction that captures attention. This fragrance boasts top notes of creamy incense, middle notes of jasmine trio, and base notes of mineral musk.

Paco Rabanne Phantom Parfum and FAME Parfum are available at Sephora.

Aesop Ouranon Eau de Parfum

Aesop Ouranon Eau de Parfum

Standing as the final chapter of the Othertopias fragrance collection, this new Aesop fragrance draws inspiration from otherworldly realms that go beyond our immediate perception.

It represents a celebration of endings and signifies a return home in preparation for new beginnings; conjuring imagery of a monolith illuminated by glowing embers against a starry sky while evoking a sense of yearning to transcend the finite nature of existence.

The collection’s creator, Aesop’s long-term fragrance collaborator Barnabé Fillion, describes “Ouranon” as a fragrance of transcendence, similar to “Gloam Eau de Parfum,” which embodies introspection as the outside world recedes.

It opens with the lively citrus notes of petitgrain, the vibrant spice of elemi, and the fresh, almost camphoraceous qualities of lavender flowers. Then, it gradually gives way to a warm heart composed of herbaceous chamomile, amplified by hay, and enriched with the resinous depth of frankincense.

Lastly, it reaches the final stage where you’ll be embraced with ambery warmth composed by a blend of enduring minerality from myrrh, the deep earthiness of patchouli, and the rich, rounded notes of tonka.

Aesop Ouranon Eau de Parfum (50ml) retails for S$255 at aesop.com/sg and Aesop signature stores.

Penhaligon’s Potions & Remedies Collection

Penhaligon’s Potions & Remedies Collection

Penhaligon’s latest fragrance collection is said to have the potential to evoke altered states or provide therapeutic effects. They are also presented as a gateway to euphoria and described as a journey into forgotten formulas.

The collection has five new addictive scents crafted with miraculous ingredients designed to uplift one’s mood:

  • Penhaligon’s Liquid Of Love Eau de Parfum: Love and desire distilled into a bottle, this scent contains notes of rose, ginger, chilli, and green hazelnut.
  • Penhaligon’s Vra Vra Vroom Eau de Parfum: This invigorating fragrance will grant you abundant energy and enthusiasm with notes of osmanthus, magnolia, apricot, and leather.
  • Penhaligon’s A Kiss Of Bliss Eau de Parfum: An eternal (floral) bliss, you’ll find yourself with added joy and optimism with this perfume. Its spritzes of elation are composed of green clover, matcha, heliotrope, and moss.
  • Penhaligon’s Eau De Audacity Eau de Parfum: Reassuringly strong and seductive, this daring fragrance makes you feel bolder and more confident with scents of incense, leather, vanilla, and elemi leaves.
  • Penhaligon’s A Balm Of Calm Eau de Parfum: Breathe in a dose of composure with this tranquillity blend that’s made of lavender, sandalwood, geraniums, and clary sage.

Penhaligon’s Potions & Remedies Collection (100ml) retails for S$308 each exclusively at Penhaligon’s boutiques islandwide at Orchard ION, Raffles City, and Marina Bay Sands.

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Guerlain L’Art & La Matière Tobacco Honey Eau de Parfum

Guerlain L’Art & La Matière Tobacco Honey Eau de Parfum

Guerlain’s newest addition to its L’Art & La Matière collection pays homage to the often overlooked ingredient of tobacco in perfumery.

Combining the sensuality of raw tobacco with honey, this scent has a delightful amber tobacco accord paired with notes of vanilla, tonka bean, sesame, honey, aniseed, clove, sandalwood, and oud wood.

The French luxury brand has also collaborated with artist Anne Féat Gaiss to create an exclusive plate that can be used to customise any bottle from the L’Art & La Matière collection. With only 200 pieces available worldwide, this limited-edition plate is hand-crafted and adds a unique touch to the perfume bottles.

With every purchase of a L’Art & La Matière bottle, you can also choose to personalise either the colour of the thread and tassel, the choice of the plate placed atop the cap, or an engraving.

Guerlain L’Art & La Matière Tobacco Honey Eau de Parfum retails for S$551 (100ml) and S$802 (200ml) at Guerlain boutiques in ION Orchard and Raffles City.

BVLGARI OMNIA Fragrance Collection

BVLGARI OMNIA Fragrance Collection

Known for its connection to coloured gemstones and delicate flowers, BVLGARI’s new perfume collection undergoes a bold transformation.

The collection is made up of three fragrances, each inspired by a gemstone and a flower: Crystalline linked to the lotus flower, Amethyste to iris gardens, and Coral to hibiscus notes.

Additionally, the redesigned bottles honour OMNIA’s iconic shape, featuring two detachable rings that flow into each other, that represent the infinity symbol and feature a rose gold frame on the cap which reflects Bulgari’s jewellery heritage.

BVLGARI OMNIA Fragrance Collection retails for S$174 (65ml) and S$240 (100ml) at Sephora.

