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This year, we’ve witnessed an array of inventive twists in the makeup scene – from playful food-inspired looks to a fresh take on the “no makeup” makeup trend.

In 2023, clean beauty took the spotlight, championing makeup infused with skin-loving ingredients for the coveted “less is more” vibe. What’s genuinely exciting is the rising influence of Asian makeup in the Western world, shaping trends for a wider audience in 2024.

To preview Western makeup trends in 2024 and figure out what’s in and what’s out, we’ve talked to professional makeup artists Larry Yeo and Peter Khor!

They spilled the beans on the major makeup trends expected to steal the spotlight in 2024 and share pro tips on effortlessly rocking these fresh styles.

Western Makeup Trends 2024: Glass Skin


Photo credit: @angwlleyes/Pinterest.

As Larry pointed out, the “shockingly still trending” glass skin look seems like it’s here to stay, at least through the upcoming year.

Glass skin is all about that super-smooth, even-toned, and glossy complexion that gives off the illusion of perfection, like glass.

Larry’s keen observation throws in an interesting twist – the Southeast Asian makeup style and our idea of “skin-like” don’t quite match up. In fact, the Southeast Asian makeup style we’re so used to seeing lightens our natural skin tone by a shade or two (and, for some, three to five shades).

As we dive into the “new year, new me” phase, it’s crucial to understand that getting this flawless base doesn’t mean slathering on thick, heavy layers of foundation. We’re aiming for that fresh, natural glow!

How To Nail This Look?

Larry said, “I see radiant skin that is subtly glowing. It’s a hint of even skin tone without looking excessively applied.”

And while this “skin-like finish” isn’t exactly groundbreaking, Larry reminded us the technique matters just as much.

“With modernisation and improvements in cosmetic science, a lot of makeup should be skin-like depending on the context it is used [in] and has been happening since mid-2016 due to vast formulation improvement,” he emphasised.

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Western Makeup Trends 2024: Stained, Glossy Lips


Photo credit: @starholder/Pinterest, @suni/Pinterest.

For all you lip enthusiasts, here’s one trend you won’t want to miss out on!

Larry shared his take on the trend, saying, “What I really love and plan to stick with is the [stained] lip look with a glossy finish.”

This year, K-beauty lip looks have been taking over social media with the irresistible “jelly lips” trend and a flood of lip tints and glosses from various brands. There’s just something about the natural allure of a flushed, glossy lip that takes your look to the next level!

Looking ahead to 2024, glossy lips are set to stay in the spotlight as Gen Z embraces the blurred lines, high sheen, and dimensional pop on their lips.

Larry’s go-to brands for this trend? Rare Beauty and Amuse!

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Western Makeup Trends 2024: Adding a Pop of Colour To Your Everyday Look


Photo credit: @mariana/Pinterest, @amber/Pinterest.

Here’s a cool trend for the new year, and we’re pretty excited to see it catch on.

Larry said, “I think the exploration of adding colour to [an] almost bare face will be there.”

We’ve seen many beauty trends take flight on TikTok, and as TikTok “brings the 1980s back into 2024,” brace yourself to witness more people picking up on the vibes and weaving aspects of it, like vibrant colour palettes, into their daily makeup routine.

According to Larry, it’s all about “people realising they can have a bit of fun in their daily makeup.”

How To Nail This Look?

As the trend name suggests, it’s pretty straightforward. Start with a natural, minimal base, and pick a focal point – whether it’s your eyes, lips, or cheeks – to add that pop of colour.

The ’80s vibe is your inspiration here – think bold, bright colours. Blues, purples, metallics, and glittery accents are your go-tos for that extra flair!

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Western Makeup Trends 2024: Soft and Sultry Smokey Eyes


Photo credit: @ravenna/Pinterest.

The classic smokey eye has been a go-to look for ages, but the beauty industry keeps shaking things up with fresh twists on this iconic style. This year, we’ve got a new take on it, and it’s none other than the “latte makeup,” as Peter puts it.

“It’s basically a smokey eye but with a different name,” he shared.

But what’s next for 2024? It’s not about those bold, intense, smokey colours anymore. Now, it’s all about playing with a neutral colour palette!

“I don’t see it being heavy makeup. Even though it’s smokey, it’s more about a soft, sultry vibe, highlighting the skin texture and that healthy glow,” explained Peter.

How To Nail This Look?

According to Peter, it starts with skincare prep before diving into the makeup.

“I go in with a light foundation. If my client has skin concerns, I gradually build up the coverage,” he shared.

Concealer is a key player too. “Sometimes, less is more, but you still need coverage. Using concealer makes the job easier.”

To achieve the smokey eye, experiment with light to dark shades for a soft or intense look. The key is to make the eyes the focal point, with a sultry vibe against a more natural base.

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Western Makeup Trends 2024: Bold Red Lips


Photo credit: @hailey_bui/Instagram, @tania/Pinterest.

Here’s another timeless makeup trend making a comeback with a fresh twist for the upcoming year!

According to Peter, “Red is the go-to classic suitable for every season and trend.”

He points out the array of red shades hitting the market, ranging from “chilli red, strawberry red, and burgundy red.”

While red remains a perennial favourite, Peter predicts that 2024 will see the spotlight shining on the brighter side of red. “I’d love to see some pinkish red or orangey red,” he shared.

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Western Makeup Trends 2024: Skincare-Makeup Hybrids and Luminous Formulas


Photo credit: Depositphotos.

In the ever-evolving beauty industry, makeup is getting a boost from science and technology, with consumers seeking the perfect base for that “your skin but better” look.

In the realm of skin prep for makeup, Larry sees a rising trend among conscious consumers. He predicted brands like Naturium making their mark in the local market, focusing on educating consumers about product purpose and benefits.

Talking about makeup, Larry hopes for a surge in improved film-forming foundations in 2024.

“I’m looking forward to better foundations that refract light well and evenly distribute pigment,” he said, emphasising their ability to offer effective coverage and a natural finish even with minimal application.

Peter predicts a rise in concealers with skincare benefits. He highlighted luxury brands like Clé de Peau, Dior, and Chanel, known for their focus on infusing skincare elements into their makeup.

“These concealers stay in place without looking too matte, giving a radiant glow that lasts all day,” he explained.

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Western Makeup Trends to Ditch in 2024: “Clean Girl” Makeup


clean girl makeup using @ABH Cosmetics new bronzer and blush shades <3 ad #ABHAllSummer #makeup #beauty

♬ original sound – DANIELLE

This trend had its moment in the spotlight this year, but sadly, we’ve got to bid it farewell as we step into 2024.

Larry weighed in, noting, “Clean girl makeup has been a bit overdone.” He pointed out that the idea behind it is to let your natural beauty shine, but some people tend to go a bit heavy-handed, missing the point.

Moreover, he’s sensing a shift away from the clean and natural beauty scene. “Cosmetic science is making strides, and the attempts to scaremonger about it are losing ground as more informed beauty communicators, like my friends and me, share the facts.”

Featured image credits: @ravenna/Pinterest, @amber/Pinterest.