BDK Parfums Pas Ce Soir Extrait and Pas Ce Soir

BDK Parfums Pas Ce Soir Extrait and Pas Ce Soir

BDK Parfums welcomes a new elevated fragrance in its Pas Ce Soir collection, derived from the crowd-favourite original perfume.

  • BDK Parfums Pas Ce Soir Extrait (100ml, S$384): A captivating olfactory masterpiece that embodies Parisian mystery and sensuality, this concentrated scent (30% concentration) features a complex blend of cocoa, black pepper, ginger, peach, quince chutney, orange blossom, patchouli, vanilla, and jasmine absolute. Designed to captivate and empower modern women who embrace their individuality, this fragrance is a tribute to gourmand sensuality and is known for its rich fruity-floral sillage that leaves an unforgettable trail wherever it goes.
  • BDK Parfums Pas Ce Soir (100ml, S$256): Since its debut in 2016 and part of the exclusive Parisienne collection, this evocative scent has charmed many with its essence of flirtation. Its rich fruity-floral sillage will turn heads and leave an unforgettable trail wherever you go.

BDK Parfums Pas Ce Soir Extrait and Pas Ce Soir are available at amarisbeauty.com and Amaris stores at Paragon, VivoCity, and Jewel Changi.

Jo Malone London English Pear & Sweet Pea Cologne (Limited Edition)

Jo Malone London English Pear & Sweet Pea Cologne (Limited Edition)

A new floral companion to Jo Malone London’s iconic English Pear & Freesia fragrance has emerged! The English Pear & Sweet Pea scent evokes the image of sun-drenched orchards with ripe green pears hanging from branches, surrounded by the delicate scent of sweet peas.

Its top note, Williams pear, is an accord of mellow scented fruit that is fresh and ripe with a juicy facet. Meanwhile, its sweet pea heart note has a soft floral and garden-fresh scent to complement the juicy notes of the pear. Lastly, its base note, sensuously deep woody patchouli, enhances the longevity of the fragrance.

Better yet, as part of the brand’s #UniquelyYours campaign, you’re encouraged to explore 435 different scent combinations by layering their fragrances, so why not try it out with this new pear fragrance?

Jo Malone London English Pear & Sweet Pea Cologne (Limited Edition) retails for S$120 (30ml) and S$242 (100ml) at Sephora, jomalone.com.sg, and all Jo Malone London stores.

Jean Paul Gaultier Divine Eau de Parfum

Jean Paul Gaultier Divine Eau de Parfum

This Gaultier fragrance embodies three decades of mastery, celebrating audacious chic, daring allure, and divine femininity.

Crafted by Quentin Bisch, the Jean Paul Gaultier Divine Eau de Parfum symbolises strength in diversity and the union of modern goddesses who embrace individuality and break free from norms.

It is composed of 90% natural ingredients that are put together to create a sun-kissed symphony on the skin. This perfume features a captivating interplay of floral and gourmand notes that are enriched by a salty vibrancy.

Within the heart and base notes, you’ll find the scents of lily, white flowers, and whipped meringue to add intriguing contrasts to the fragrance’s composition.

Jean Paul Gaultier Divine Eau de Parfum (100ml) retails for S$241 at leading retailers, including TANGS at VivoCity, Takashimaya D.S., Metro Paragon, Metro Causeway Point and BHG Bugis. There’s also a 50ml version available for S$161 at LOOKFANTASTIC and a set that comes with a 100ml bottle and a 10ml travel spray for S$241 at Zalora.

Chloé Atelier des Fleurs – The Sacred Essences

Chloé Atelier des Fleurs - The Sacred Essences

The beloved Chloé Atelier des Fleurs collection welcomes three new scents that were all inspired by the beauty of nature and crafted with 100% natural origin fragrance.

  • Chloé Atelier des Fleurs Hysoope Eau de Parfum: Evoking the memories of the perfumer’s childhood in the south of France and travels across the Moroccan mountains, this fragrance fuses hyssop with a citrusy accord and a touch of rose water for a pure and crisp scent reminiscent of uncorrupted nature.
  • Chloé Atelier des Fleurs Immortelle Eau de Parfum: Perfumer Caroline Dumur captures the everlasting flower that symbolises eternity in a warm, solar scent that contrasts with a fresh, slightly salty accord. This perfume is said to magically transport you to a Mediterranean beach, where greenery meets sea spray, evoking a stroll among the dunes.
  • Chloé Atelier des Fleurs Oak Eau de Parfum: Perfumer Alexis Dadier pays homage to the Oak tree, which he considers the king of trees, inspired by his forest rambles on the Opal Coast. The fragrance is warmly enveloping and woody, embodying the mystical connection between Earth and the heavens associated with the Oak tree.

Chloé Atelier des Fleurs – The Sacred Essences retail for S$235 (50ml) and S$420 (150ml) at the Chloé VivoCity boutique, Sephora, selected Sephora stores, Takashimaya, and TANGS at Tang Plaza.